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1# $Id$
52.2.7 (2008-10-10)
6- HOWTO is now in utf-8 (Bruno Cornec)
7- Mondo does support OBDR is now documented (Bruno Cornec)
8- Fix documentation wrt -Z option (Bruno Cornec)
102.2.6 (2008-05-31)
11- Updated meaning of -o option in mondo man page - now OBDR (Bruno Cornec)
12- Updated mondorestore man page with description of options supported (Bruno Cornec)
142.2.5 (2008-03-22)
15- Adds doc for wodim usage (Bruno Cornec)
16- Remove floppy support in docs as well (Bruno Cornec)
17- Adds the possibility to increase debug level at restore time with a -K option (Bruno Cornec)
18- Updates mondoarchive/mindi man pages for USB support (Bruno Cornec)
19- Build process adapted to use pb (Bruno Cornec)
20- Fix #190 mondo-restore replaced by mondorestore (veelo)
21- Improve tape support doc (Tilman Schmidt)
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