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r4487@cabanilles: bruno | 2012-02-01 16:21:48 +0100

  • Fix the -t option without param for pb
  • add a function to analyze busybox countent and create appropriate structure for pbmkbm
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1# $Id$
3# Main configuration file for make build media aka pbmkbm
6# These deps are needed before setupvm|ve can be run.
7# Install them with your distribution in VM or automatically in VE
8mkbmmindep default = perl,sudo,wget,tar,make,gzip
10# These deps are needed for rpmbootstrap to install a base distribution
11# Originally reuse from rinse conf files
12mkbmmindep fedora-4 = MAKEDEV,SysVinit,audit-libs,basesystem,bash,beecrypt,bzip2-libs,chkconfig,coreutils,cracklib,cracklib-dicts,db4,device-mapper,e2fsprogs,elfutils-libelf,ethtool,expat,filesystem,findutils,gawk,gdbm,glib2,glibc,glibc-common,grep,info,initscripts,iproute,iputils,krb5-libs,libacl,libattr,libcap,libgcc,libidn,libselinux,libsepol,libstdc++,libtermcap,libxml2,libxml2-python,mingetty,mktemp,module-init-tools,ncurses,neon,net-tools,openssl,pam,pcre,popt,procps,psmisc,python,python-elementtree,python-sqlite,python-urlgrabber,readline,rpm,rpm-libs,rpm-python,sed,setup,shadow-utils,sqlite,sysklogd,termcap,tzdata,udev,util-linux,yum,zlib
14# Commands needed on the underlying system
15mkbmcmd pbmkbm = #tar,chmod,ls
16mkbmcmdopt pbmkbm = #,cfghtml,wget,sudo,mv,gzip,rm,chroot,schroot,cp,chown,mkdir,cat,bash,
19# Directories to create on the target media
20mkbmtargetdir pbmkbm = /bin,/usr/bin,/tmp
21# Files to embed on the target media
22mkbmtargetfiles pbmkbm =
24# Where are the ISO bootloader for this OS
25mkbmisobl linux = /usr/lib/syslinux/isolinux.bin,/usr/lib64/syslinux/isolinux.bin
26mkbmkbd mageia = /usr/lib/kbd
28# How do you want to install content in your VE (pkg or file)
29mkbminstalltype default = pkg
30# No gentoo repo provided yet
31mkbminstalltype gen = file
32# Default main package for pkg install of pb
33mkbmpkg default = project-builder
34# Where is the associated repo
35mkbmrepo rpm =$pbos->{'name'}/$pbos->{'version'}/$pbos->{'arch'}/pb.repo
36mkbmrepo deb =$pbos->{'name'}/$pbos->{'version'}/pb.sources.list
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