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Feb 16, 2011, 12:46:04 PM (10 years ago)
Bruno Cornec
  • parted in gentoo is now in sys-block instead of sys-apps
  • mondorescue delivery is also in test for this 2.2.9 version by default
  • Use the right name for fedora patch (with '.' not - as first separator)
  • Prepare MondoRescue? new version delivery by filling pbcl files

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  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/branches/2.2.10/mindi/pbcl

    r812 r1193  
    5 2.0.8 (2009-07-05)
     52.0.8 (2011-02-15)
     6- TBD
     7 (2011-01-28)
    69- TBD
    8 2.0.7 (2009-07-04) (2011-01-28)
     12- Adds support for hpsa (new HP Smart Array driver), r8169, xhci, virtio, mega_sr, ide_gd_mod, pata_jmicron, cp210x, dca, raid6_pq, xor async_tx, async_memcpy, async_xor, pata_sil680 drivers (Bruno Cornec)
     13- Replace usage of pvs with pvscan for speed reasons in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     14- Workaround problems met on RHEL 5.2 and 5.4 around pvs command generating a list of \n separated pvs with back quotes in an unexpected way. (Bruno Cornec)
     15- Adds /etc/rpc and /etc/netconfig as minimal deps for mindi for latest NFS support (Bruno Cornec)
     16- Boot size pushed to 20MB (Bruno Cornec)
     17- Fix #446 by exiting mindi before doing anything weird in it (Bruno Cornec)
     18- Fix #445 to avoid vg with similar names to be wrongly excluded (vgroot and vgroot-san e.g.) (Michael Shapiro/Bruno Cornec)
     19- Fix #426 by rewriting Xen kernel support to use TryToFindKernelPath systematically (Bruno Cornec)
     20- mindi now copies also the /lib/firmware content in order to have it for drivers needing it (bnx2 reported) (Bruno Cornec)
     21- Fix #434 by really testing thet udevd is not running already (chucky)
     22- mindi is now able to handle compressed kernel with .gz or .bz2 suffix (case of OpenSuSE 11.2) (Bruno Cornec)
     23 (2010-06-15)
     25- Fix Xen kernel detection (Michael Shapiro)
     26- Remove libata warning (Bruno Cornec)
     27 (2010-06-09)
     29- Fix #425: Do not blindly remove partitions at end of mindi (Don Hoover)
     30- Integrate patch on Xen Kernel support for RHEL 5 (only atm) and fixes #418 (Michael Shapiro)
     31- Fix a bug on ia64 where the boot image generated was removed before use in mondo (Bruno Cornec)
     332.0.7.3 (2010-04-12)
     34- Fix #414 by adding a function GetPVsForLV to remove PVs from excluded LVs (Mike Shapiro)
     35- Fix #415 by avoiding integration of unknown devices report from pvscan (Mike Shapiro)
     36- Fix #413 where list of devices was not re-initialized correctly in a loop (Michael Shapiro)
     37- Fix a bug on Mandriva modules analysis (Bruno Cornec)
     38- Avoid perl warning by removing non-exitent dirs from @INC in mindi-get-perl-modules (Bruno Cornec)
     39- Avoids error messages from stat in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     40- Adds a missing module for iSCSI support (Bruno Cornec)
     41- Minor improvements for logs and display (Bruno Cornec)
     42- Attempt to fix #394 by making the script executable and checking existence (Bruno Cornec)
     43- Fix #393. When using excludevs= also exclude from mountlist the devices mentioned (Bruno Cornec)
     44- Fix #395. analyze-my-lvm now provides an option to call GiveMapperOfdm that can be used in mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     45- Fix #391. Adds support for sata_svw for Porliant DL 385 G5p (Bruno Cornec)
     46- Adds support for ums-cypress, ocfs2 and Xen modules (Bruno Cornec)
     482.0.7.2 (2010-02-05)
     49- Adds support for sata_svw for Porliant DL 385 G5p. Fixes #391 (Bruno Cornec/Robert)
     50- Adds support for ums-cypress/ums_cypress (Bruno Cornec)
     51- Improves device exclusion for LVM (support for symlinks, mapper at all levels: PV, VG, LV, and new boot option excludedevs) and fixes #382, #384, #385 (Bruno Cornec)
     52- Rename some variables exported to avoid accidental conflict (EXCLUDE_DEVS => MINDI_EXCLUDE_DEVS and ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS => MINDI_ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS) (Bruno Cornec)
     53- Using forcemods="mod1 mod2" will now do something and load those modules first (Bruno Cornec)
     54- Adds support for links to modules (.ko pointing to .o) such as with VMWare extensions (Bruno Cornec)
     55- Adds i-want-my-lvm content in mindi log file (Bruno Cornec)
     56- Adds vmxnet3 driver support to mindi for some VMWare versions (Bruno Cornec)
     57- Adds scsi_dump_register to mindi SCSI_MODS for RHEL3 + IBM servers (Bruno Cornec)
     58- nfsopt restore boot time option added to support custom mount options for network restore (Bruno Cornec)
     602.0.7.1 (2009-11-28)
     61- Improve support for serial console devices with a new serial boot param keyword (Bruno Cornec)
     62- Improve analysis of kernel modules by printing whether it's a live or extra module which has not been found as reported in #362 (Matthew Cline)
     63- Update deplist for Debian support for bzip2, bunzip2 (Bruno Cornec/John Rentner)
     64- some distro hold lvm commands under /usr/sbin (Bruno Cornec)
     65- Adds a nolvm boot option at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     66- Adds support for diskdumplib driver useful for RHEL 3 and IBM xseries 336 (Bruno Cornec)
     67- Adds support for variable serial port console, with defalut to /dev/ttyS0, and a boot param to change it with serial=/dev/ttySx (Bruno Cornec)
     68- umount freshly created VFAT partition on USB key as Ubuntu has an automounter mounting it as soon as created (Steffen Neumann)
     702.0.7 (2009-10-09)
     71- Adds a conf file example for mindi. Fix #360 (Bruno Cornec)
     72- cdrkit support for mindi. Fix #359 (Matthew Cline)
     73- Exclude CIFS mounts from the mountlist. Fix #288 (Bruno Cornec)
     74- Adds support for initramfs (gzip/bzip2/lzma) or ext2/3/cpio initrd support with kernel 2.6.30+. Fix #353 (Bruno Cornec/Hugo Vanwoerkom)
     75- Improve udev timeouts (Bruno Cornec)
     76- Fix udev support in init for Mandriva 2009.1 (Bruno Cornec)
     77- Split deplist.txt in multiple conf files under deplist.d (Bruno Cornec)
     78- Adds Fuse SSHFS support at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     79- Adds support for ext3 compressed initrd and other compression format initramfs for Debian (Bruno Cornec)
     80- analyze-my-lvm now removes excluded devices from list coming from mondoarchive (Bruno Cornec)
     81- Adds support for bnx2x (BL 460 G6), igb (Intel cards) and auth_rpcgss Debian kernel 2.6.31 (Bruno Cornec/Maxime)
     82- Split deplist.conf in multiple files under deplist.d and keep it only for local changes (Bruno Cornec)
     83- Change NFS support into a generic NetFS support. keyword changed from nfs... to netfs... and proto added (Bruno Cornec)
     84- Addition of a nomd option to avoid starting mdadm (Bruno Cornec)
     85- mpath is only started if there was a mpath entry in mountlist (Bruno Cornec)
     86- Fix SElinux support (Laurent Gehlen)
     87- Message file rewritten. Fix #160 and #346 (Bruno Cornec)
    988- Add support for pre and post scripts at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
    1089- Remove inactive vg from lvmscan output in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/branches/2.2.10/mondo-doc/pbcl

    r812 r1193  
    66- TBD
    8 2.2.9 (2009-07-05)
    9 - Update man pages for NFS user support (2011-01-28)
     9- Adds the mondoarchive reference card (Lester Wade)
     10- Updated P2V doc from Lester Wade (Lester Wade)
     11 (2010-06-09)
     13- Lab + presentation updated for HP Tech Forum (Bruno Cornec)
     14 (2010-04-12)
     16- Mondo Rescue updated to (Bruno Cornec)
     17 (2010-02-05)
     19- Fix 2 typos in the HOWTO (Bram Mertens)
     20- Fix errors in man pages format (Rogério Brito)
     21- Addition of the Lab for Mondorescue (Bruno Cornec)
     22 (2009-11-28)
     24- German HOWTO (Magnus Rasche)
     25- Improve -f option usage with SW Raid in man page (Bruno Cornec)
     272.2.9 (2009-10-09)
     28- Update README.bootparam for new params (netfspath, proto, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
     29- New update for P2V doc (Lester Wade)
     30- Update man pages for NetFS support (Bruno Cornec)
     31- Update man pages for NFS user support (Bruno Cornec)
     32- Precise the combined usage of -E and -I in mondoarchive. Case 4601017223. (Bruno Cornec)
     33- Precise the usage of -U option in man page on raw device and not partition name (Bruno Cornec)
     34- Man pages corrections (Joe Ross)
    11362.2.8 (2009-02-04)
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/branches/2.2.10/mondo/pbcl

    r812 r1193  
    66- TBD
    8 2.2.9 (2009-07-05) (2011-01-28)
     9- Backport from 2.2.10 the support of a dynamic exclude_path variable. Should help fix #366, #421, #368, #371, #443 (Bruno Cornec)
     10- Exits if the protocol used is not recognized (error with -n fs:// typo) (Bruno Cornec)
     11- Fix a bug on exclusion of path with common content (/home and /path/home e.g.) which was handled correctly only in a certain order (John Pearson)
     12- mount-media function is now placed in libmondo-devices.c as used by more programs. (Bruno Cornec)
     13- Avoids calling mount_media when it's not mandatory (change the way mondorestore was working up to now but could solve some bugs reported) (Bruno Cornec)
     14- Fix #412 by using grub.unsupported correctly before grub-install as both exist on opensuse 11.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     15- Try to provide a workaround in code to the #401 (over-allocation of space due to rounding errors) (Bruno Cornec)
     16- Fix a bug when using ACLs and file with spaces in their names by adding double quotes in getfacl invocation (Tom Mortell)
     17- Attempt to fix problem of slowdown in filelist creation by re-introducing a limit to the find command (Bruno Cornec)
     18- Improves logging for external binary (Bruno Cornec)
     19 (2010-06-09)
     21- Attempt to fix problem of slowdown in filelist creation by re-introducing a limit to the find command (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Remove a wrong usage of mr_strcat with exclude_path in the 2.2.9 version (probably cause of #421) (Bruno Cornec)
     23- netfs_proto should be initialized in every case, not just in DR (should solve remaining NULL reports) (Bruno Cornec)
     24- Avoid to have multiple similar calls to mkisofs by using macros (Bruno Cornec)
     25- Mondoarchive should not try to create a cmp binary if it doesn't exist (Bruno Cornec)
     26 (2010-04-12)
     28- Fixes for #414: remove comments from grub conf file if used and improve grub conf file generation (Bruno Cornec)
     29- Fix #412 by supporting grub-install.unsupported for OpenSuSE and solving an issue with the parameter passed to grub for device which should be a device name, not a partition (Bruno Cornec)
     30- Put an explicit notice of MondoRescue's license: GPLv2 or later (as per Hugo's notice in sources) (Bruno Cornec)
     31- Fix an initialization bug for network protocol in interactive mode (was NULL and not NFS by default) (Bruno Cornec)
     32- Try to fix #397 by improving exclusion of binded /proc mount with "none" fs type exclusion (Bruno Cornec)
     33- Fix #392 by freeing the sz_devfile fifo for ntfs later as it was used in between, causing a problem to backup NTFS dev (Bruno Cornec)
     352.2.9.2 (2010-02-05)
     36- Fix #388: SElinux (and ACLs + xattrs) are now supported fully (Bruno Cornec/Kevin Ritzenthaler)
     37- Improves device exclusion for LVM (support for symlinks, mapper at all levels: PV, VG, LV, and new boot option excludedevs) and fixes #381, #382, #384, #385 (Bruno Cornec)
     38- Fix #383 by using pvdisplay instead of relying on 8e as partition type (Bruno Cornec)
     39- Exclude rpc_pipefs type of filesystems from find (Bruno Cornec)
     40- Adds the --rescue flag to ntfsclone (Andree Leidenfrost)
     41- Replace some sprintf by mr_asprintf to add dynamic memory management (Bruno Cornec)
     42- Fix #377: Segfault in pause_and_ask_for_cdr() (ggeens)
     43- Fix a bug when isodir is / only when splitting it in iso_path and iso_mnt (Kennedy Doss/Bruno Cornec)
     44- Fix #375 mondo will segfault if the partition in sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir() is read-only (cylau)
     462.2.9.1 (2009-11-28)
     47- /dev/shm is now part of the default exclude list (Bruno Cornec)
     48- Default to DVD size when in iso or netfs mode (Bruno Cornec)
     49- Fix #363 where exclude_paths was extended up to memory limit dumping core (Bruno Cornec)
     50- Fix #367 - the for loop doesn't make any test now, as it was computed before entering the loop, leading to an error, and was also made inside the loop anyway (Bruno Cornec)
     51- If using nolvm boot param option, mondorestore should also not analyze and handle i-want-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     52- Reset an error counter before blanking a DVD to avoid always returning an error (Vincent Raman)
     542.2.9 (2009-10-09)
     55- Adds support for grub2 conf file grub.cfg in addition to menu.lst (Bruno Cornec)
     56- priority given to env var for tmpdir (Bruno Cornec)
     57- fuse FS excluded from tmpdir computation (Bruno Cornec)
     58- DSF now also supports partitions in addition to full disks (Bruno Cornec)
     59- Adds Fuse SSHFS support at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     60- Excluded devices are now handled fully (with bkpinfo->exclude_devs), including in LVM (Bruno Cornec)
     61- Change NFS support into a generic NetFS support. keyword changed from nfs... to netfs... and proto added (Bruno Cornec)
     62- star only supports ACL when used with exustar mode. Fix #356 (Bruno Cornec)
     63- Modify getfattr call to have all extended attributes, including non user ones. Fix #357. (Kevin Ritzenthaler)
     64- Avoid asking the Prefix name in NFS mode twice (Bruno Cornec)
     65- Fix a case where the NFS dir in restore mode was mounted rw (linked to bug #291) (Bruno Cornec)
     66- Solve tmp dir creation which sometimes was trying to create /%xx dirs. Fix #293. (Bruno Cornec)
    967- Removes some memory leaks with valgrind usage (Bruno Cornec)
    1068- Improve dynamic memory allocation with mr_asprintf (Bruno Cornec)
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/branches/2.2.10/mondorescue.pb

    r997 r1193  
    3030testver mondorescue = true
    3131projver mondorescue = 2.2.10
     32delivery mondorescue = test
    3233projtag mondorescue = 1
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