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1# $Id$
50.14.3 (2030-01-01)
60.14.2 (2017-01-04)
7- Fix #148 by providing a getvar action to pb (Bruno Cornec)
8- Fix #115 by providing system conf file (under /usr/share/pb) and an admin conf file (under /etc/pb) (Bruno Cornec)
9- Fix a parallelism bug for docker by making cidfile unique (Bruno Cornec)
10- Fix a debian bug by analyzing all control files, not just the first one (Bruno Cornec)
120.14.1 (2016-07-25)
13- Fix #108 by adding functions to sign files and file transfer for deb Release content (Bruno Cornec)
14- Fedora distributions since f10 uses perl-core to provide core modules (Bruno Cornec)
15- Fix #136 with tar file tagged with date and VCS rev and tag name for test versions of (Bruno Cornec)
16- Fix docker repo/registry usage and adds conf file entries for them (Bruno Cornec)
17- Adds target sbx2prep (Bruno Cornec)
18- build and delivery directories renamed pbbuild and pbdelivery for consistency and to ease filtering (with git e.g.) (Bruno Cornec)
200.13.2 (2016-02-17)
21- Fix a bug in script2v by initializing pbstep to 3 as it wasn't defined (use mode) (Bruno Cornec)
22- Using -s option requires a full path name for the script to work, which is now checked (Bruno Cornec)
23- Do not call pb_ssh_get when pushing packages to ftp repo (Bruno Cornec)
24- Use id_* keys only when not in create mode (delivery to repo). Otherwise use pb_* keys (Bruno Cornec)
25- pb now scans VM or RM to detect whether they support ECDSA for ssh connection (RHEL7 e.g. doesn't support DSA anymore by default). If yes, then use the pb_ecdsa key file. By default favour DSA anyway. But that forces also to change the cleanup of the authorized_keys file on the VM|RM to be done once the VM is launched to have the scan working (Bruno Cornec)
26- Fix an issue when the VM is already launched during the ssh setup a wrong port was used (Bruno Cornec)
27- Improve git support where pbconf is upstream in the main directory of a simple project (Bruno Cornec)
290.13.1 (2015-11-25)
30- Adds Docker support for VE build (using a specific build account in the container). Can start from a Docker Hub cimage. Can also build our own with rpmbootstrap or debootstrap as for chroot. Build 3 layers of containers (d-v-a, d-v-a-pb, d-v-a-pb-prj) and build in a container made from this third image (Bruno Cornec)
31- Adds preliminary dnf support for new Fedora 22+ versions (Bruno Cornec)
32- Fix package signing for new RPM::Sign module of Mageia 5 when the infra to sign is unavailable (Bruno Cornec)
33- Fix a gentoo bug for symlink generation in gentoo subdir of the ftp server (Bruno Cornec)
34- Fix pb install support on Debian 8 (Bruno Cornec)
35- Adds a pb_ssh_setup function used for both VM and RM to setup the ssh environment with the right keyfile used in launchv (Bruno Cornec)
370.12.7 (2015-02-05)
38- Fix checkssh for deb based distro by including the arch in the pakcage name to be checked to avoid the global check done earlier (Bruno Cornec)
400.12.6 (2014-06-22)
41- Improve git and git-svn support (Bruno Cornec)
42- Fix #129 by creating a new function pb_connect_db managing connection to the announces DB (Bruno Cornec)
43- Data::Dumper is a required perl module during sbx2setupvm and his documented as such (can be a separate one depending on distros) (Bruno Cornec)
450.12.5 (2014-02-04)
46- Print first pb version before using it in VMs to be sure to use the correct version (Bruno Cornec)
47- Adapt VM names and filters for Debian as per the new rule (major numbers only) (Bruno Cornec)
490.12.4 (2014-01-15)
50- Update pb presentation for LCA2014 and demo script (Bruno Cornec)
51- pb shouldn't look for chown locally and call it with the full path in the chroot as this doesn't necessarily work ! (Bruno Cornec)
530.12.3 (2014-01-05)
54- Adds git-svn support (Bruno Cornec)
55- function pb_conf_print renamed into pb_distro_conf_print and move to (Bruno Cornec)
56- pb_check_ps now returns a list of 2 params systematically so API changed accordingly everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
57- Adds a checkps target for pb (Bruno Cornec)
58- pb uses the new qemu hostfwd syntax for port forwarding (Bruno Cornec)
59- Fix deb changelog generation to avoid long lines (Bruno Cornec)
60- Better ssh port management, returned by pb_check_ps and not reset when a group of VMs has been launched (Bruno Cornec)
61- Adds a parameter for the mode of the sudoers file instead of hard-coding (Bruno Cornec)
62- Improve ntp handling for setupvm by adding a call to date when ntpdate is failing and using oscmdntp instead of vmntpcmd (Bruno Cornec)
63- Adds build2setup* target for pb (Bruno Cornec)
64- pb now prints the name of the VM as a prefix for each command result, improving greatly debug in parallel mode (Bruno Cornec)
65- launchvm now is able to launch multiple VMs (Bruno Cornec)
66- Fix #119 by improving correct deb and ebuild detection. (Bruno Cornec)
67- Update pb presentation with OSSI template and improve a bit content (Bruno Cornec)
690.12.2 (2013-02-26)
70- Better debug info when passing a wrong parameter (Bruno Cornec)
71- Presentation updated for LCA 2013 (Bruno Cornec)
72- pbml & pbsmtp params only queried when really needed (can be omitted in the conf file thus for those not using announces) (Bruno Cornec)
73- Adds support for a 2ins target for all buildpkg call (example: sbx2pkg2ins) which adds the final installation of packages at the end (Bruno Cornec)
74- tar is needed in the VM (Bruno Cornec)
75- fix a bug for checkssh with test version where to many * where given (Bruno Cornec)
76- Red Hat 6.2 (not RHEL) support: doesn't support setarch i386 for a x86_64, builds with the rpm command, sudo doesn't support the env_keep var, sed -i doesn't work, setupve fix (however needs a manual install of perl 5.6.2 to work) (Bruno Cornec)
77- debug level is now passed to the vescrip improving debug capabilities in that script (Bruno Cornec)
78- When used the env command should be passed in full path for sudo and then not skipped (Bruno Cornec)
79- New deb generation regex to support non english messages better (Bruno Cornec)
80- Repository files generated now contains in their name a tag corresponding to the delivery dir. This allows to have easily both a test and non-test version in the same yum repo e.g. (Bruno Cornec)
820.12.1 (2012-05-28)
83- Adds pbstoponerr option in conf file to allow to overwrite the default which is back to not stopping on errors as it perturbates VE and VM build for themoment, as not all commands are expected to succeed systematically. (Bruno Cornec)
84- Change urpmi.update call from /usr/bin (consolehelper) to /usr/sbin (urpmi) as that's what we have in VE. (Bruno Cornec)
85- Fix errors in mageia deps (Bruno Cornec)
86- pb correctly now differentiate PBDEP and BPBDEP (in for template generation) (Bruno Cornec)
87- Reverting stop on error to false by default as VM are not usable for now with it. (Bruno Cornec)
88- Adds option pbshowsudo (false by default) to check whether we display the detail of sudo commands (to match security requiremetns) or not (to have a nicer output) (Bruno Cornec)
89- In pb create the RPM build dirs before entering in the parallel loop as sometimes 2 identical were created simultaneously, leading to an error leading to a die (Bruno Cornec)
90- option -h can now be passed multiple times. one provides synopsis, two gives full help. (Bruno Cornec)
91- Add a test script to have a full regression suite before publishing a new version. (Bruno Cornec)
92- Don't create a repomd.xml.key symlink if the pubkey is empty.  opensuse zypper will reject the file and refuse to use the repo (even if the option to ignore signatures is specified) (Eric Anderson)
93- lots of improvement into .deb repositories support (Eric Anderson)
94- Use new pbgpgcheck option to control whether we enable gpgcheck in the repo script. (Eric Anderson)
95- Use new projcomponent value to specify which component we are building for -- most things probably aren't contrib (for deb based distros) (Eric Anderson)
96- Tolerate the file: and flat: schemes -- they were tolerated in some places but not others. (Eric Anderson)
97- Lots of documentation improvements (Eric Anderson)
98- log when we start and finish the build, that's an important state. (Eric Anderson)
99- Greatly simplify pb_get_distros function by using split and join. (Eric Anderson)
100- New pb_pbos_to_keylist function to generate the list of basenames. (Eric Anderson)
101- Improve support of ftp/http proxy, in particular for VEs. (Eric Anderson)
102- Add support for multi-line filter variables. (Eric Anderson)
103- Make sure that if we are doing a parallel build we will stop on errors if that option is set. (Eric Anderson)
104- Fix bug in running in 32bit VE with 64bit host. (Eric Anderson)
105- Do *not* set the time in a virtual environment as it breaks stuff. (Eric Anderson)
106- Tolerate failures on the debsign step -- the key-file can validly not exist. (Eric Anderson)
107- Add a new option pbusesshagent in pb.conf to allow the user to specify whether he wants to use his existing SSH environement and agent, or if he prefers to create a new key pair for building. (Bruno Cornec)
108- Update to make the port and login optional config entries. (Eric Anderson)
109- vmmonport is now optional. (Bruno Cornec)
110- vmmem is also now really optional (wasn't working before as wasn't correctly tested). (Bruno Cornec)
111- newv(e|m) doesn't require execution of cms2build before being available. (Bruno Cornec)
112- Set pb_stop_on_error, add option to continue through errors. (Eric Anderson)
113- Only try to apply and sign patches if the apply script exists. (Eric Anderson)
114- Add git support in pb_vcs_up, pb_vcs_checkin and pb_vcs_add. (Eric Anderson)
115- largely rewritten to cache all conf files into a local $h hash in which conf files are added in reverse order. (Bruno Cornec)
116- Improve web delivery by forcing more open modes for files (644) and dirs (755) in the web tree. (Bruno Cornec)
117- Split CMS functions in 2 parts, one lowlevel reusable outside of pb in, the remaining stay in, part of pb. (Bruno Cornec)
118- Fix #99. Adds a new extdir member to the pb structure, in order to manage the timestamp tag added in version name for test versions and have a complete correspondance between the tar file content, and the names. This modification creates an incompatibility in the build part of pb (thus change to 0.12.x), so requires that the build environment be updated before it's usable (with setupve|vm or sbx2setupve|vm). Use the new extdir member to update existing projects filter (Bruno Cornec)
119- Adds a new -k option to kep some temporary files for debug purposes (Bruno Cornec)
120- Fix bugs on check for gentoo. -r is for official versions, _p for test versions (Bruno Cornec)
121- Improve handling of lack of svn2cl command (Bruno Cornec)
122- Fix 2 bugs in newver with automatic change of version and delivery check to be done. (Bruno Cornec)
123- Fix #585 bug in the Mondorescue project ( by creating correct symlinks to the repo key file. (Bruno Cornec)
124- Make the parameter of the -t option optional, in which case the underlying distro is used. (Bruno Cornec)
125- Adds a cleanssh target to purge test versions on the remote repository. (Bruno Cornec)
126- Adds option checkexclude and command checkssh with the -rebuild option: this allows to check after the build which packages have not been built correctly and to potentially relaunch the build. (Bruno Cornec)
127- Fix #93 by recoding newver partly and remove the fixed loading of a pb profile in KVM and put it in option. (Bruno Cornec)
128- Start to add CPAN upload support to solve #101 - Needs to be tested now with an official version. (Bruno Cornec)
129- Fix a bug in the recursive function pb_list_bfiles where file handle should not be global (Bruno Cornec)
130- Add support for patches for deb family of distributions (bump version to 0.12 as this is an incompatible change which requires VM update) (Bruno Cornec)
131- Fix to support directories under the debian dir (such as source/format) (Bruno Cornec)
132- Fix to apply build files really from generic to specific (Bruno Cornec)
133- Create a new module to host pb_ve_launch (from pb code now reusable for pbmkbm) (Bruno Cornec)
134- Adds a yum config line to allow for automatic GPG key import  (Bruno Cornec)
135- pb now supports distro inhritance for the vmmem parameter (Makes stuff easier for fedora) (Bruno Cornec)
1370.11.3 (2011-05-25)
138- Avoid the structure check for git/hg for now as the way it's currently done is only valid for SVN and the likes (Bruno Cornec)
139- allow verbosity transfer to repo creation script (Bruno Cornec)
140- Avoids error msgs in announce due to find issues (Bruno Cornec)
141- By default enable gpg for repo built with pb, now that package signature is working (Bruno Cornec)
142- Fix #96 completely by using the realpkgname and sorting the results (Bruno Cornec)
143- Fix #94 by modifying wrong test condition in pb_get_port (Bruno Cornec)
144- Fix #97 by delivering in PBBUILDIR instead of non-existent dirs below (Bruno Cornec)
145- Adds delivery of the public key to each repository at each delivery (Bruno Cornec)
146- Adds suport for .deb package signing (Bruno Cornec)
147- Fix debian repo build  (Bruno Cornec)
148- Adds RPM signature support and doc (Bruno Cornec)
149- Adds support for different sha algorithms for createrepo call, due to some distro with python 2.4 not supporting sha256. (Bruno Cornec)
150- Fix a bug in debian/ubuntu repo creation for amd64 (used x86_64 instead) (Bruno Cornec)
1520.11.2 (2011-03-12)
153- Fix #82 Undescriptive error message for missing pbcl file (Bruno Cornec)
154- Fix #90 - cms2webssh broken (Bruno Cornec)
155- Fix #92 as well as documentation generation which was also broken ( report) (Bruno Cornec)
156- Adds filter generation at newproj time for more debian/ubuntu distros (Bruno Cornec)
157- Call pb_get_ssh also for VE to build local keys (Bruno Cornec)
158- Fix bug #95 Personalized FILTER accessing an item in an hash of a hash (Bruno Cornec)
159- Fix a bug in newvm where VMsize was incorrectly used after pbos introduction. (Bruno Cornec)
160- Fix #91 where announce was broken and add pkg and sd pakgs to the list (Bruno Cornec)
161- Fix #89 where sources.list files generated were incorrect (Bruno Cornec)
162- Add support for patches and additional sources also for Solaris (Bruno Cornec)
163- Fix a debian build bug due to directory change (Bruno Cornec)
164- Postpone execution of pbinit after all files have been filtered so that e.g. a be filtered before a bootstrap script being executed and all variables expanded correctly. Case of MondoRescue (Bruno Cornec)
165- Updated Lab and pres for TES 2011 (Bruno Cornec)
1670.11.1 (2011-02-26)
168- NOTE: This version requires 0.11.1 in both host and guests so the whole processes work correctly. (Bruno Cornec)
169- Fix #87 - correct pbsrc management. This requires to update pb in the VM|RM|VE in order to work correctly (Nicolas Doualot/Bruno Cornec)
170- Fix #86 - error in hash test sources should be used and not patches (Nicolas Doualot)
171- Improve tmout management which is optional and now handled and documented as such using pb_distro_get_param (Bruno Cornec)
172- rmntpcmd, vmhost, vmmem, vmntpcmd and vmsize have OS keys and not project keys. Fixed in doc and code. (Bruno Cornec)
173- pb_date2v needs the pbos as param to deal with *ntpcmd correctly. $v param removed as a consequence. (Bruno Cornec)
174- Fix #83. rmntp is indeed optional. But rmntpcmd is mandatory as used to be placed at setup time in the sudoers file in order to allow its usage by root when needed from the build account (Bruno Cornec)
175- Packages installed are now using really the install command not the update one. (Bruno Cornec)
176- The repo key for pb now uses the delivery level (mandatory for gentoo) (Bruno Cornec)
177- Fix pb_get_filters to also support filter based on os name and os-ver-arch as well to be coherent, and also fix bugs in the tests made for filter exitence. (Bruno Cornec)
178- Fix pb_changelog with test for correct pb hash values which were changed previously (Bruno Cornec)
179- Revert back using no arch subdir for deb based repo (Bruno Cornec)
180- Introduce new parameter oscmdpath to support external commands full path name easier (could also be very useful for MondoRescue) (Bruno Cornec)
181- Change pb_date2v interface to just return the line we want. (Bruno Cornec)
182- Fix a parallelism issue when building in VMs. (Bruno Cornec)
183- Fix pb for patches and additional sources support in parallel mode which was previously broken. (Bruno Cornec)
184- Avoids a unicity issue when in parallel mode in pb_filter_file_inplace, by generating a unique temp file. (Bruno Cornec)
185- Allow pb_filter_file to manage undefined filter hash (Bruno Cornec)
186- Use some full path names for commands to improve security with sudo (for RM). (Bruno Cornec)
187- Adds support for RM (Remote Machines) in addition to VE/VM (Bruno Cornec)
188- pb_get_port function now needs the ref to the pbos (Bruno Cornec)
189- Add full path names on sudo commands now that a precise usage is done with sudo + other related fixes. (Bruno Cornec)
190- pb_get_sudocmds function added to provide the external list of commands called by sudo in osupd or osins. The whole sudo process has been revised. Only VE allow for ALL command execution. VM|RM are now just calling the commands they need. (Bruno Cornec)
191- Introduction of a new hash $pbos to manage all os related info through a single data structure. All functions reviewed accordingly. Externally transparent, hopefully, but much cleaner code as a consequence. VM/VE/RM remains to be tested. (Bruno Cornec)
192- Fix ebuild test name generation (Francesco Talamona)
193- Fix project package generation from file URL (Bruno Cornec)
194- Prepare for HP-UX port. Introduce hpux entry (not working) (Bruno Cornec)
195- Fix bugs when initializing a pb env without anything previously available exept the ~/.pbrc (Bruno Cornec)
196- Fix a bug in Web delivery where the pbscript wasn't executable by default which now is a problem. (Bruno Cornec)
197- Fix -nographic option name (Bruno Cornec)
1990.10.1 (2011-01-13)
200- Adds 2 new commands sbx2setupve|vm to update an in VE|VM incompatible version of pb to latest needed to dialog correctly (Bruno Cornec)
201- Do not return in pb_send2target if pb file not available in order to shutdown VM in all cases (Bruno Cornec)
202- Target build dir is now in dir/ver/arch everywhere, including in the delivery repo (Bruno Cornec)
203- Avoid File::MimeInfo hard requirement. Only abort if not found when needed. (Bruno Cornec)
204- Improve report when a perl module is missing (Bruno Cornec)
205- Kill an existing crashed VM using an SSH port needed for another VM (should avoid crashed VM to stay when building for all VMs) (Bruno Cornec)
206- Use a new parameter vmbuildtm as a timeout before killing the VM (should correspond to build + transfer time)  (Bruno Cornec)
207- Mail::Sendmail is now optional for Log module as well, even if not used yet (Bruno Cornec)
208- use twice the number of VMs for ports in the range for SSH communication to allow for VMs to finish in an unordered way. (Bruno Cornec)
209- Module move to pb-modules due to VERSION support addition (Bruno Cornec)
210- Adds function pb_set_parallel which set $pbparallel depending on memory size for VMs (Bruno Cornec)
211- Adds pb_set_port and pb_get_port functions to deal with SSH communication port with VMs using a range (Bruno Cornec)
212- sbx|cms2builb, build2pkg, build2v and setup2v are now using Parallel::ForkManager to generate packages in parallel and add a conf param - pbparallel - to force number of cores (Bruno Cornec)
213- Fix #68 by adding new option -g to support non-graphical modes on the CLI and not only in conf files and env var (Bruno Cornec)
214- Change pbgen and pbscript files to unique versions where appropriate to support later on parallelism (Bruno Cornec)
215- Fix #76 by improving solaris skeleton generation (Nicolas Doualot)
216- Adds params to pb_distro_setuprepo to support generic family/os templates (Bruno Cornec)
217- Adds function pb_distro_setuposrepo to setup pb install repo (Bruno Cornec)
218- Fix both #74 and #10 by adding support for additional files under a pbsrc dir, that can be manipulated at build time. (Bruno Cornec)
219- Use pb_check_req to avoid some hardcoded path  (Bruno Cornec)
220- Fix #56 by creating the Contents file at the right place and using the buildrepo script content for debian (Bruno Cornec)
221- Rename previous option osupd into the more correct osins, and add a real osupd param to support distribution update commands (Bruno Cornec)
222- Adds a new optional parameter os for pb_distro_get_param (upper family such as linux) (Bruno Cornec)
223- Adds support for -t option to prepare a builbot or similar interface. (Bruno Cornec)
224- Fix #70 by adding 2 new commands to update distributions in VM|VE with updatevm|ve (Bruno Cornec)
225- Adds new configuration parameters (oschkcmd, oschkopt) to externalize package checking command (Bruno Cornec)
226- Adds new configuration parameters (pbinstalltype, pbpkg) to start allowing installation of pb in VM/VE with packages or files (Bruno Cornec)
227- Add support for RHEL6, Fedora 14, Mandriva 2010.1, Ubuntu 10.10 (Bruno Cornec)
228- Improve display of RPMS and SRPMS packages generated to allow easy cut and paste. (Bruno Cornec)
229- Fix #69 by doing recursion in pb_list_bfiles to handle new Debian 3.0 format with subdirs (Bruno Cornec)
230- Fix #36 by adding new targets to pb with sbx2 aka sandbox suffix. They replace in feature the previous cms2 targets (Bruno Cornec)
231- Fix #65 by adding support for .ymp files (Bruno Cornec)
232- Fix a bug when calling clean with no previous environment available (Josh Zhao)
233- New Web site management with 4 targets instead of only 2: sbx2webssh, cms2webssh, sbx2webpkg, cms2webpkg (Bruno Cornec)
234- Fix a bug when building for non VCS hosted projects in pb_cms_compliant (Bruno Cornec)
235- halt command is in another path on Solaris (Bruno Cornec)
236- Fix #66 by adding log management - not used yet - and Bug in template generation for define macro (Joachim Langenbach)
237- Fix a bug on gentoo build where tag needs to be prepended with 'r' (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
238- Fix #64: add support for packager names with single quotes in it (krnekit)
239- Fix #41 by externalizing the VM command in the new vmcmd option (Bruno Cornec)
240- Fix a bug where some options were passed prefixed with a space and some other postfixed in the usage of PBVMOPT (Joachim Langenbach/Bruno Cornec)
241- Adds new "Walt Disney" feature: possibility to deliver in multiple variable dirs, and not just / and test (Bruno Cornec)
242- Improve Web site delivery for docs (man pages, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
243- various rpmlint and lintian fixes (Bruno Cornec)
244- Adds ebuild version for pb gentoo packages (Bruno Cornec)
2460.9.10 (2010-06-07)
247- Update pres for HP tech Forum (Bruno Cornec)
248- Add support for mirror server to debootstrap command (Bruno Cornec)
249- Add support for Ubuntu 10.04 natively and with debootstrap (universe repo needed) (Bruno Cornec)
250- Fix umask propagation in VE, fixing issues in directory creation with wrong rights (Bruno Cornec)
251- Successful tests with some VE (Mandriva 2009.1 and 2010.0, CentOS4, Fedora 12, CentOS5, Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 5) (Bruno Cornec)
252- is licensed under the GPL v2 for the moment. (Bruno Cornec)
253- Options cleanup (veconf => rbsconf, ve4pi => rbs4pi, vetmout/vemindep removed, verebuild not mandatory, rbsopt added for passing options to rpm|debbootstrap, ventp/vmntp is now optional) (Bruno Cornec)
254- New pb_get_postinstall generic function for rinse and rpmbootstrap (Bruno Cornec)
255- Pass more precisely the level of verbosity to rpmbootstrap (Bruno Cornec)
256- Fix bug in sudoers creation: now using the real account name, and also forcing to NOT requiretty (Bruno Cornec)
2580.9.9 (2010-05-01)
259- Adds debootstrap and rpmbootstrap support for VE (Bruno Cornec)
260- Improved pb presentation with Solaris integration for HP TES 2009, Fosdem 2010 and Solutions Linux 2010 (Bruno Cornec)
261- Adds the Project Builder Lab delivered for the TES 2009 inside HP (Bruno Cornec)
262- Preliminary version of a Web site (Bruno Cornec)
263- Fix a build error for deb based packages (macro definitions missing !) (Bruno Cornec)
264- Fix a bug in newve, by calling pb_distrib_init earlier to have the loading of the pb.conf main conf file, used to install default packages (Bruno Cornec)
265- Use pbsnap in pb_script2v instead of forcing no snapshot (Bruno Cornec)
266- use x86_64 arch for debian, and only amd64 for debootstrap call (Bruno Cornec)
267- debootstrap doesn't create a /etc/hosts file, so copy the local one in the VE (Bruno Cornec)
268- Previous snapshot removed before trying to create a new one to avoid useless extraction (Bruno Cornec)
269- Mandriva uses in fact genhdlist2 to generate indexes and is now under media_info (Bruno Cornec)
270- Since SLES 11 the sudoers file is again back to 440 (Bruno Cornec)
271- Fixes to support ia64 chroot with centos5 - ongoing (Bruno Cornec)
2730.9.8 (2009-11-29)
274- Improves Debian support by a/ allowing PBDESC to be used in control file with space prepended. b/ prepend 0 to non digit versions such as devel. c/ creating debian pbfilter files for PBDEBSTD and PBDEBCOMP macros used in control (Bruno Cornec)
275- Uses pbtag for ebuild and pkg packages (Bruno Cornec)
276- Improves setupvm for RHEL 3 (Bruno Cornec)
277- Add support for Fedora 12, Mandriva 2010.0, OpenSuSE 11.2, Ubuntu 9.10 (Bruno Cornec)
278- Updates Module-Build to 0.35 version (Bruno Cornec)
279- Do not add conf files if already present in the list (changing pbconffiles into a hash for that to still keep order as this is mandatory) (Bruno Cornec)
280- Improve some testver usages and fix #51. Now passing false to testver works (Bruno Cornec)
281- ChangeLog file now created by pb_cms_log (Bruno Cornec)
282- Adds Solaris port, Solaris build files, generation of Solaris build file skeleton (Bruno Cornec)
283- Force to always build for the local distribution by default (Bruno Cornec)
284- Create a ~/.pbrc as template if no previous one was there - Fix #47 (Bruno Cornec)
2860.9.7.1 (2009-07-05)
287- Fix a critical bug on pb, where a module was loaded optionaly with use instead of require (prevents update of VMs) (Bruno Cornec)
2890.9.7 (2009-07-04)
290- vm commands support the -i option now. (Bruno Cornec)
291- Create a test2pkg, test2vm, test2ve commands (Bruno Cornec)
292- Create clean command (Bruno Cornec)
293- Adds SVK support (Bruno Cornec)
294- First steps for a snapshot support of VMs/VEs (Bruno Cornec)
295- Fix #35 by forcing the usage of a -r release option, and by exporting only that version tree from the VCS. (Bruno Cornec)
296- If this is a test version (aka testver = true) then the tag is forced to to allow for easy updates, including with official versions (Bruno Cornec)
297- Add support for pre and post scripts for VM/VE launched before and after the build to allow for local setup. (Bruno Cornec)
298- Add additional repo support for debian type as well. (Bruno Cornec)
299- Add support for proxy environment variables at setup and build time (Bruno Cornec)
300- Add Asianux support (Bruno Cornec)
3020.9.6 (2009-02-19)
303- Add support for addition of repository on the fly at build time with addrepo (Bruno Cornec)
304- Fix debian build deps computation and installation (Bruno Cornec)
305- Announce now make direct links for packages given (Bruno Cornec)
306- Add support for VE using rinse (tested), mock (coded) and chroot (tested), schroot (planned) (Bruno Cornec)
307- Improved centos support (Bruno Cornec)
308- Differentiate between Scripts for VE and VM with 2 tags (Bruno Cornec)
309- Have a working newve, setupve and cms2ve sequence for rinse and centos 4 and 5 at least (Bruno Cornec)
310- Remove the external locale dependece to use the one provided by perl (Bruno Cornec)
311- Adds kvm support (aligned on qemu support) (Bruno Cornec)
312- Fix a bug where duplicates in VE and VM lists where handled twice leading to errors with patches applied also twice in the same distro. Also more efficient. (Bruno Cornec)
313- Adds GIT support for schroot (Bruno Cornec)
314- Adds SOCKS support for all VCS commands by adding a new pbsockscmd option in .pbrc (tested with git access behind proxy) (Bruno Cornec)
315- Avoid erasing an existing VM when called with newvm (Bruno Cornec)
316- Improved PBVMOPT restoration (Bruno Cornec)
317- Fix a bug in the scheme reference during newver  (Bruno Cornec)
3190.9.5 (2008-12-09)
320- Adds fedora 10 install support (Bruno Cornec)
321- Adds Mercurial support in for rinse project (Bruno Cornec)
322- Fix a bug in pb for lintian debs, packages and changes are one directory up (Bryan Gartner)
323- Adds pb_cms_mod_svn_http function to support fossology https svn checkout with svn+https syntax in URLs (Bruno Cornec)
324- Fix a bug with newproj and the late declaration of PBTPM (Bruno Cornec)
325- Improve newver for fedora older versions (Bruno Cornec)
326- Improve newver and pbcl management in order to only touch created files, not original ones (Bruno Cornec)
327- Adds links for gentoo to point on the repo to the latest version of the ebuild (Bruno Cornec)
328- Change pb_announce interface (Bruno Cornec)
329- Pass verbose level to pb launched in virtual environments/machines (Bruno Cornec)
330- Fix a bug on package name detection on Ubuntu (dpkg-deb output different from the Debian one !) (Bruno Cornec)
3320.9.4 (2008-09-29)
333- Add support to Website delivery - Fix #30 (Bruno Cornec)
334- Add pb_web_news2html which generates news from the announces DB (Bruno Cornec)
335- Debian packages are now working - Fix #26 and #33 (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
336- Add support for specific naming conventions such as perl modules - Fix #32 (Bruno Cornec)
337- Preserve by default original tar files got by http or ftp to allow for checksum consistency - Fix #31 (Bruno Cornec)
338- Fix CVS export function to also use tags passed in param (Bruno Cornec)
3400.9.3 (2008-08-07)
341- Update pb to install VMs correctly with new perl deps Locale-gettext (Bruno Cornec)
342- Filtering functions now handle also pointer on hashes (such as the new pb hash) (Bruno Cornec)
343- Filtering functions support new macro for patch support (PBPATCHSRC and PBPATCHCMD) (Bruno Cornec)
344- Filtering functions use a single pb hash which contains the tag that will be handled during the filtering (Bruno Cornec)
345- now generates correct templates for patch support and uses the new pb hash (Bruno Cornec)
346- pb_cms_export extended to support file:// URI, and also supports an undef second param (no local export available) (Bruno Cornec)
347- In pb, hashes now include also the arch (for better patch support) (Bruno Cornec)
348- Working patch support added to pb - tested with buffer - Fix #28 (Bruno Cornec)
349- pb supports local CMS based patches, as well as external references (not tested yet) (Bruno Cornec)
350- New pb_get_arch function provided (Bruno Cornec)
351- DBI is only required when using announce (Bruno Cornec)
352- When using pb 0.9.3, VMs should also use pb 0.9.3 for compatibility issues (2 tar files, arch in names, perl deps) (Bruno Cornec)
353- All global variables are prefixed with pb (Bruno Cornec)
354- Makes script execution verbose (Bruno Cornec)
355- Improve Fedora official package build (Bruno Cornec)
356- Allow subject modification for announces (Bruno Cornec)
357- Add support options per VM - Fix #27 (Bruno Cornec)
358- Allows pbcl files to not have info on the new version and add it on the fly for newver action (Bruno Cornec)
359- Adds support for pbml and pbsmtp at creation of project (Bruno Cornec)
360- Use Mail::Sendmail instead of mutt to deliver mail (From: header issue) (Bruno Cornec)
361- Announce is now supported in pb (Bruno Cornec)
362- Adds support for repositories (yum, urpmi and deb) - Fix #13 (Bruno Cornec)
363- Support perl eol separator ($/) in macros. (Useful for PBDESC) (Bruno Cornec)
364- Fix an issue of generation on redhat and rhas2.1 where _target_platform in %%configure is incorrect (Bruno Cornec)
365- pb now generates testver in the .pb for newproj (Bruno Cornec)
366- Sort output of build files (Bruno Cornec)
367- Adds pbrepo entry when using newproj (Bruno Cornec)
368- Add pb_cms_add function (Bruno Cornec)
369- Change interface of pb_cms_checkin (third param) (Bruno Cornec)
370- Check presence of inittab before touching it in setupvm (Bruno Cornec)
371- Fake Changelog for test version (Bruno Cornec)
372- setupvm improved with init level 3 by default (Bruno Cornec)
373- still issue for pb build on Debian with the devel version name, and the mixed cases for modules unallowed (Bruno Cornec)
374- Adds support for multi VM for setupvm command (Bruno Cornec)
3760.9.2 (2008-05-13)
377- Fix DateManip latest version (Bruno Cornec)
378- Add preliminary Slackware build support (Bruno Cornec)
379- Fix #23 Improve speed by not getting CMS logs if testver (Bruno Cornec)
380- Option UserKnownHostsFile of ssh used by default now (Bruno Cornec)
381- Now removes pbscript at the end of execution (Bruno Cornec)
382- Changes filtering interface to add pbrepo keyword support and PBREPO macro (Bruno Cornec)
383- Partly solves #13 by adding repository generation support + conf files to pb for rpm with yum and urpmi (Bruno Cornec)
384- test directory is now in a complete separate tree - allows recursive repository support (Bruno Cornec)
385- Fix a bug in the VM pb's account for ssh (Bruno Cornec)
386- Improved pbdistrocheck to support -v flags (Bruno Cornec)
387- Move the pb_env_init function to a separate module to allow pbinit usage (Bruno Cornec)
388- Adds support for a build system conf file under $vmpath/.pbrc or $vepath/.pbrc (Bruno Cornec)
3900.9.1 (2008-04-20)
391- split of functions from pb to perl-Project-Builder (Bruno Cornec)
392- Documentation of functions (Bruno Cornec)
393- Prepare conf file management to manage more conf files for build system, ... (Bruno Cornec)
3950.9.0 (2008-04-07)
396- Fix #20 newver comment testver and checks pbcl files (Bruno Cornec)
397- newver updated to support external CMS repo for build files (Bruno Cornec)
398- setupvm ok for all supported distro but slackware not yet supported by pb (Bruno Cornec)
399- Fix build2vm where the new name of the distro wasn't correctly handled when trying to get packages pushed to the ftp server. (Bruno Cornec)
400- pb_env_init does just setup env variables now. It does CMS checks and conf only if called on a CMS opration (Bruno Cornec)
401- systematic use of ENV VAR for PBPROJVER, PBPROJTAG, PBPACKAGER (Bruno Cornec)
402- new function to get package list for cms only context and the old one is simplified (Bruno Cornec)
403- $DESTDIR/pbrc contains now aal the keys needed to be independant when building - pbroot, pbprojver, pbprojtag, pbpackager. (Bruno Cornec)
404- remove ntp calls for the moment, not ready (Bruno Cornec)
405- new idempotent setupvm/setupve actions to prepare the VM/VE to be used by pb (Bruno Cornec)
406è Numerous fixes in the new way of working to have a full suite working for netperf, pb and mondorescue - newver, cms2build, build2pkg, pbcl, setupvm, build2vm (Bruno Cornec)
407- separation of CMS calls (only when using a cms2... action) and the environment variables used (Bruno Cornec)
408- Improvements for CMS support, lots on CVS (Bruno Cornec)
409- Use pod for pb documentation, modules to be done (Bruno Cornec)
410- Use Getopt::Long and support now long options (Bruno Cornec)
411- pb_syntax now uses pod2usage (Bruno Cornec)
412- All modules are packages now (Bruno Cornec)
413- pb_changelog back in and removal of (Bruno Cornec)
414- Major changes following a memorable Fort Collins discussion which makes that version incompatible with previous ones (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner/Junichi Uekawa)
415- Support URLs for pbconf and projects (ftp, http, svn, cvs, file) (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
416- Adds Virtual Environment support (mock, pbuilder, ...) (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
417- Documentation of concepts (Bruno Cornec)
418- Fix for debian build in case a debian dir/link already exists in the project (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
4200.8.12 (2008-02-07)
421- Adds support for supplemental files in projects (Bruno Cornec)
422- Addition of pbproj as a filtered variable for dploy needs also in pb_filter_file (Bruno Cornec)
423- fix #9 (Bruno Cornec)
424- adds gentoo support (Bruno Cornec)
425- Removes AppConfig dependency by using just a perl regexp instead (Bruno Cornec)
426- support for #11 test versions (Bruno Cornec)
427- overall ChangeLog support (Bruno Cornec)
4290.8.11 (2007-11-11)
430- Do not continue with VM if something goes wrong (Bruno Cornec)
431- Also build on 64 bits VMs when all (Bruno Cornec)
432- pb_env_init now creates a pbconf template dir if asked for (newproj option fix #3) (Bruno Cornec)
433- Fix a bug in build2vm where only the first parameter was taken in account, so we were only generating the first package (Bruno Cornec)
4350.8.10 (2007-10-30)
436- pbinit is now filtered before being used (Bruno Cornec)
437- Ubuntu 7.10 support added (Bruno Cornec)
438- pbinit executed after filtering (Bruno Cornec)
439- Fix bug #7 where .pbrc nearly empty wasn't working (Bruno Cornec)
4410.8.9 (2007-10-25)
442- Fix a bug for support of PBLOG = no (Bruno Cornec)
4440.8.8 (2007-10-25)
445- Add correct support for PBLOG = no (Bruno Cornec)
4470.8.7 (2007-10-23)
448- Fix #2 (Bruno Cornec)
4500.8.6 (2007-10-22)
451- Add Debian build support (Bruno Cornec)
452- New filtering rules (Bruno Cornec)
453- Add flat support to svn and cvs (Bruno Cornec)
454- Fix #4  (Bruno Cornec)
4560.8.5 (2007-10-16)
457- First public version (Bruno Cornec)
4590.5 (2007-07-26)
460- Creation of the project based on mondorescue build tools (Bruno Cornec)
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