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  • This version of mondo requires mindi 3.2
  • Debian and Ubuntu now provides a separate isolinux package
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1Source: PBPKG
2Section: PBGRP
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: PBPACKAGER
5Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.2.20)
6Standards-Version: PBDEBSTD
8Package: PBPKG
9Architecture: amd64 i386 ia64
10Depends: bash, binutils, bzip2, dosfstools, module-init-tools|kmod, syslinux [amd64 i386], gawk, parted, file, mtools, libmondorescue-perl, libmodule-scandeps-perl, libio-interface-perl,util-linux, mindi-busybox (>= 1.21.1), mkisofs|genisoimage|xorriso, PBDEP
11Recommends: cpio, mdadm, ntfsprogs, nano
12Suggests: eject, less
13Conflicts: gnu-fdisk
14Description: PBSUMMARY
16 .
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