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r4556@localhost: bruno | 2012-03-08 22:31:12 +0100

  • Adds a new extdir member to the pb structure, in order to manage the timestamp tag added in version name for test versions and have a complete correspondance between the tar file content, and the names. Should fix #99. This modification creates an incompatibility in the build part of pb, so requires that the build environment be updated before it's usable (with setupve|vm or sbx2setupve|vm)
  • This patch has been tested with .rpm and .deb test packages successfully. ebuild and solaris are to be tested.
  • Use the new extdir member to update existing projects filter
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2# $Id: all.pbf,v 1.5 2008/02/07 16:25:30 bryang Exp $
4# Filter for rpm build
6# PBSRC is replaced by the source package format
7#filter PBSRC ={name}-%{version}.tar.gz
8filter PBSRC ={name}-%{version}.tar.gz
10# PBVER is replaced by the version ($pb->{'ver'} in code)
11filter PBVER = $pb->{'ver'}$pb->{'extdir'}
13# PBDATE is replaced by the date ($pb->{'date'} in code)
14filter PBDATE = $pb->{'date'}
16# PBLOG is replaced by the changelog if value is yes
17filter PBLOG = no
19# PBTAG is replaced by the tag ($pb->{'tag'} in code)
20filter PBTAG = $pb->{'tag'}
22# PBREV is replaced by the revision ($pb->{'rev'} in code)
23filter PBREV = $pb->{'rev'}
25# PBPKG is replaced by the package name ($pb->{'pkg'} in code)
26filter PBPKG = $pb->{'pkg'}
28# PBPACKAGER is replaced by the packager name ($pb->{'packager'} in code)
29filter PBPACKAGER = $pb->{'packager'}
31# setup defaults for majority of packages, override those exceptions
32filter PBDEP = linuxcoe-sd
33filter PBPROVIDE = linuxcoe-sd-data
35# For setup, generic settings
36filter PBwebalias = systemdesigner
37filter PBwebworkdir = scratchmonkey
38filter PBsudoers_cfg = /etc/sudoers
40# For configure pathing
41filter PBprefix = /usr/share/linuxcoe-sd
42filter PBsysconfdir = /etc/linuxcoe-sd
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