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1# $Id$
5- TBD
70.9.10 (2010-06-07)
8- Add support for Ubuntu 10.04 natively and with debootstrap (universe repo needed) (Bruno Cornec)
9- is licensed under the GPL v2 for the moment. (Bruno Cornec)
10- Adds rbsopt parameter + doc to allow for passing options to rpmbootstrap such as -k now by default. (Bruno Cornec)
11- Successful tests with some VE (Mandriva 2009.1 and 2010.0, CentOS 4 & 5, Fedora 12, Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 5) (Bruno Cornec)
12- The repodata dir is now search in the parents dir of the mirror given as it depends on yum version. (Bruno Cornec)
140.9.9 (2010-05-01)
15- First version of the rpmbootstrap program based on debootstrap and rinse ideas (Bruno Cornec)
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