May 28, 2012, 3:58:10 AM (8 years ago)
Bruno Cornec
  • ChageLog? updated for 0.12.1 publication
  • Adds support for Mageia 2 VMs and VEs
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  • pbconf/devel/ProjectBuilder/pbcl

    r1562 r1607  
    66- TBD
    8 0.12.1 (2012-05-22)
     80.12.1 (2012-05-28)
     9- Adds pbstoponerr option in conf file to allow to overwrite the default which is back to not stopping on errors as it perturbates VE and VM build for themoment, as not all commands are expected to succeed systematically. (Bruno Cornec)
     10- Change urpmi.update call from /usr/bin (consolehelper) to /usr/sbin (urpmi) as that's what we have in VE. (Bruno Cornec)
     11- Fix mageia 1 and 2 deps for VE (Bruno Cornec)
     12- Adds option pbshowsudo (false by default) to check whether we display the detail of sudo commands (to match security requiremetns) or not (to have a nicer output) (Bruno Cornec)
     13- In VE.pm fix modes of the chroot after the snapshot phase detection to avoid error which make the code die (Bruno Cornec)
     14- Improve system cmd display in Distribution.pm for deps analysis (Bruno Cornec)
     15- pb_system is back to 3 params, as the previously undocumented "mayfail" 3rd parameter provides what the 4th was dded for. callers adapted in relationship. Also improves error message displayed (Bruno Cornec)
     16- Fix another bug in pb_check_req on the default value used with a || where an undef wasn't different from a bad integer. (Bruno Cornec)
     17- Use pb_cjeck_req for all commands called in the VE for its setup, so it can be used correctly in a secured environement with a sudoers conf file (Cf pbtest) (Bruno Cornec)
     18- Adds support for the PBVCSOPT env var to pass cli options to the VCS command. Example is authentication method for SVN as in pbtest. (Bruno Cornec)
     19- Fix pb_syntax, where a call with an exit of 0 was seen as false and thus lead to a value of -1. Now pb -h returns true (Bruno Cornec)
     20- Move PBPROJ env var setuo  from Env.pm to Conf.pm to have it earlier available for some calls with less context. (Bruno Cornec)
     21- Fix a bug when (ve|vm|rm)path->ENV(PBPROJ) was undefined, and expand its path when defined to support that type of definition in conf files (pbtest does it) (Bruno Cornec)
     22- getconf now loads more conf files, and calls cms_compliant (Bruno Cornec)
    923- Use new pbgpgcheck option to control whether we enable gpgcheck in the repo script. (Eric Anderson)
    1024- Use new projcomponent value to specify which component we are building for -- most things probably aren't contrib (for deb based distros) (Eric Anderson)
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