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Improve changelog for 0.16.2

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1# $Id$
50.16.2 (2022-08-09)
6- Build fixes for Fedora 32, 33 and 34, RHEL, Rocky and Alma 8/9 (Bruno Cornec)
7- Fix some wrong mageia URLs (Bruno Cornec)
90.16.1 (2020-08-19)
10- Fix #187 by protecting package name (Bruno Cornec)
11- Start to add support for aur packages (Bruno Cornec)
12- Fix packages built with a non tar.gz file (incompatible change between host and guests requiring a new version) (Bruno Cornec)
140.15.3 (2020-04-02)
15- Fix #177 newproj command works again (Bruno Cornec)
16- Adds function pb_path_nbfiles (Bruno Cornec)
17- Fix #171 by initializing correctly pb_env_init in pbgetparam (Bruno Cornec)
18- Improve debug messages for pb_distro_get (Bruno Cornec)
19- Adds internal YAML availability as last resort (Bruno Cornec)
20- Fix pbinstalltype based on project, not tuple (Bruno Cornec)
21- Fix #180 by adding the pb_check_v function (Bruno Cornec)
22- Simplify pb_distro_setuprepo (Bruno Cornec)
23- Adds support for fedora 31, centos 8 (Bruno Cornec)
24- Improve zypper calls (Bruno Cornec)
260.15.2 (2019-09-07)
27- Fix #178 and create new addbuildrepo, addinstallrepo, addtestrepo (Bruno Cornec)
28- Fix #179 create a pbkeyserver conf var (Bruno Cornec)
29- Use pbstep as variable name instead of pbforce (Bruno Cornec)
30- Fix dnf support for rhel 8 and fedora 30 (Bruno Cornec)
31- Fix YAML errors in default setup when newproj (Bruno Cornec)
32- Initiate pbgitremote variable if not defined to origin (Bruno Cornec)
33- Add support for SLES 15 by using /etc/os-release as well (Bruno Cornec)
350.15.1 (2019-03-18)
36- Fix #174 by adding the conf param pbgitremote with its doc (Bruno Cornec)
37- Fix #167 by adding an oslocalins option (Bruno Cornec)
38- Fix latest opensuse and fedora support (Bruno Cornec)
39- Exits when conf errors are detected instead of going on (Bruno Cornec)
40- Improve printing for getconf (Bruno Cornec)
41- Fix check of PBPROJDIR when .git dir not found in pbconf (Bruno Cornec)
42- Exit in pb_system if PBTMP is not defined in env (Bruno Cornec)
43- The API conf file is now under etc and in pb-modules (Bruno Cornec)
44- Fix local install for rpm distros by using osins when oslocalins is empty (Bruno Cornec)
45- pb_cms_init becomes pb_vcs_init to be used in env_init (Bruno Cornec)
46- Improved git+ssh support (Bruno Cornec)
47- More documentation moved to POD files for URLs, ENV vars, DIRs (Bruno Cornec)
48- YAML is used for all conf files (Bruno Cornec)
500.14.6 (2017-09-06)
51- Adds https_proxy support (Bruno Cornec)
52- Fix wrong filehandle used for proxy management (Bruno Cornec)
540.14.5 (2017-06-24)
55- Adds support for ubuntu-17.04 (Bruno Cornec)
56- Fix website delivery errors (Bruno Cornec)
57- Adds a pbve.pre example (Bruno Cornec)
58- Fix an error whith external repo (second time shouldn't use forcerepo) (Bruno Cornec)
59- Fix some errors around PBPROJDIR and PBDEFDIR/PBPROJ directory considerations from previous version (Bruno Cornec)
610.14.4 (2017-03-11)
62- Improve newproj action - skeletons, tests fixes (Bruno Cornec)
63- Use PBPROJDIR to allow having a different project dir than the project name (Bruno Cornec)
64- Fix a bug with git+http when doing export (Bruno Cornec)
660.14.3 (2017-03-04)
67- Fix a bug on the analysis of build dependencies for deb packages when using multiple versions constraints (Bruno Cornec)
68- Add support for additional signed deb repositories (Bruno Cornec)
69- Rename pb_distro_setuprepo_gen as pb_distro_setuprepo_gen_conf and create a new pb_distro_setuprepo_gen external function called by pb to allow the usage of external repository for pb installation itself if needed (Bruno Cornec)
70- Solve an issue with dependency optimization (Bruno Cornec)
71- Calls zypper refresh before making install for SUSE distros (Bruno Cornec)
72- Import GPG key files on OpenSUSE as zypper doesn't do it alone it seems (Bruno Cornec)
73- build is now calling back prep first in order to speed up the debug (Bruno Cornec)
74- Adds man, help and versions options to pbdistrocheck and pbgetparam (Bruno Cornec)
75- Fix #152 by adding support for https scheme in URLs (Bruno Cornec)
770.14.2 (2017-01-04)
78- Fix #148 by providing a pb_filter_var_print function (Bruno Cornec)
79- Fix #115 by providing system conf file (under /usr/share/pb) and an admin conf file (under /etc/pb) (Bruno Cornec)
80- Docker is now the default vetype (Bruno Cornec)
81- Fix conf file analysis (changes in pb_conf_get_if, pb_conf_add_last_in_hash, pb_distro_conf_print) (Bruno Cornec)
82- Document in the order in which all conf files are loaded (Bruno Cornec)
83- Use function pb_distro_conf_print in pbgetparam to avoid code duplication (Bruno Cornec)
84- Fix a bug in pbgetparam where the project.pb file wasn't read (Bruno Cornec)
85- Change interface of pb_ve_docker_get_image which now returns undef when no image id was found (Bruno Cornec)
86- Adds support for fedora 25, Cloudlinux and Ubuntu 16.10. Fix OEL detection. (Bruno Cornec)
880.14.1 (2016-07-25)
89- Adds Docker support and test builds for mageia 4-5, fedora 21-24, debian7-8, ubuntu 12.04,14.04-16.04, opensuse 13.2-42.1, centos 5-7, gentoo (Bruno Cornec)
90- Fedora distributions since f10 uses perl-core to provide core modules (Bruno Cornec)
91- Fix #144 by declaring PBTMP when File::Temp doesn't exist (Bruno Cornec)
92- Fix docker repo/registry usage and adds conf file entries for them (Bruno Cornec)
93- build and delivery directories renamed pbbuild and pbdelivery for consistency and to ease filtering (with git e.g.) (Bruno Cornec)
94- Update latest Ubuntu codenames (Bruno Cornec)
95- Add support for pbr for python project such as python-redfish (Bruno Cornec)
96- Start working on a Mojolicious web app with swagger providing a RESTful API for pb (Bruno Cornec)
980.13.2 (2016-02-17)
99- Improve yum and dnf invocation by just cleaning cache of metadata, avoiding to do a clean + upgrade (Bruno Cornec)
100- Fix dependencies for Fedora 22 docker container (Bruno Cornec)
101- improve git support by archiving HEAD if no modif in progress and removing git+ on uri when needed (Bruno Cornec)
102- Improve git support where pbconf is upstream in the main directory of a simple project (Bruno Cornec)
1040.13.1 (2015-11-25)
105- Adds Docker support for VE build (using a specific build account in the container). Can start from a Docker Hub cimage. Can also build our own with rpmbootstrap or debootstrap as for chroot. Build 3 layers of containers (d-v-a, d-v-a-pb, d-v-a-pb-prj) and build in a container made from this third image (Bruno Cornec)
106- Adds preliminary dnf support for new Fedora 22+ versions (Bruno Cornec)
107- Fix perl deps for rhel7/centos7 for new/prep phase
108- Add support for mageia 5
109- Adds a pb_ssh_setup function used for both VM and RM to setup the ssh environment with the right keyfile used in launchv (Bruno Cornec)
1110.12.7 (2015-02-05)
112- Fix SLES update and install scripts with now SLES 12 (Bruno Cornec)
113- Adds support for SLES 12 and mageia 3/4 chroots (Bruno Cornec)
1150.12.6 (2014-06-22)
116- Improve git and git-svn support (Bruno Cornec)
117- Data::Dumper is a required perl module during sbx2setupvm and his documented as such (can be a separate one depending on distros) (Bruno Cornec)
118- Fix duplicate display error and intermediate RE error as well (Bruno Cornec)
1200.12.5 (2014-02-04)
121- Adapt VM names and filters for Debian as per the new rule (major numbers only) (Bruno Cornec)
122- Fix #128 by removing the initialization to STDOUT of the FD in pb_display_file and also improving pb_get_content to avoid to handle the last line (Bruno Cornec)
123- Move pb_cms_compliant fundtion into and rename it pb_vcs_compliant, as it was used incorrectly in which was lower in the tree. (Corey Wirun/Bruno Cornec)
1250.12.4 (2014-01-15)
126- Droping by default the release number for Debian distributions as this is now part of the version as for RHEL. (Bruno Cornec)
127- Fix bugs in preventing debian VM to be setup anymore (Bruno Cornec)
128- Adds future Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.04 codenames (Bruno Cornec)
1300.12.3 (2014-01-05)
131- Adds Fedora 18, 19 and 20 and Mageia 3 VE definitions (Bruno Cornec)
132- Adds rbsmirrorupd feature (Bruno Cornec)
133- No -s option for oppatchcmd by default now (Bruno Cornec)
134- Adds git-svn support (Bruno Cornec)
135- function pb_conf_print renamed into pb_distro_conf_print and move to (Bruno Cornec)
136- Fix some opensuse yast/patch usages (Bruno COrnec)
137- Adds a parameter for the mode of the sudoers file instead of hard-coding (Bruno Cornec)
138- Improve ntp handling by using oscmdntp instead of vmntpcmd (Bruno Cornec)
139- Adds the possibility to prefix the output of commands executed by pb_system, if the verbose keyword is of the form verbose_prefix (Bruno Cornec)
140- Fix #116 by documenting the cachedir parameter (Bruno Cornec)
1420.12.2 (2013-02-26)
143- pbdistrogetparam now works, is built & delivered, and has a new -a (all) option (Bruno Cornec)
144- New function pb_conf_get_all to return the list of all parameters, also now used by pb_conf_print (Bruno Cornec)
145- add a pbdistrogetparam command to ease shell interface (Bruno Cornec)
146- Latest Ubuntu codename updated (Bruno Cornec)
147- rpmbootstrap content for opensuse 12.2 (Bruno Cornec)
148- Exports function pb_vcs_add_if_not_in (Bruno Cornec)
149- Introduce a pb_exit function and use it in all apps (Bruno Cornec)
150- In debug mode, do not erase the temporary dir created to ease analysis (Bruno Cornec)
151- Red Hat 6.2 (not RHEL) support (Bruno Cornec)
152- Factorize the proxy usages in pb_apply_conf_proxy and make it public (was partly done only) (Bruno Cornec)
153- Allow usage of mayfailverbose in pb_system when both features are needed to help debuging (Bruno Cornec)
154- Render File::Temp and Pod::Usage optional, in order to support partly old perl versions (5.00.5 at least) such as on RH6.2, so that the module can be used in such a VE/VM (Bruno Cornec)
155- Really use snapshot for launchve when needed. fix some parts of the condition which were wrong. (Bruno Cornec)
156- Fix a nasty bug when using an empty value on the right side of the = sign in a conf file, he parameter wasn't created in the cache conf. (Bruno Cornec)
157- Changing old checksum for yum from sha1 to sha as it wasn't working at least for RHEL5. (Bruno Cornec)
1590.12.1 (2012-05-28)
160- Adds pbstoponerr option in conf file to allow to overwrite the default which is back to not stopping on errors as it perturbates VE and VM build for themoment, as not all commands are expected to succeed systematically. (Bruno Cornec)
161- Change urpmi.update call from /usr/bin (consolehelper) to /usr/sbin (urpmi) as that's what we have in VE. (Bruno Cornec)
162- Fix mageia 1 and 2 deps for VE (Bruno Cornec)
163- Adds option pbshowsudo (false by default) to check whether we display the detail of sudo commands (to match security requiremetns) or not (to have a nicer output) (Bruno Cornec)
164- In fix modes of the chroot after the snapshot phase detection to avoid error which make the code die (Bruno Cornec)
165- Improve system cmd display in for deps analysis (Bruno Cornec)
166- pb_system is back to 3 params, as the previously undocumented "mayfail" 3rd parameter provides what the 4th was dded for. callers adapted in relationship. Also improves error message displayed (Bruno Cornec)
167- Fix another bug in pb_check_req on the default value used with a || where an undef wasn't different from a bad integer. (Bruno Cornec)
168- Use pb_cjeck_req for all commands called in the VE for its setup, so it can be used correctly in a secured environement with a sudoers conf file (Cf pbtest) (Bruno Cornec)
169- Adds support for the PBVCSOPT env var to pass cli options to the VCS command. Example is authentication method for SVN as in pbtest. (Bruno Cornec)
170- Fix pb_syntax, where a call with an exit of 0 was seen as false and thus lead to a value of -1. Now pb -h returns true (Bruno Cornec)
171- Move PBPROJ env var setuo from to to have it earlier available for some calls with less context. (Bruno Cornec)
172- Fix a bug when (ve|vm|rm)path->ENV(PBPROJ) was undefined, and expand its path when defined to support that type of definition in conf files (pbtest does it) (Bruno Cornec)
173- getconf now loads more conf files, and calls cms_compliant (Bruno Cornec)
174- Use new pbgpgcheck option to control whether we enable gpgcheck in the repo script. (Eric Anderson)
175- Use new projcomponent value to specify which component we are building for -- most things probably aren't contrib (for deb based distros) (Eric Anderson)
176- Tolerate the file: and flat: schemes -- they were tolerated in some places but not others. (Eric Anderson)
177- Add a new option pbusesshagent in pb.conf to allow the user to specify whether he wants to use his existing SSH environement and agent, or if he prefers to create a new key pair for building. (Bruno Cornec)
178- newv(e|m) doesn't require execution of cms2build before being available. (Bruno Cornec)
179- Add git support in pb_vcs_up, pb_vcs_checkin and pb_vcs_add and Improve git support for pb_vcs_get_uri (Eric Anderson)
180- Verify that the proxy variables are passed through if we are using sudo. (Eric Anderson)
181- Adds Scientific Linux support . (Eric Anderson)
182- Add case where centos versioning include minor since centos makes major changes in minor releases. (Eric Anderson)
183- Fix typo in oracle linux regex. (Eric Anderson)
184- Proposes min dependencies separately for centos-5.2, 5.6 others just match that set. (Eric Anderson)
185- Add next ubuntu codename. (Eric Anderson)
186- Add new pb_pbos_to_keylist function that generates the keys that should be used for looking up filter filenames or keys into the hash-maps. New function will generate 5.m, for all m in [0,n] for version 5.n of some OS. Useful because minor versions are usually similar. Use it in distro_get_param, simplifying the function and making it more powerful. (Eric Anderson)
187- add auto-agree-with-licenses for opensuse, other failures on install can occur. (Eric Anderson)
188- Fix bug, if we install with yum, put the repo in the yum location. If we install with zypper, put it in the zypper location. Otherwise complain that we don't know what to do with the file. (Eric Anderson/Bruno Cornec)
189- Run bootstrapping under linux32 (Bruno changed that to setarch) if arch is i386 and host is x86_64/amd64 so that it gets the architecture right. (Eric Anderson)
190- multiple improvements to distro dep lists. (Eric Anderson)
191- document addrepo. (Eric Anderson)
192- Fix the code to check to see if a deb package is installed. (Eric Anderson)
193- sudo does not pass through the DEBIAN_FRONTEND variable; use env to make sure it is set. Also change from --force-yes to --allow-unauthenticated (Eric Anderson)
194- Make sure to apply the ftp/http proxy when installing dependencies. Also add hack to try the install twice if it fails the first time. (Eric Anderson)
195- Handle multi-line entries in debian control files. (Eric Anderson)
196- Add a parameter to pb_system that allows commands to fail even if pb_stop_on_error is set. (Eric Anderson)
197- Add in pid to the error output from pb_system for help in tracking down which parent ran the command. (Eric Anderson)
198- pb_conf_init is called at low level on the default project to avoid PBPROJ to be undefined and creatin lots of error msgs. pbdistrocheck works again with it. (Bruno Cornec)
199- Fix sbx2setupvm in order to call pb_conf_init correctly at start of the pbinit script. (Bruno Cornec)
200- Document new ftp_proxy and http_proxy options. (Eric Anderson)
201- Document the rbsmirrorsrv option (already supported, not documented). (Eric Anderson)
202- Document that sshlogin and sshport are now optional parameters. (Eric Anderson)
203- Use confess so when failing to get a parameter we get a stack trace. (Eric Anderson)
204- Adding the internal function pb_distro_compare_repo to avoid code duplication between apt and yum repos treatment (Bruno Cornec)
205- add pb_path_expand to do the path expansion for config values. (Eric Anderson)
206- Print out all sudo'd commands if we haven't already so people know what they're typing their passwords in for. (Eric Anderson)
207- verify that we don't try to launch a mips ve on x86_64 (previous check only prevented x86_64 on ix86). (Eric Anderson)
208- Make sure to create the path to the VE before we try to bootstrap it. (Eric Anderson)
209- Use new Global::pb_stop_on_error variable to decide whether we should abort on an error. (Eric Anderson)
210- Skip dependencies that are all whitespace since that leads to errors when running dpkg -L <whitespace> (Eric Anderson)
211- Add possibility to use a PREFIX variable for Makefie.PL for pb-module (Eric Anderson)
212- largely rewritten to cache all conf files into a local $h hash in which conf files are added in reverse order. (Bruno Cornec)
213- pb_vcs_add and pb_vcs_up now support a list of dirs/files as second parameter. (Bruno Cornec)
214- pb_mkdir_p now returns the return value of mkpath. (Bruno Cornec)
215- Split CMS functions in 2 parts, one lowlevel reusable outside of pb in, the remaining stay in, part of pb. (Bruno Cornec)
216- Provides a new pb_get_osrelease function similar to uname -r. (Bruno Cornec)
217- patch command and option are now variables in pb.conf under ospatchcmd and ospatchopt (Bruno Cornec)
218- Adds OEL support for build (Bruno Cornec)
219- Adds support for Fedora 15 and 16 (tested) and RHEL 6 (to be tested) for VE (Bruno Cornec)
220- Create a new module to host pb_ve_launch (from pb code now reusable for pbmkbm) (Bruno Cornec)
221- Adds codename for debian 7 and Ubuntu 11.10 (Bruno Cornec)
222- Fix #103: ProjectBuilder::Env is needed by rpmbootstrap so should be under pb-modules (Bruno Cornec)
2240.11.3 (2011-05-25)
225- Working VE for opensuse-11.4 (Bruno Cornec)
226- Arch Linux doesn't have a version. It's like gentoo (Bruno Cornec)
227- Adds RPM signature support and doc (Bruno Cornec)
2290.11.2 (2011-03-12)
230- Adds mdkonline as a dependency for Mandriva VE builds (at least afetr 2010.1) to have urpmi.update (Bruno Cornec)
231- Fix rpm repo installation for pb (missing arch) (Bruno Cornec)
232- Add support for sources.list pb repo installation for deb based distro. Fix for #81. (Bruno Cornec)
233- No repo provided for CentOS so file install. Fix for #81. (Bruno Cornec)
234- Some more fixes for full path commands with sudo (older rhel) (Bruno Cornec)
235- Fix sudo calls for sles/suse with full path (Bruno Cornec)
2370.11.1 (2011-02-26)
238- Document [web]sshdir|port|login|host (Bruno Cornec)
239- tmout param is optional and now handled and documented as such (Bruno Cornec)
240- rmntpcmd, vmhost, vmmem, vmntpcmd and vmsize have OS keys and not project keys. Fixed in doc and code. (Bruno Cornec)
241- Mageia distributions are now working wirh pb (Bruno Cornec)
242- pb_mkdir_p doesn't return anything anymore. Test of return removed. (Bruno Cornec)
243- Add debian 6.0 build support and VMs (Bruno Cornec)
244- use --no-suggests for urpmi to allow for minimal chroot build (Bruno Cornec)
245- Add full path names on sudo (Bruno Cornec)
246- Fix pb_changelog with test for correct pb hash values which were changed previously (Bruno Cornec)
247- Detail security aspects in pb, especially for RM setup with sudo (to be improved) in file SECURITY in pb-doc (Bruno Cornec)
248- Adds codenames for Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 11.04 (Bruno Cornec)
249- Introduction of a new hash $pbos to manage all os related info through a single data structure. All functions reviewed accordingly. Externally transparent, hopefully, but much cleaner code as a consequence. (Bruno Cornec)
250- Adds support for Remote Machines (RM). (Bruno Cornec)
251- removedot only applies to the extension generated not to the rest of the distro ver (so filters have the right name, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
2530.10.1 (2011-01-13)
254- Prepare HP-UX port (Bruno Cornec)
255- redhat distros extension set by default to rh (Bruno Cornec)
256- Adds a global variables VERSION and REVISION for version management (Bruno Cornec)
257- Module move to pb-modules due to that (Bruno Cornec)
258- Fix pbdistrocheck install command printing (Bruno Cornec)
259- Fix mandralinux old distro build in pb.conf (Note only non symlink release files are important) (Bruno Cornec)
260- Avoid File::MimeInfo hard requirement. Only abort if not found when needed. (Bruno Cornec)
261- Fix a bug in test modules when using Test simple only (Bruno Cornec)
262- Avoids to force a dep on Test::More. Just use Test and a fake test if Test::More is not available. (Bruno Cornec)
263- pb_system fixed to support parallel calls (Bruno Cornec)
264- Update of pb.conf.pod documentation for all changes made (Bruno Cornec)
265- Adds params to pb_distro_setuprepo to support generic family/os templates (Bruno Cornec)
266- Use new pb.conf variable (ospkg and osrepo for pkg install) (Bruno Cornec)
267- Adds function pb_distro_setuposrepo to setup pb install repo in case of package install and adds a default pbinstalltype for projects as pkg (Bruno Cornec)
268- Use pb_check_req to avoid hardcoded path of needed commands (Bruno Cornec)
269- Fix #70 by adding update commands updatevm|ve and fixes for gentoo and debian (Bruno Cornec)
270- Fix a bug in pb_system when using redirctions in the command (Bruno Cornec)
271- Rename previous option osupd into the more correct osins, and add a real osupd param to support distribution update commands (Bruno Cornec)
272- Remove dependency on Mail::Sendmail to where it's really needed (part of Log, not used yet, and annouce). In particular this removes one non std dep for VE/VM build. (Bruno Cornec)
273- Fix #66: Adds log management (contribution from joachim). Starting point, as some more work has to be done around it. (Bruno Cornec)
274- Increase number of tests for Base and fix a bug on pb_get_uri (Bruno Cornec)
275- Adds function pb_distro_getlsb and make pbdistrocheck fully lsb_release compatible (Bruno Cornec)
276- Adds a new optional "os" parameter for pb_distro_get_param (upper family such as linux) (Bruno Cornec)
277- Adds new feature: possibility to deliver in multiple variable dirs, and not just / and test (Bruno Cornec)
278- Force printing on stdout in pb_log if 0 level (Bruno Cornec)
279- Add support for LSB 3.2 (Bruno Cornec)
280- remove all dots in version when asked to (Bruno Cornec)
281- various rpmlint and lintian fixes (Bruno Cornec)
282- Adds ebuild version for pb gentoo packages (Bruno Cornec)
2840.9.10 (2010-06-07)
285- Add support for Ubuntu 10.04 natively and with debootstrap (universe repo needed) (Bruno Cornec)
286- is licensed under the GPL v2 for the moment. (Bruno Cornec)
287- Remove the useless vemindep option and fix ospkgdep accordingly (Bruno Cornec)
288- Adds rbsopt parameter + doc to allow for passing options to rpmbootstrap such as -k now by default. (Bruno Cornec)
289- Update perl modules versions (Date-Manip is now in 6.x, still using 5.x at the moment) (Bruno Cornec)
2910.9.9 (2010-05-01)
292- Fix a bug in the analysis of Build-Requires (middle packages were missed) (Bruno Cornec)
293- Improve conf when starting from scratch (pbproj undefined) (Bruno Cornec)
294- Improves debian build (tab/space were mixed) (Bruno Cornec)
295- Adds Centos support for setup of VE (Bruno Cornec)
296- pbdistrocheck now has a man page (Bruno Cornec)
297- Split function pb_env_init and add function pb_env_init_pbrc needed for rpmbootstrap (Bruno Cornec)
298- Adds function pb_check_requirements and use it in pb (Bruno Cornec)
299- pb_distro_get_param now can expand some variables before returning a value (Bruno Cornec)
300- fedora-12 package list updated (Bruno Cornec)
301- Rename options: veconf => rbsconf, ve4pi => rbs4pi, vepkglist => vemindep (Bruno Cornec)
302- new pb_get_postinstall generic function for rinse and rpmbootstrap (Bruno Cornec)
303- verebuild, ventp/vmntp are now optional (Bruno Cornec)
304- vetmout removed (Bruno Cornec)
305- Fixes to support ia64 chroot with centos5 - ongoing (Bruno Cornec)
3070.9.8 (2009-10-24)
308- Removes dependency on GNU install to be more portable (Bruno Cornec)
309- Improves setupvm for RHEL 3 (Bruno Cornec)
310- Add support for Fedora 12, Mandriva 2010.0, OpenSuSE 11.2, Ubuntu 9.10 (Bruno Cornec)
311- Do not add conf files if already present in the list (changing pbconffiles into a hash for that to still keep order as this is mandatory) (Bruno Cornec)
312- Adds Solaris port, Solaris build files, generation of Solaris build file skeleton (Bruno Cornec)
313- Externalize in /etc/pb/pb.conf all distribution dependant information formely in (Bruno Cornec)
314- Adds option support for pbdistrocheck (-v and -d)
3160.9.7.1 (2009-07-05)
317- Fix a critical bug on pb, where a module was loaded optionaly with use instead of require (prevents update of VMs) (Bruno Cornec)
3190.9.7 (2009-07-04)
320- pb_distro_init now returns a 7th paramater which is the arch, useful for pbdistrocheck (Bruno Cornec)
321- pb_distro_init accepts now a third parameter (arch) in order to force the setup of the update command for VEs (Bruno Cornec)
322- pb_get_arch placed lower in the modules tree and used everywhere uname was used (Bruno Cornec)
323- Adds Asianux support to pb for MondoRescue official packages support (Bruno Cornec)
3250.9.6 (2009-02-19)
326- Add support for addition of repository on the fly at build time with addrepo (Bruno Cornec)
327- Fix debian build deps computation and installation (Bruno Cornec)
328- Add support for VE using rinse (tested), mock (coded) and chroot (tested), schroot (planned) (Bruno Cornec)
329- Improved centos support (Bruno Cornec)
330- Differentiate between Scripts for VE and VM with 2 tags (Bruno Cornec)
331- Have a working newve, setupve and cms2ve sequence for rinse and centos 4 and 5 at least (Bruno Cornec)
332- Remove the external locale dependece to use the one provided by perl (Bruno Cornec)
333- Adds GIT support for schroot (Bruno Cornec)
334- Adds SOCKS support for all VCS commands by adding a new pbsockscmd option in .pbrc (tested with git access behind proxy) (Bruno Cornec)
335- Improve PATH variable on new SuSE distro so that yast2 is found (Bruno Cornec)
336- Remove the suffix from the rpm changelog file as per fedora rules (Bruno Cornec)
337- Fix a bug in conf file handling when tag is using a '.' which wasn't supported by the regexp (Bruno Cornec)
3390.9.5 (2008-12-09)
340- pb_get_distro => pb_distro_get for homogeneity (Bruno Cornec)
341- pb now uses pb_distro_installdeps in VM/VE setup (Bruno Cornec)
342- Adds function pb_distro_installdeps to automatically istall dependencies on distro before building (Bruno Cornec)
343- Adds pb_distro_only_deps_needed to compute the packages in a list whose installation is really needed (Bruno Cornec)
344- change pb_distro_init interface and add a 6th parameter which is the update CLI to use for that distro (Bruno Cornec)
345- Add support for RHAS 2.1 to pb as rhel-2.1 (Bruno Cornec)
3470.9.4 (2008-09-29)
348- Debian packages are now working - Fix #26 and #33 (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
349- Add support for specific naming conventions such as perl modules - Fix #32 (Bruno Cornec)
350- Add a pb_set_content function (Bruno Cornec)
351- Fix CVS export function to also use tags passed in param (Bruno Cornec)
3530.9.3 (2008-08-07)
354- pb_conf_init introduced to allow projects using pb functions to setup the PBPROJ variable correctly (Bruno Cornec)
355- New parameters for pb_system: mayfail and quiet (Bruno Cornec)
356- Working patch support added to pb - tested with buffer - Fix #28 (Bruno Cornec)
357- all global variables are prefixed with pb (Bruno Cornec)
358- Use of pb_display and pb_display_init added (Bruno Cornec)
359- announce is now supported in pb (Bruno Cornec)
3610.9.2 (2008-05-13)
362- Fix a bug in pb_conf_get_fromfile_if (using last instead of next) (Bruno Cornec)
363- Fix #24 error in analysing filteredfiles (Bruno Cornec)
364- Fix Ubuntu issue on distribution detection (Bruno Cornec)
365- Move the pb_env_init function to a separate module to allow pbinit usage (Bruno Cornec)
366- Adds support for a build system conf file under $vmpath/.pbrc or $vepath/.pbrc (Bruno Cornec)
3680.9.1 (2008-04-25)
369- Creation of this project based on a split of functions from pb to support also (Bruno Cornec)
370- Documentation of functions (Bruno Cornec)
371- Availability of generic syntax functions, tempfile functions, and conf file functions (Bruno Cornec)
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