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1# $Id$
53.3.0 (2016-12-23)
6- TBD
83.2.2 (2016-04-28)
9- Documentation the renaming of the mondo sciprt (now mr-mount-me, mr-unmout-me) (Bruno Cornec)
10- Documentation the renaming of the mindi ISO image (now mindi.iso) (Bruno Cornec)
11- Document better the UEFI usage (Bruno Cornec)
12- Remove incorrect Q&A on LVM not supported in nuke mode, which is wrong (Bruno Cornec)
143.2.1 (2015-08-29)
15- Fix the doc to use systematically mindi-bootroot.img as the name of the bootable image used to make CD (Bruno Cornec)
16- Fix the doc to only use MBR when dealing with a BIOS type of boot env (Bruno Cornec)
17- Rename mindi/ into mindi/mr-parted2fdisk (Bruno Cornec)
193.2.0 (2014-12-23)
20- Improve description of -k option of mondoarchive and give an example (Bruno Cornec)
21- Update mondoarchive man page for the new netfs syntax (normal URI) (Bruno Cornec)
22- Rename into to be more autoconf compliant (Bruno Cornec)
23- Remove FAILSAFE mentions in mondoarchive man page and doc (Bruno Cornec)
24- Adds documentation for the new LZMA support in mondoarchive man page (Bruno Cornec)
263.0.4 (2013-07-29)
27- Update man pages wrt to the new environment variables used for temp and scratch files (Bruno Cornec)
28- Adds pod content to the perl scripts used to get man pages automatically (Bruno Cornec)
29- Update the ia64 doc as no binary is needed anymore on this platform (Bruno Cornec)
30- Document the new -F and -M options (Bruno Cornec)
31- Precise the usage conditions of the exclude option (differences between device vs directory exclusion) (Bruno Cornec)
333.0.3 (2013-03-15)
34- Precise in mondoarchive man page that -E and -I params are directories, not files (which the word path could imply) (Bruno Cornec)
363.0.2 (2012-06-03)
37- Update Lab to prepare a MCLinux UK Training (Bruno Cornec)
38- Update Presentation for TOS Training in devel branch (Bruno Cornec)
39- Fix #517 by adding a slide on mondorescue installation in the std presentation (Bruno Cornec)
40- Detail the working mecanisms of HP ProLiant support with MondoRescue - doc in mindi package (Bruno Cornec)
41- Add an information file for OBDR support wrt to MondoRescue - doc in mindi package (Bruno Cornec)
433.0.1 (2012-02-18)
44- No modification
463.0.0 (2011-12-23)
47- Document that mondoarchive now excludes /run similarly to /sys and /proc (Bruno Cornec)
48- Fix #524 as option -U needs a size also (Bruno Cornec)
49- Fix #505 by documenting environment variables (Bruno Cornec)
50- Improve -d option description for NFS (Bruno Cornec)
51- Fix some markup in man pages (Bruno Cornec)
52- Precise that -J is not supported by mondorestore yet. (Bruno Cornec)
53- Fix syntax description in mondoarchive man page for -E & -I with | (Bruno Cornec)
552.2.9.7 (2011-06-27)
56- Fix -E and -I example in man page which were lacking the '|' as separator (Bruno Cornec)
57- Update on P2V doc including RHEL6 validation and some minor additions (Lester Wade)
592.2.9.6 (2011-04-12)
60- Documents option -v of mondoarchive (Bruno Cornec)
61- Updated Lab for TES 2011 (Bruno Cornec)
62- Update P2V doc incorporating latest ML feedbacks (Lester Wade)
642.2.9.5 (2011-01-27)
65- Document in man page and HOWTO the syntax modifications for -E/-I options and '|' separator (Bruno Cornec)
66- Adds the mondoarchive reference card (Lester Wade)
67- Updated P2V doc from Lester Wade (Lester Wade)
692.2.9.4 (2010-06-09)
70- Lab + presentation updated for HP Tech Forum (Bruno Cornec)
722.2.9.3 (2010-04-12)
73- Mondo Rescue updated to (Bruno Cornec)
752.2.9.2 (2010-02-05)
76- Fix 2 typos in the HOWTO (Bram Mertens)
77- Fix errors in man pages format (Rogério Brito)
78- Addition of the Lab for Mondorescue (Bruno Cornec)
802.2.9.1 (2009-11-28)
81- German HOWTO (Magnus Rasche)
82- Improve -f option usage with SW Raid in man page (Bruno Cornec)
842.2.9 (2009-10-09)
85- Update README.bootparam for new params (netfspath, proto, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
86- New update for P2V doc (Lester Wade)
87- Update man pages for NetFS support (Bruno Cornec)
88- Update man pages for NFS user support (Bruno Cornec)
89- Precise the combined usage of -E and -I in mondoarchive. Case 4601017223. (Bruno Cornec)
90- Precise the usage of -U option in man page on raw device and not partition name (Bruno Cornec)
91- Man pages corrections (Joe Ross)
932.2.8 (2009-02-04)
94- Adds ODT and PDF version of p2v doc (Lester Wade)
95- Document ext4 support (Bruno Cornec)
96- Fix monadoarchive man page to refer to revision as well (Bruno Cornec)
97- Remove monitas content (Bruno Cornec)
992.2.7 (2008-10-10)
100- HOWTO is now in utf-8 (Bruno Cornec)
101- Mondo does support OBDR is now documented (Bruno Cornec)
102- Fix documentation wrt -Z option (Bruno Cornec)
1042.2.6 (2008-05-31)
105- Updated meaning of -o option in mondo man page - now OBDR (Bruno Cornec)
106- Updated mondorestore man page with description of options supported (Bruno Cornec)
1082.2.5 (2008-03-22)
109- Adds doc for wodim usage (Bruno Cornec)
110- Remove floppy support in docs as well (Bruno Cornec)
111- Adds the possibility to increase debug level at restore time with a -K option (Bruno Cornec)
112- Updates mondoarchive/mindi man pages for USB support (Bruno Cornec)
113- Build process adapted to use pb (Bruno Cornec)
114- Fix #190 mondo-restore replaced by mondorestore (veelo)
115- Improve tape support doc (Tilman Schmidt)
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