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  • Fix all versions in pbcl for debian based distros
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1# $Id$
53.3.0 (2016-12-23)
6- TBD
83.2.2 (2016-04-28)
9- Fix #785 by returning conf values when NFS server not on the same LAN as the client (Bruno Cornec)
10- Fix #778 by adding a mr-label tool to manage fat FS labelling and identification with uuid (Bruno Cornec)
11- Adds a mr-disk-type program and perl function to list all disks on the system (Bruno Cornec)
133.2.1 (2015-08-29)
14- Adds a mr-device-mounted binary to MondoRescue (replace code of the C function is_this_device_mounted) and the corresponding perl function (mr_device_mounted) to handle cases where a mounted device has a different name than the one seen on mount (e.g. /dev/rhel/root and /dev/mapper/rhel-root) (Bruno Cornec)
15- Adds perl function mr_file_copy_and_erase_hash to empty the hash generated in mr_file_read_all_link and thus avoid filling the hash it generates, which is useful for a recursive function, but not when called multiple times from another perl script. (Bruno Cornec)
16- Fix podchecker warnings (Bruno Cornec)
17- Adds a module to centralize all disk related functions for MondoRescue (Bruno Cornec)
18- mr-kernel-get-modules now uses Getopt for parameter management, allowing verbosity increase (Bruno Cornec)
19- Fix mr_kernel_get_modules to support depmod version providing relative paths such as on RHEL5 (Bruno Cornec)
20- Fix mr_kernel_get_modules to support modinfo version without -k option support, using module full path instead (Bruno Cornec)
21- The modlist hash is now having keys being full path module names as a consequence (Bruno Cornec)
22- Adds a new module to get version management a la pb in MondoRescue (Bruno Cornec)
243.2.0 (2014-12-23)
25- First version provided under the GPL v2 of this new perl package hosting all perl functions needed by MondoRescue (Bruno Cornec)
26- Fix an issue for older perl version where the code was incompatible (Dider Diaz)
27- Adds a script mr-net-get-config to comput the network configuration and generate the appropriate portion of the configuration file (Bruno Cornec)
28- Adds a script mr_file_read_all_link returning a hash of hash of all links found for a given file (Bruno Cornec)
29- Adds a script mr-process-ldd returning all the dynamic libraries found for a given file (Bruno Cornec)
30- Adds a script mr-kernel-get-modules returning the list of all the full paths for all modules passed in parameters with their dependencies (Bruno Cornec)
31- The test function of MondoRescue is now also working for distros not having natively Test::More and avoid to depend on it (Bruno Cornec)
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