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r3250@localhost: bruno | 2009-07-12 15:40:24 +0200
Adds a default .pbrc conf file

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2# Define for each project the URL of its pbconf repository
3# No default option allowed here as they need to be all different
5# Overwrite default LinuxCOE conf when having commit access
6pburl linuxcoe = cvs+ssh://
8# Each project should have its pbconfurl declared:
9pbconfurl linuxcoe = cvs+ssh://
10pbconfurl pb = svn+ssh://
11pbconfurl mondorescue = svn+ssh://
12pbconfurl netperf = svn+ssh://
13pbconfurl collectl = svn+ssh://
14pbconfurl dploy = svn+ssh://
15pbconfurl buffer = svn+ssh://
16pbconfurl fossology = svn+ssh://
18# When using local SVK, use this pburl
19pburl pb = svk:////local/pb
20pburl mondorescue = svk:////local/mondorescue
21pbprojdir mondorescue = $ENV{'HOME'}/local/mondorescue
23# Under that dir will take place everything related to pb
24# If you want to use VMs/chroot/..., then use $ENV{'HOME'} to make it portable
25# to your VMs/chroot/...
26# if not defined then /var/cache
27pbdefdir default = $ENV{'HOME'}/local/pb/projects
28pbdefdir pb = $ENV{'HOME'}/local
30# If not defined, pbdir is under pbdefdir/pbproj
31# Only defined if we have access to the dev of the project
32pbprojdir linuxcoe = $ENV{'HOME'}/LinuxCOE/cvs
33pbprojdir fossology = $ENV{'HOME'}/Work/bruno/fossology/svn
35# Local
36# where are your local build conf files a .pbrc is searched in those dirs
37# to get the additional info needed for building
38vmpath default = /media/disk/qemu
39vepath default = /media/disk/rinse
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