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1# $Id$
5devel (2030-01-01)
6- TBD
80.11.3 (2011-05-25)
9- Working VE for opensuse-11.4 (Bruno Cornec)
10- Arch Linux doesn't have a version. It's like gentoo (Bruno Cornec)
11- Adds RPM signature support and doc (Bruno Cornec)
130.11.2 (2011-03-12)
14- Adds mdkonline as a dependency for Mandriva VE builds (at least afetr 2010.1) to have urpmi.update (Bruno Cornec)
15- Fix rpm repo installation for pb (missing arch) (Bruno Cornec)
16- Add support for sources.list pb repo installation for deb based distro. Fix for #81. (Bruno Cornec)
17- No repo provided for CentOS so file install. Fix for #81. (Bruno Cornec)
18- Some more fixes for full path commands with sudo (older rhel) (Bruno Cornec)
19- Fix sudo calls for sles/suse with full path (Bruno Cornec)
210.11.1 (2011-02-26)
22- Document [web]sshdir|port|login|host (Bruno Cornec)
23- tmout param is optional and now handled and documented as such (Bruno Cornec)
24- rmntpcmd, vmhost, vmmem, vmntpcmd and vmsize have OS keys and not project keys. Fixed in doc and code.  (Bruno Cornec)
25- Mageia distributions are now working wirh pb (Bruno Cornec)
26- pb_mkdir_p doesn't return anything anymore. Test of return removed. (Bruno Cornec)
27- Add debian 6.0 build support and VMs (Bruno Cornec)
28- use --no-suggests for urpmi to allow for minimal chroot build (Bruno Cornec)
29- Add full path names on sudo  (Bruno Cornec)
30- Fix pb_changelog with test for correct pb hash values which were changed previously (Bruno Cornec)
31- Detail security aspects in pb, especially for RM setup with sudo (to be improved) in file SECURITY in pb-doc (Bruno Cornec)
32- Adds codenames for Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 11.04 (Bruno Cornec)
33- Introduction of a new hash $pbos to manage all os related info through a single data structure. All functions reviewed accordingly. Externally transparent, hopefully, but much cleaner code as a consequence. (Bruno Cornec)
34- Adds support for Remote Machines (RM). (Bruno Cornec)
35- removedot only applies to the extension generated not to the rest of the distro ver (so filters have the right name, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
370.10.1 (2011-01-13)
38- Prepare HP-UX port (Bruno Cornec)
39- redhat distros extension set by default to rh (Bruno Cornec)
40- Adds a global variables VERSION and REVISION for version management (Bruno Cornec)
41- Module move to pb-modules due to that (Bruno Cornec)
42- Fix pbdistrocheck install command printing (Bruno Cornec)
43- Fix mandralinux old distro build in pb.conf (Note only non symlink release files are important) (Bruno Cornec)
44- Avoid File::MimeInfo hard requirement. Only abort if not found when needed. (Bruno Cornec)
45- Fix a bug in test modules when using Test simple only (Bruno Cornec)
46- Avoids to force a dep on Test::More. Just use Test and a fake test if Test::More is not available. (Bruno Cornec)
47- pb_system fixed to support parallel calls (Bruno Cornec)
48- Update of pb.conf.pod documentation for all changes made (Bruno Cornec)
49- Adds params to pb_distro_setuprepo to support generic family/os templates (Bruno Cornec)
50- Use new pb.conf variable (ospkg and osrepo for pkg install) (Bruno Cornec)
51- Adds function pb_distro_setuposrepo to setup pb install repo in case of package install and adds a default pbinstalltype for projects as pkg (Bruno Cornec)
52- Use pb_check_req to avoid hardcoded path of needed commands (Bruno Cornec)
53- Fix #70 by adding update commands updatevm|ve and fixes for gentoo and debian (Bruno Cornec)
54- Fix a bug in pb_system when using redirctions in the command (Bruno Cornec)
55- Rename previous option osupd into the more correct osins, and add a real osupd param to support distribution update commands (Bruno Cornec)
56- Remove dependency on Mail::Sendmail to where it's really needed (part of Log, not used yet, and annouce). In particular this removes one non std dep for VE/VM build. (Bruno Cornec)
57- Fix #66: Adds log management (contribution from joachim). Starting point, as some more work has to be done around it. (Bruno Cornec)
58- Increase number of tests for Base and fix a bug on pb_get_uri (Bruno Cornec)
59- Adds function pb_distro_getlsb and make pbdistrocheck fully lsb_release compatible (Bruno Cornec)
60- Adds a new optional "os" parameter for pb_distro_get_param (upper family such as linux) (Bruno Cornec)
61- Adds new feature: possibility to deliver in multiple variable dirs, and not just / and test (Bruno Cornec)
62- Force printing on stdout in pb_log if 0 level (Bruno Cornec)
63- Add support for LSB 3.2 (Bruno Cornec)
64- remove all dots in version when asked to (Bruno Cornec)
65- various rpmlint and lintian fixes (Bruno Cornec)
66- Adds ebuild version for pb gentoo packages (Bruno Cornec)
680.9.10 (2010-06-07)
69- Add support for Ubuntu 10.04 natively and with debootstrap (universe repo needed) (Bruno Cornec)
70- is licensed under the GPL v2 for the moment. (Bruno Cornec)
71- Remove the useless vemindep option and fix ospkgdep accordingly (Bruno Cornec)
72- Adds rbsopt parameter + doc to allow for passing options to rpmbootstrap such as -k now by default. (Bruno Cornec)
73- Update perl modules versions (Date-Manip is now in 6.x, still using 5.x at the moment) (Bruno Cornec)
750.9.9 (2010-05-01)
76- Fix a bug in the analysis of Build-Requires (middle packages were missed) (Bruno Cornec)
77- Improve conf when starting from scratch (pbproj undefined) (Bruno Cornec)
78- Improves debian build (tab/space were mixed) (Bruno Cornec)
79- Adds Centos support for setup of VE (Bruno Cornec)
80- pbdistrocheck now has a man page (Bruno Cornec)
81- Split function pb_env_init and add function pb_env_init_pbrc needed for rpmbootstrap (Bruno Cornec)
82- Adds function pb_check_requirements and use it in pb (Bruno Cornec)
83- pb_distro_get_param now can expand some variables before returning a value (Bruno Cornec)
84- fedora-12 package list updated (Bruno Cornec)
85- Rename options: veconf => rbsconf, ve4pi => rbs4pi, vepkglist => vemindep (Bruno Cornec)
86- new pb_get_postinstall generic function for rinse and rpmbootstrap (Bruno Cornec)
87- verebuild, ventp/vmntp are now optional (Bruno Cornec)
88- vetmout removed (Bruno Cornec)
89- Fixes to support ia64 chroot with centos5 - ongoing (Bruno Cornec)
910.9.8 (2009-10-24)
92- Removes dependency on GNU install to be more portable (Bruno Cornec)
93- Improves setupvm for RHEL 3 (Bruno Cornec)
94- Add support for Fedora 12, Mandriva 2010.0, OpenSuSE 11.2, Ubuntu 9.10 (Bruno Cornec)
95- Do not add conf files if already present in the list (changing pbconffiles into a hash for that to still keep order as this is mandatory) (Bruno Cornec)
96- Adds Solaris port, Solaris build files, generation of Solaris build file skeleton (Bruno Cornec)
97- Externalize in /etc/pb/pb.conf all distribution dependant information formely in (Bruno Cornec)
98- Adds option support for pbdistrocheck (-v and -d)
1000.9.7.1 (2009-07-05)
101- Fix a critical bug on pb, where a module was loaded optionaly with use instead of require (prevents update of VMs) (Bruno Cornec)
1030.9.7 (2009-07-04)
104- pb_distro_init now returns a 7th paramater which is the arch, useful for pbdistrocheck (Bruno Cornec)
105- pb_distro_init accepts now a third parameter (arch) in order to force the setup of the update command for VEs (Bruno Cornec)
106- pb_get_arch placed lower in the modules tree and used everywhere uname was used (Bruno Cornec)
107- Adds Asianux support to pb for MondoRescue official packages support (Bruno Cornec)
1090.9.6 (2009-02-19)
110- Add support for addition of repository on the fly at build time with addrepo (Bruno Cornec)
111- Fix debian build deps computation and installation (Bruno Cornec)
112- Add support for VE using rinse (tested), mock (coded) and chroot (tested), schroot (planned) (Bruno Cornec)
113- Improved centos support (Bruno Cornec)
114- Differentiate between Scripts for VE and VM with 2 tags (Bruno Cornec)
115- Have a working newve, setupve and cms2ve sequence for rinse and centos 4 and 5 at least (Bruno Cornec)
116- Remove the external locale dependece to use the one provided by perl (Bruno Cornec)
117- Adds GIT support for schroot (Bruno Cornec)
118- Adds SOCKS support for all VCS commands by adding a new pbsockscmd option in .pbrc (tested with git access behind proxy) (Bruno Cornec)
119- Improve PATH variable on new SuSE distro so that yast2 is found (Bruno Cornec)
120- Remove the suffix from the rpm changelog file as per fedora rules (Bruno Cornec)
121- Fix a bug in conf file handling when tag is using a '.' which wasn't supported by the regexp (Bruno Cornec)
1230.9.5 (2008-12-09)
124- pb_get_distro => pb_distro_get for homogeneity (Bruno Cornec)
125- pb now uses pb_distro_installdeps in VM/VE setup (Bruno Cornec)
126- Adds function pb_distro_installdeps to automatically istall dependencies on distro before building (Bruno Cornec)
127- Adds pb_distro_only_deps_needed to compute the packages in a list whose installation is really needed (Bruno Cornec)
128- change pb_distro_init interface and add a 6th parameter which is the update CLI to use for that distro (Bruno Cornec)
129- Add support for RHAS 2.1 to pb as rhel-2.1 (Bruno Cornec)
1310.9.4 (2008-09-29)
132- Debian packages are now working - Fix #26 and #33 (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
133- Add support for specific naming conventions such as perl modules - Fix #32 (Bruno Cornec)
134- Add a pb_set_content function (Bruno Cornec)
135- Fix CVS export function to also use tags passed in param (Bruno Cornec)
1370.9.3 (2008-08-07)
138- pb_conf_init introduced to allow projects using pb functions to setup the PBPROJ variable correctly (Bruno Cornec)
139- New parameters for pb_system: mayfail and quiet (Bruno Cornec)
140- Working patch support added to pb - tested with buffer - Fix #28 (Bruno Cornec)
141- all global variables are prefixed with pb (Bruno Cornec)
142- Use of pb_display and pb_display_init added (Bruno Cornec)
143- announce is now supported in pb (Bruno Cornec)
1450.9.2 (2008-05-13)
146- Fix a bug in pb_conf_get_fromfile_if (using last instead of next) (Bruno Cornec)
147- Fix #24 error in analysing filteredfiles (Bruno Cornec)
148- Fix Ubuntu issue on distribution detection (Bruno Cornec)
149- Move the pb_env_init function to a separate module to allow pbinit usage (Bruno Cornec)
150- Adds support for a build system conf file under $vmpath/.pbrc or $vepath/.pbrc (Bruno Cornec)
1520.9.1 (2008-04-25)
153- Creation of this project based on a split of functions from pb to support also (Bruno Cornec)
154- Documentation of functions (Bruno Cornec)
155- Availability of generic syntax functions, tempfile functions, and conf file functions (Bruno Cornec)
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