May 14, 2012, 4:13:43 AM (7 years ago)
  • pb: Add in better documentation for setupve, and add documentation for build2ve. Make sure that if we are doing a parallel build we will stop on errors if that option is set. Fix the code for determining which output files were made. The .dsc, .tar.gz, and .changes files are named based on the Source: option in the debian control file. The .deb files can be extracted from there or (as implemented) from the output of dpkg-deb. Verify that all expected files are present. Refactor code to avoid duplicating long filename construction. Fix bug in running in 32bit VE with 64bit host; the setarch command needs to be used to make the child think it is running in a 32 bit environment. Make the use of a key option to ssh optional so that if ssh-agent is in use no key-file is generated. Do *not* set the time in a virtual environment. It is getting it's time from the parent OS and I believe this piece of code was mis-setting the time since the VE thought it was in UTC rather than PST for the parent and so was shifting the clock by many hours. In the script generated in the sub-child, enable set -e if pb_stop_on_error is set so that if the package build fails we don't try to keep going. Having done that, /proc can remain around on failure, so tolerate that state. Fix the documentation on how the date is being set. Invert the loop that makes the bootstrapping project-builder so that we only include each of the .pm files once; if you have installed the pb-modules and have a locally built copy in @INC you could get both copies in the bootstrap version which lead to updating the source not changing the behavior. When getting the ssh-keyfile, if ssh-agent is running, and asked to use it then use it. Tolerate failures on the debsign step -- the key-file can validly not exist. (Eric Anderson)
  • Add a new option pbusesshagent in pb.conf to allow the user to specify whether he wants to use his existing SSH environement and agent, or if he prefers to create a new key pair for building. (Bruno Cornec)
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  • devel/pb-modules/etc/pb.conf

    r1530 r1545  
    620620ospathcmd-halt solaris = /usr/sbin/halt
     622# Do you want pb to create a dedicated SSH key pair to dialog with VM|RM
     623# or do you prefer to use an existing SSH Agent instead and existing keys
     624pbusesshagent default = false
    622626# How do you want to install pb in your VM/VE (pkg or file)
    623627pbinstalltype default = pkg
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