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1# $Id$
51.18.5-2 (2012-01-27)
6- Adds a Replace in .deb packages to handle correctly the update process (Bruno Cornec)
81.18.5-1 (2011-12-23)
9- Adds support for SUID binaries (Bruno Cornec)
10- Fix #499 for good, by using a real init from busybox and moving our init script to etc/init.d/rcS. We also now call the reboot from busybox to exit, which indeed reset the system correctly (in a VM at least which wasn't the case before). Requires a new mindi-busybox as well. (Bruno Cornec)
11- Fixes the shell msg error by using setsid as per Busybox FAQ (Bruno Cornec)
12- Update to upstream busybox 1.18.5 (Bruno Cornec)
141.18.3-3 (2011-06-27)
15- Adds the swapon feature to mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
16- Removes telinit call in busybox to try to fix problems when reboot at end of restore (Bruno Cornec)
17- Addes an extraversion for revision support (Bruno Cornec)
18- Adds support for ifconfig and ping for PXE+NFS boot for this version of mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
19- Adds support for MT back mandatory for OBDR (Bruno Cornec)
211.18.3-2 (2011-04-12)
22- Remove blkid from busybox to solve #435 (Bruno Cornec)
241.18.3-1 (2011-02-27)
25- Updated based on busybox 1.18.3 to solve tar issues with latest RHEL 6 e.g. (Bruno Cornec)
271.7.3-1 (2008-03-22)
28- Updated based on busybox 1.7.3 (Bruno Cornec)
29- Fix gentoo installation issue (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
30- remove MONOTONIC clock to continue to support 2.4 kernels (RHEL 3 e.g. or ESX) (Bruno Cornec)
31- Adds dd support for swap partition label (Bruno Cornec)
32- Try to add cttyhack to suppress an error message at shell level (Bruno Cornec)
341.7.2-1 (2007-10-30)
35- Updated based on busybox 1.7.2 (Bruno Cornec)
371.2.2-4 (2007-10-11)
38- Build process adapted to use pb ( (Bruno Cornec)
39- Fix another issue in mindi-busybox gentoo's ebuild (Francesco Talamona)
411.2.2-3 (2007-05-17)
42- Fix a blocking bug in mindi-busybox gentoo's ebuild (Francesco Talamona)
441.2.2-2 (2007-04-08)
45- Improve Gentoo packaging (Linos)
471.2.2 (2006-12-23)
48- mindi-busybox version is now extended with the SVN revision (Bruno Cornec)
49- Fix a known bug for busybox where -gc-section in makefile + static for link crea tes a buggy busybox with glibc (Bruno Cornec)
50- Updated based on busybox 1.2.2 (Bruno Cornec)
51- Handles modules back again (Bruno Cornec)
52- Fix bug #88 around install conflicts (Bruno Cornec)
541.2.1 (2006-10-04)
55- Creation based on busybox 1.2.1 (Bruno Cornec)
56- Remove module management, bunzip2 in config file (Bruno Cornec)
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