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    r1783 r2061  
    551.18.5-3 (2013-03-15)
     6- Try to improve ctrl-alt-del detection by adding busybox options (including syslog, klog which were missing). showkey show that the sendkey from KVM generates the right keycodes however the system still doesn't reboot. This is then still a limitation as per #627 (Bruno Cornec)
     7- mindi-busybox now uses an inittab which should help fixing #627 (Bruno Cornec)
     8- Patches to render this mindi-busybox version compatible with RHEL3 at least, potentially all older Linux 2.4 based distros (Bruno Cornec)
     9- Fix #632 by adding a required include to build mindi-busybox on Arch Linux (Stefan Husmann/MC)
     111.18.5-2 (2012-01-27)
     12- Adds a Replace in .deb packages to handle correctly the update process (Bruno Cornec)
     141.18.5-1 (2011-12-23)
     15- Adds support for SUID binaries (Bruno Cornec)
     16- Fix #499 for good, by using a real init from busybox and moving our init script to etc/init.d/rcS. We also now call the reboot from busybox to exit, which indeed reset the system correctly (in a VM at least which wasn't the case before). Requires a new mindi-busybox as well. (Bruno Cornec)
     17- Fixes the shell msg error by using setsid as per Busybox FAQ (Bruno Cornec)
     18- Update to upstream busybox 1.18.5 (Bruno Cornec)
     201.18.3-3 (2011-06-27)
     21- Adds the swapon feature to mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Removes telinit call in busybox to try to fix problems when reboot at end of restore (Bruno Cornec)
     23- Addes an extraversion for revision support (Bruno Cornec)
     24- Adds support for ifconfig and ping for PXE+NFS boot for this version of mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
     25- Adds support for MT back mandatory for OBDR (Bruno Cornec)
     271.18.3-2 (2011-04-12)
     28- Remove blkid from busybox to solve #435 (Bruno Cornec)
     301.18.3-1 (2011-02-27)
     31- Updated based on busybox 1.18.3 to solve tar issues with latest RHEL 6 e.g. (Bruno Cornec)
     331.7.3-1 (2008-03-22)
     34- Updated based on busybox 1.7.3 (Bruno Cornec)
     35- Fix gentoo installation issue (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     36- remove MONOTONIC clock to continue to support 2.4 kernels (RHEL 3 e.g. or ESX) (Bruno Cornec)
     37- Adds dd support for swap partition label (Bruno Cornec)
     38- Try to add cttyhack to suppress an error message at shell level (Bruno Cornec)
     401.7.2-1 (2007-10-30)
     41- Updated based on busybox 1.7.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     431.2.2-4 (2007-10-11)
     44- Build process adapted to use pb ( (Bruno Cornec)
     45- Fix another issue in mindi-busybox gentoo's ebuild (Francesco Talamona)
     471.2.2-3 (2007-05-17)
     48- Fix a blocking bug in mindi-busybox gentoo's ebuild (Francesco Talamona)
     501.2.2-2 (2007-04-08)
     51- Improve Gentoo packaging (Linos)
     531.2.2 (2006-12-23)
     54- mindi-busybox version is now extended with the SVN revision (Bruno Cornec)
     55- Fix a known bug for busybox where -gc-section in makefile + static for link crea tes a buggy busybox with glibc (Bruno Cornec)
     56- Updated based on busybox 1.2.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     57- Handles modules back again (Bruno Cornec)
     58- Fix bug #88 around install conflicts (Bruno Cornec)
     601.2.1 (2006-10-04)
     61- Creation based on busybox 1.2.1 (Bruno Cornec)
     62- Remove module management, bunzip2 in config file (Bruno Cornec)
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/tags/

    r2059 r2061  
    44 (2016-03-29)
     6- Fix #753 by forcing LV creation which on RHEL7 now asks a question in case something was already there before. BACKPORT from 3.2 (Bruno Cornec)
    582.1.6 (2013-07-29)
     9- Use 2 README files as embedded doc for restore boot, with function keys (Bruno Cornec)
     10- Improve #628 by adding a comment in order to connect external disks after the boot (Bruno Cornec)
     11- Improve also boot menu visibility (Bruno Cornec)
     12- First modifications to add support for systemd-udev (Bruno Cornec)
     13- Fix #697 by adding the iproute parameter at boot time to support addition of static routes (Bruno Cornec)
     14- Fix #656 for Mageia 3 and Fedora 17+ with no /bin and /lib under / but relocated under /usr (Bruno Cornec)
     15- Copy the multipath dynamic libraries in order to have a working multipath at restore time (RHEL 6.4 and later) (Dimitri Bellini)
     16- Softlink in LocateDeps have now their target scanned, should improve Debian 7 support (Bruno Cornec)
     17- Fix #699 by improving NFS and SSHFS support for Debian 7 and Ubuntu 13 with nss libs placed under /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (Bruno Cornec/Victor Gattegno)
     18- Backports some 3.1 fixes for mindi, and minimize diffs (Bruno Cornec)
     19- Fix #705 by adding fdisk -l info to log file (Bruno Cornec)
     20- rev is mandatory and included now in the boot part (not in minimal.conf) (Bruno Cornec)
     21- Add an example to use a fixed IP configuration at boot time through mindi.conf (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Be more precise in messages displayed at restore time when a non-rewinding device should be used (Bruno Cornec)
     23- Fix #686 by adding grub.conf, grub.cfg and modified to (Victor Gattegno)
     24- Fix #679 again and #685 by reducing the list of possible kernels (Victor Gattegno/Didier Diaz/Bruno Cornec)
     25- Fix support for OBDR tapes connected to SCSI cards, now copies sg_inq, sg_reset, sg_rw_mode and sg_map in the ramdisk (Bruno Cornec)
     26- Adds support for the obdrmods boot parameter if some additional drivers should be removed (Bruno Cornec)
     27- Adds more info in mindi log file (df -i, df -a, grub/lilo conf files, fdisk -l) (Bruno Cornec)
     28- Fix a bug on SLES 11 SP2 by removing a dd in mindi which was filling the target dir (Bruno Cornec)
     302.1.5 (2013-05-03)
     31- Fix #681 by reintroducing code from mindi 2.0.6 in order to support detection of initrd tyep support deep in kernel with some black magic. (Bruno Cornec/Victor Gattegno/Didier Diaz)
     32- Fix ReadAllLink by supporting multi-level of ../.. in link names (Bruno Cornec)
     33- Add cifs support for #208 with first modifications to add cifs support as an external FS - will need mondo 3.0.4 (Bruno Cornec)
     34- Force the addition of the RESTORE keyword in the boot line to avoid interaction at restore time. (Bruno Cornec)
     35- Fix #677 by adding a missing parameter to modinfo (Victor Gattegno)
     36- Update ProLiant support with hp-rcu and hp-fm (Gen8 and following) (Bruno Cornec)
     382.1.4 (2013-03-15)
     39- Fix #651 by removing a potential dmsetup conf before formating the USB with mkdosfs (Matthew Ross)
     40- Should fix an issue with RHEL 6 where mindi was comparing an info obtained by readlink -f (/dev/dm-1) different from the one in fstab (/dev/mapper/systemvg-root_lv) and the one given by vgs in GiveMapperofDm (/dev/systemvg/root_lv) (Bruno Cornec)
     41- Removing telinit from minimal.conf to avoid on SLES to have init coming as the target of the telinit link :-( (Bruno Cornec)
     42- Adding an inittab file in order to avoid problems with CTR-ALT-DEL (Bruno Cornec)
     43- mindi now uses the full content of minimal.conf in deplist to include it in the boot media. Prevously only a fraction of it was included  (Bruno Cornec)
     44- blkid is needed at least by Fedora 16 at restore time early so added to minimal.conf (Bruno Cornec)
     45- Handle better the symlinks during the copy of content in order to support the /lib issue for F17. Performance is still degraded (Bruno Cornec)
     46- Adds more drivers in mindi to better support iscsi env (Bruno Cornec)
     47- Fix #611 for SLES SP1/SP2 with improved LVM support and addition of a function GiveVGLVOfdm to analyze-my-lvm (Matthew Ross/Bruno Cornec)
     48- Fix #654 by exporting correct value for LANG and LANGUAGE in analyze-my-lvm to avoid localized display (ediaz)
     49- Improve Fedora 17 support and #656 with all sort of symlinks from / to /usr (Bruno Cornec)
     50- Improve VxFS support and #167 (Bruno Cornec)
     51- Add proposed enhancement in #648 to add more control through conf file to boot timeout and default mode (Matthew Ross)
     52- Fix #649 by adding serial port detection in GetShell function which was harcoding the tty to use (Matthew Ross)
     53- Fix #639 bu adding dyn. libs needed on RHEL 6.3 by ssh (Peter Kohler)
     54- Fix #622: Adds swaplabel support if it exists (Bruno Cornec)
     55- Fix #647: bash is now systematically included in the ramdisk (Bruno Cornec)
     56- Fix #631 by adding /bin/lsmod to minimal.conf in order to support SLES 11 SP2 (Bruno Cornec)
     57- Fix #623 by sorting correctly the dev mapper devices when more than 10 are handled (Martin Kitka/Didier Diaz)
     58- Adds support for 3.5 kernel and USB keyboard by adding module hid_generic (Hugo vw)
     59- Increase size of tmpfs using shm in order to support larger mindi boot images (Mark Wisniewski)
     60- Solve #646 by increasing BOOT_SIZE for Ubuntu 12.04 (Victor Gattegno)
     622.1.3 (2012-07-08)
     63- Fix #621 by avoiding to handle iso9660 FS type from fstab as well as bind mounted FS. (Bruno Cornec)
     64- Fix a bug in mindi where regular expressions were used with grep without the -E option (Jeffery Kalchik)
     65- Fix #614 SLES kbd issue (removing double quotes was not done for all of them) (Victor Gattegno)
     66- mindi now includes the libnss files under /lib in minimal.conf to bring back sshfs support on Debian (Bruno Cornec)
     67- Mageia 2 needs .ko.xz modules detection (Bruno Cornec)
     68- Document the fact that selinux needs to be disable for extended attributes to be restored (was missing in the PXE example boot line) (Bruno Cornec)
     702.1.2 (2012-06-03)
     71- Fix a bug on RHEL 5 where lvdisplay doesn't support redirection. Adds a | cat in between, as was done for vgdisplay (Bruno Cornec)
     72- Fix #617 and #615: Only non directtory are transferred to the rootfs by tar, in order to avoid linked dirs such as /lib to finish fully on it. (Bruno Cornec)
     73- Adding pata_acpi support (Bruno Cornec)
     74- Fix #607 by including kernel modules symlinked to modules out of tree (hpsa case from HP PSP) (Sanjeev V Kumar)
     75- Fix #618 by adding support for new command tune4fs for labelling ext4 FS (needed on RHEL 5.6 at least) (Bruno Cornec)
     76- Add support for HP CNA in Blades for PXE boot (Bruno Cornec)
     77- Call kpartx to force device creation in case it wasn't done automatically as it should (Bruno Cornec)
     78- Avoids useless warning by using the right regexp for 2.4.x kernel detection (Bruno Cornec)
     79- Fix #609 by using option -L of stat in order to get the correct value for major and minor numbers of mapper links (bzium)
     80- Fix #600 by linking /bin/sh to /bin/bash when it's in the initrd as the default shell used. Adds support for pushd/popd at least. (Bruno Cornec)
     81- Fix #614 to add correct keyboard support on SLES 10 (Bruno Cornec)
     82- Solve #610 by adding a --nolog option to mindi, which needs to be the first one, and used in analyze-my-lvm with a redirection of errors to /dev/null. (Bruno Cornec)
     83- Fix #598 by increasing again boot sizes (Bruno Cornec)
     84- Adds support for upstart (RHEL 6.2) to try having CTRL-ALT-DEL work again (Bruno Cornec)
     85- Adds cnic net driver for bnx2i support on RHEL 6.2 at least (Bruno Cornec)
     86- Prepare a new script to compute IP addresses mr-net-find (not used yet) (Bruno Cornec)
     87- Fix #589 by removing fixed path for grep in mindi, and managing correctly paths for udev related binaries in mindi and rcS, and improving Arch Linux support (MC)
     88- mv udev.files to udev.conf under deplist.d to be more coherent (Bruno Cornec)
     89- Use LogFile everywhere possible as a echo replacement (Bruno Cornec)
     90- Fix #590 by adding a warning in case of McAfee detection, and checking tar files before their copy. (Bruno Cornec)
     922.1.1 (2012-02-24)
     93- Adds rpcbind support. Fixes RHEL6.2 NFS restore, and hopefully Debian as well. (Bruno Cornec)
     94- Force inclusion all files mentioned in minimal.conf (Bruno Cornec)
     95- Fix #576 by truncating the mesage text created with cut (Bruno Cornec)
     96- Fix #586: mindi now skips swap files in the mountlist creation (Bruno Cornec)
     97- Adds module usb_common support for Linux kernel 3.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     98- Adds brtfs support (Michael Caerwyn
     99- Fix a bug where lvm libes were duplicated (Michael Caerwyn
     100- Fix #582 by avoiding the use of the term WARNING and using now INFO and a hopefully improved msg (Bruno Cornec)
     101- Fix #519 for good by cjecking syslinux version 4.02 and making a special call to --stupid for it. THat's all it deserves ;-) (Bruno Cornec)
     102- Adds support for more VIA device drivers (pata and rhine) (Bruno Cornec)
     103- debugfs should be excluded from the device considered for fstab analysis (Bruno Cornec)
     1052.1.0 (2011-12-23)
     106- Fix a bug in analyze-my-lvm where LVs were created in random order (the one of lvscan) instead of using the dm-xxx order, which creates issues at restore time between the mapping created then and the one we had at backup time which could be inconsistent (Bruno Cornec)
     107- Force activation of first partition which should not be optional as everything is destroyed before (Bruno Cornec)
     108- Exclude sysfs devpts and tmpfs partitions found in RHEL 6.2 from analyze by mindi (made error messages) (Bruno Cornec)
     109- Fix a bug in mindi when having multiple swap partiions with same starting string (/dev/dm-1 and /dev/dm-16). (Bruno Cornec)
     110- Exclude /run similarly to /sys and /proc (Bruno Cornec)
     111- Fix #525 and improve printing when no /etc/raidtab, but still md devices (Bruno Cornec)
     112- Adds support for a new pata_atiixp, bnx2i, virtio drivers (Bruno Cornec)
     113- Force block size back to 32768 in OBDR mode after skipping the 2 tape marks, to read the additional rootfs data corerctly (Bruno Cornec)
     114- Fix #498 by using an external program (hpsa_obdr_mode) which can set the mode of the tape to CD-ROM or Sequential at will. (Bruno Cornec)
     115- Simplify the function engaging SCSI for Smart Array controllers, and support as many controller as we have (Bruno Cornec)
     116- Attempt to solve #503 by handling /lib64 separately for udev and only if not a link (to /lib) for Ubuntu 64 (Bruno Cornec)
     117- Fix #499 by using a real init from busybox and moving our init script to etc/init.d/rcS. We also now call the reboot from busybox to exit, which indeed reset the system correctly (in a VM at least which wasn't the case before). Requires a new mindi-busybox as well. (Bruno Cornec)
     118- Improve mindi support for kernel 3.x (Bruno Cornec)
     119- Improve again ProLiant HW support, by adding references to the yet to come SSSTK rpm so that conrep is called at its future right place. (Bruno Cornec)
     120- Fix #491 by correctly checking Xen kernel used for a dom0 env (Bruno Cornec)
     121- Adds support for hwaddr (MAC addresses) at restore time, and map to the correct NIC if it's found at restore time (Stefan Heijmans/Bruno Cornec)
     122- Fix an issue on udevadm call (Bruno Cornec)
     123- Fix #501 by pushing BOOT_SIZE to 36864 for certain Ubuntu cases (Bruno Cornec)
     124- Add compatibility with the latest SSSTK + PSP content for HP ProLiant + branding homogeneous now. Using hpacuscripting now. (Bruno Cornec)
     125- Fix bugs in the kernel detection routine of mindi related to echo badly captured (Bruno Cornec)
     126- Uses the -d option of the mount command to avoid leaving loop devices in use. Should fix the problems reported on the ML with NFS and more than 8 ISO images (Bruno Cornec)
     127- Copy everything under .ssh of root account to allow for sshfs mount without passwd at restore time. (Bruno Cornec)
     128- Improve msgs printed during kbd analysis (Bruno Cornec)
     129- Fix an error when dmidecode reports comments before system name (Bruno Cornec)
     130- Move fvat nd fat modules to CDROM_MODS in order to have them in the initrd to support saving logs to a USB device e.g. (Bruno Cornec)
     131- Fix #492 by removing an extra useless fi (Bruno Cornec)
     132- Fix issues in test of FindKernel for Xen and non Xen cases (Bruno Cornec)
     133- Improve mbr.bin handling (Bruno Cornec)
     134- Improve error message in case mondorestore isn't found (Bruno Cornec)
     135- Install an MBR on USB devices when possible (Bruno Cornec)
     136- Fix a compatibility bug in mindi where exclude lists with '|' was incorrectly analyzed (' ' still expected) (Bruno Cornec)
     137- Adds 3 binaries called potentially by udev to support USB key mount at restore time (Victor Gattegno)
     138- Removes a warning when trying to launch udevadm and it doesn't exist (RHEL 5 e.g.) (Bruno Cornec)
     1402.0.7.8 (2011-06-27)
     141- Fix mindi-get-perl-modules when perl dirs in @INC are symlinks (case on Ubuntu 11.04) (Bruno Cornec)
     142- Fix option --findkernel in case of Xen kernel so that mondoarchive get a correct answer instead of an empty one. (Bruno Cornec)
     143- Fix #484 by adding support for the arcmsr driver (to support the Areca ARC-1220 RAID Controller) (Bruno Cornec)
     144- Avoids error msgs if no mondo-restore.cfg file exists (when mindi used stdalone) (Bruno Cornec)
     145- Attempt to fix Xen kernel support by avoiding to remove xen kernel fro; the possible_kernels list too early, whereas it's used afterwards to get them. (Bruno Cornec)
     146- Fix #481 by supporting the new kbd file in latest Ubuntu 10.10+ (Victor Gattegno)
     147- Propose more variables in the mindi.conf example (Bruno Cornec)
     148- More explicit messages when size unsufficient in mindi for kernel + initrd as per #471 (Bruno Cornec)
     149- Log content of mondo-restore.cfg  (Bruno Cornec)
     150- Remove very old code creating confusing symlinks pico to nano in init. Fix #477 (patch from MC)
     1522.0.7.7 (2011-04-12)
     153- Increase sizes again more for Debian 6/Ubuntu 10.x and Fedora 14 support (Victor Gattegno)
     154- Adds a UdevadmTrigger function at restore time to deal with the various syntax formats changes ddepending on version (MC)
     155- Improved Arch Linux support, boot message, keyboard, ... (MC)
     156- Adds reboot to fix #435 (Bruno Cornec)
     157- Use modprobe instead of insmod to load loop, cd, ... modules (in order to force them at restore time) (Bruno Cornec)
     158- Add support for libahci driver (Bruno Cornec)
     1602.0.7.6 (2011-02-27)
     161- Adds functions and /bin/loadkeys (new location) to minimal set of commands to have (Bruno Cornec)
     162- provides a makemessage option to mindi and this function now works with pbdistrocheck (Bruno Cornec)
     163- Latest lvdisplay on RHEL6 prints MiB instead of MB. Impact on analyze-my-lvm fixed. (Bruno Cornec)
     164- With mindi-busybox 1.18.3 the syntax of openvt changed. Mindi is now compatible with this as well as the older one. (Bruno Cornec)
     165- Adds a restore quiet option (Bruno Cornec)
     166- Fixes for RHEL6 support with additional modules (Bruno Cornec)
     167- Fix #462 (removes temp dir if analyze-my-lvm launched in stand alone mode) (Bruno Cornec)
     168- Fix issue with mindi when launched from a dir containing spaces (Bruno Cornec)
     169- Fix #459 by correcting an old README containing info on the edit-mountlist binary which doesn't exist. (Bruno Cornec)
     170- Adds support for hpsa (new HP Smart Array driver), r8169, xhci, virtio, mega_sr, ide_gd_mod, pata_jmicron, cp210x, dca, raid6_pq, xor async_tx, async_memcpy, async_xor, pata_sil680 drivers (Bruno Cornec)
     171- Replace usage of pvs with pvscan for speed reasons in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     172- Workaround problems met on RHEL 5.2 and 5.4 around pvs command generating a list of \n separated pvs with back quotes in an unexpected way. (Bruno Cornec)
     173- Adds /etc/rpc and /etc/netconfig as minimal deps for mindi for latest NFS support (Bruno Cornec)
     174- Boot size and extra size pushed to 24MB and 70MB to support correctly Fedora 14 and Debian 6.0 (Bruno Cornec)
     175- Fix #446 by exiting mindi before doing anything weird in it (Bruno Cornec)
     176- Fix #445 to avoid vg with similar names to be wrongly excluded (vgroot and vgroot-san e.g.) (Michael Shapiro/Bruno Cornec)
     177- Fix #426 by rewriting Xen kernel support to use TryToFindKernelPath systematically (Bruno Cornec)
     178- mindi now copies also the /lib/firmware content in order to have it for drivers needing it (bnx2 reported) (Bruno Cornec)
     179- Fix #434 by really testing thet udevd is not running already (chucky)
     180- mindi is now able to handle compressed kernel with .gz or .bz2 suffix (case of OpenSuSE 11.2) (Bruno Cornec)
     1822.0.7.5 (2010-06-15)
     183- Fix Xen kernel detection (Michael Shapiro)
     184- Remove libata warning (Bruno Cornec)
     1862.0.7.4 (2010-06-09)
     187- Fix #425: Do not blindly remove partitions at end of mindi (Don Hoover)
     188- Integrate patch on Xen Kernel support for RHEL 5 (only atm) and fixes #418 (Michael Shapiro)
     189- Fix a bug on ia64 where the boot image generated was removed before use in mondo (Bruno Cornec)
     1912.0.7.3 (2010-04-12)
     192- Fix #414 by adding a function GetPVsForLV to remove PVs from excluded LVs (Mike Shapiro)
     193- Fix #415 by avoiding integration of unknown devices report from pvscan (Mike Shapiro)
     194- Fix #413 where list of devices was not re-initialized correctly in a loop (Michael Shapiro)
     195- Fix a bug on Mandriva modules analysis (Bruno Cornec)
     196- Avoid perl warning by removing non-exitent dirs from @INC in mindi-get-perl-modules (Bruno Cornec)
     197- Avoids error messages from stat in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     198- Adds a missing module for iSCSI support (Bruno Cornec)
     199- Minor improvements for logs and display (Bruno Cornec)
     200- Attempt to fix #394 by making the script executable and checking existence (Bruno Cornec)
     201- Fix #393. When using excludevs= also exclude from mountlist the devices mentioned (Bruno Cornec)
     202- Fix #395. analyze-my-lvm now provides an option to call GiveMapperOfdm that can be used in mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     203- Fix #391. Adds support for sata_svw for Porliant DL 385 G5p (Bruno Cornec)
     204- Adds support for ums-cypress, ocfs2 and Xen modules (Bruno Cornec)
     2062.0.7.2 (2010-02-05)
     207- Adds support for sata_svw for Porliant DL 385 G5p. Fixes #391 (Bruno Cornec/Robert)
     208- Adds support for ums-cypress/ums_cypress (Bruno Cornec)
     209- Improves device exclusion for LVM (support for symlinks, mapper at all levels: PV, VG, LV, and new boot option excludedevs) and fixes #382, #384, #385 (Bruno Cornec)
     210- Rename some variables exported to avoid accidental conflict (EXCLUDE_DEVS => MINDI_EXCLUDE_DEVS and ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS => MINDI_ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS) (Bruno Cornec)
     211- Using forcemods="mod1 mod2" will now do something and load those modules first (Bruno Cornec)
     212- Adds support for links to modules (.ko pointing to .o) such as with VMWare extensions (Bruno Cornec)
     213- Adds i-want-my-lvm content in mindi log file (Bruno Cornec)
     214- Adds vmxnet3 driver support to mindi for some VMWare versions (Bruno Cornec)
     215- Adds scsi_dump_register to mindi SCSI_MODS for RHEL3 + IBM servers (Bruno Cornec)
     216- nfsopt restore boot time option added to support custom mount options for network restore (Bruno Cornec)
     2182.0.7.1 (2009-11-28)
     219- Improve support for serial console devices with a new serial boot param keyword (Bruno Cornec)
     220- Improve analysis of kernel modules by printing whether it's a live or extra module which has not been found as reported in #362 (Matthew Cline)
     221- Update deplist for Debian support for bzip2, bunzip2 (Bruno Cornec/John Rentner)
     222- some distro hold lvm commands under /usr/sbin (Bruno Cornec)
     223- Adds a nolvm boot option at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     224- Adds support for diskdumplib driver useful for RHEL 3 and IBM xseries 336 (Bruno Cornec)
     225- Adds support for variable serial port console, with defalut to /dev/ttyS0, and a boot param to change it with serial=/dev/ttySx (Bruno Cornec)
     226- umount freshly created VFAT partition on USB key as Ubuntu has an automounter mounting it as soon as created (Steffen Neumann)
     2282.0.7 (2009-10-09)
     229- Adds a conf file example for mindi. Fix #360 (Bruno Cornec)
     230- cdrkit support for mindi. Fix #359 (Matthew Cline)
     231- Exclude CIFS mounts from the mountlist. Fix #288 (Bruno Cornec)
     232- Adds support for initramfs (gzip/bzip2/lzma) or ext2/3/cpio initrd support with kernel 2.6.30+. Fix #353 (Bruno Cornec/Hugo Vanwoerkom)
     233- Improve udev timeouts (Bruno Cornec)
     234- Fix udev support in init for Mandriva 2009.1 (Bruno Cornec)
     235- Split deplist.txt in multiple conf files under deplist.d (Bruno Cornec)
     236- Adds Fuse SSHFS support at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     237- Adds support for ext3 compressed initrd and other compression format initramfs for Debian (Bruno Cornec)
     238- analyze-my-lvm now removes excluded devices from list coming from mondoarchive (Bruno Cornec)
     239- Adds support for bnx2x (BL 460 G6), igb (Intel cards) and auth_rpcgss Debian kernel 2.6.31 (Bruno Cornec/Maxime)
     240- Split deplist.conf in multiple files under deplist.d and keep it only for local changes (Bruno Cornec)
     241- Change NFS support into a generic NetFS support. keyword changed from nfs... to netfs... and proto added (Bruno Cornec)
     242- Addition of a nomd option to avoid starting mdadm (Bruno Cornec)
     243- mpath is only started if there was a mpath entry in mountlist (Bruno Cornec)
     244- Fix SElinux support (Laurent Gehlen)
     245- Message file rewritten. Fix #160 and #346 (Bruno Cornec)
     246- Add support for pre and post scripts at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     247- Remove inactive vg from lvmscan output in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     248- Do not exit abruptly in any case in analyze-my-lvm when detecting an analysis issue, but return instead (Bruno Cornec)
     249- MINDI_CACHE is only purged if a real work is asked to mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     250- Adds ssh features (client and server) in the DR set (Bruno Cornec)
     251- Tries to create tmpfs starting at 128 MB to allow for larger content (Adolf Hartsenberg/Bruno Cornec)
     252- Adds the timeout parameter to udevadm to avoid default timeout of 180 s (Bruno Cornec)
     253- Fix a bug on Debian 5 where proc appears in fstab and afio in /bin (Bud Rogers/Bruno Cornec)
     254- Security Fix for a remaining /tmp hard coded reference for 1 log file only used on ia64 ( (Gentoo/Bruno Cornec)
     255- Fix #310: adds support for nfspath (Bruno Cornec)
     256- mindi now adds to DR set the perl modules it needs to work (now for ia64) (Bruno Cornec)
     257- Fix #331 by forcing nfs mode in case of pxe boot (Bruno Cornec)
     258- Adds support of keyword net at boot prompt (Bruno Cornec)
     259- ReadAllLink now normalize paths with .. in their name to remove that (fix bug on OEL4) (Bruno Cornec)
     260- Fix version syntax for new lvmdiskscan commands by calling --version instead of --help (Bruno Cornec)
     261- Adds support for additional Intel Network driver e1000e, ide-gd_mod, sata_via, dc395x (Bruno Cornec)
     262- Fix a bug with nosegneg optimized libs on RHEL (Bruno Cornec)
     263- multiple ia64 fixes in mindi, and init (Giuseppe Grassi)
     264- Fix serial support on ia64 by linking /dev/tty to /dev/ttyS0 (Giuseppe Grassi)
     2662.0.6 (2009-02-16)
     267- Adds ff-memless, useful for keyboard support and fix #317 (Jeffs)
     268- Check return status of mktemp call to avoid nasty stuff when /tmp is full and fix #156 (Jean-Marc André/Bruno Cornec)
     269- udevsettle needed for fedora 9 to fix #313 (Conor Daly)
     270- Adds NTFS support tools (Conor Daly)
     271- Avoids NIC MAC mapping on Ubuntu (Bruno Cornec)
     2732.0.5 (2009-02-04)
     274- iSCSI modules support added (Bruno Cornec)
     275- Adds a new documentation file around boot parameters at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     276- Allows use of -H with tapes (Bruno Cornec)
     277- Adding lots of modules which are now required with latest kernels 2.6.27+ (Bruno Cornec)
     278- Remove the scsi_debug driver which seems to create ghost 8MB disks (Bruno Cornec)
     279- Fix #302 adds ext4 support (Bruno Cornec)
     280- Use the distro df instead of the busybox one, to better support -P option usage now (Bruno Cornec)
     281- Fix OBDR tape support for ia64 (Grassi Giuseppe)
     282- Add support for new 2.6.27 modules and udev 128 used on mdv 2009.0 (Bruno Cornec)
     283- fdomain may prevent booting at restore time, so propose it as example of DENY_MODS (Bruno Cornec)
     284- MakeBootConfFile handle a bit separately syslinux and isolinux, improves USB key support (Bruno Cornec)
     285- Adds multipath support for RHEL 5.2 (Bruno Cornec/Mathieu Losmede)
     286- Fix #271 by adding a '/' in front of the string we want to exclude for cd, floppies (Bruno Cornec)
     287- Adds support for jmicron ide pata controller (Arne Bernin)
     288- Fix #297 by using syslinux on a local file and moving it later on to a potential NFS share (Bruno Cornec)
     289- Fix #294 by adding crc_t10dif module needed on FC9 as a sd_mod dep (Bruno Cornec)
     290- In PXE, increase ram size needed for the initrd which has increased in the recent versions (Bruno Cornec)
     291- Use option -s of syslinux in case in improve USB support (Bruno Cornec)
     292- Adds support for more dm drivers (dm_multipath, dm_round_robin) (Bruno Cornec)
     293- Modify EXT-fs dtection in order to support RHAS 2.1 as well. Remove of the kernel <3> tag which is not printed in this kernel (Bruno Cornec)
     2952.0.4 (2008-10-10)
     296- Fix a bug with LVMv1 on RHEL3 where mondorestore segfaults at restore time by returning false to LVM in that conf - CASE:1602066867 (Bruno Cornec)
     297- Fix a USB support bug where the key wasn't made bootable (syslinux.cfg copied in the wrong place) (Brian McKee)
     298- Fix a bug in USB mode of mindi when confirmation on device wasn't waiting for an answer (Brian McKee)
     299- Use native config files instead of static ones (Mark Pinkerton)
     300- Support /lib64 being a link on Debian (Andree Leidenfrost)
     301- Fix for debian lenny support concerning modules dock and ide_cd_mod/ide-cd_mod (Andree Leidenfrost/Arne Bernin)
     302- Force LVM to false and remove i-want-my-lvm if analyze-my-lvm fails (Bruno Cornec)
     303- Add support for partprobe in deplist.txt (Bruno Cornec)
     304- Add support for labeled reiser FS (Ulrich Tehrani)
     305- Add support for new Qlogic drivers in mindi (Ulrich Tehrani)
     306- Fix a rpmlint warning with modes on rootfs subdirs at 755 in SVN (Bruno Cornec)
     307- Fix mindi in wc -l usage, as with parameter instead of on stdin it creates a different output (Bruno Cornec)
     308- Add support for OCFS2 file systems at restore time, by adding mkfs.ocfs2 to initrd if needed (Bruno Cornec)
     309- Improve logging by adding some /proc content both at backup and restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     310- Fix Labelled swap to support 2.6.12 kernel on FC3 which skip only 16 bytes and not 105 to find the label. May need further fixes for other kernels (Bruno Cornec)
     311- Adds support for sis5513 module (IDE) which seems required on some machines (Bruno Cornec)
     312- Fix #243 parse /etc/modprobe.conf, look for include statements, and then add the included files to the dependency list (Michael Shapiro)
     313- Adds support for ide_cd_mod  and pata_sis (Bruno Cornec)
     3152.0.3 (2008-07-12)
     316- Fix #270 where mondo images stored on an NFS shared were all removed (Bruno Cornec)
     3182.0.2 (2008-05-31)
     319- Adds OBDR support (Bruno Cornec)
     320- Do not propose to use LILO in mindi standalone (Bruno Cornec)
     321- Remove temporary .img files at the end of mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     322- Add intermodule to the module list (Bruno Cornec)
     323- Remove ScanCDandTape (Bruno Cornec)
     324- Fix for LVM lv sizes detected incorrectly (Thomas Kjeldsen)
     325- Fix a problem in case of initramfs type of boot file in the path of the file generated (Bruno Cornec)
     326- mindi code simplification and cleanup (removal of CopyImageToDisk, MakeModuleLoadingScript, InsertEssentialModules, MyInsmod) (Bruno Cornec)
     327- CopyImageToDisk in mindi removed as useless (Bruno Cornec)
     328- Fixing broken NFS support in 2.2.5 for rhel5 at least (Kyle Johnson/Bruno Cornec)
     329- Clarify the PXE doc (Bruno Cornec)
     330- Usage of modprobe systematically (Bruno Cornec)
     331- Do not mess with modules.conf anymore. Just use what is in deplist.txt (Bruno Cornec)
     332- Fix for gentoo (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     333- Complete removal of cp --parents. Now using tar everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     334- Fix bugs - incorrect paths - in HW restoration (Bruno Cornec)
     335- Remove the lib and usr/lib dir from SVN and symlinks.tgz (Bruno Cornec)
     336- Remove all code related to floppies (Bruno Cornec)
     3382.0.1 (2008-04-06)
     339- Fix an issue with tapes where required compressed in boot process files were removed (Bruno Cornec)
     3412.0.0 (2008-03-22)
     342- Fix #172 kernel panic during restore (Angelo Pozzi)
     343- Remove floppy support from mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     344- Align more mindi with the version from stable (Bruno Cornec)
     345- ReadAllLink rewritten again to fix bug reports on ML (Bruno Cornec)
     346- Improved dmidecode error handling (Bruno Cornec)
     347- More logs on dependencies computation to help debug (Bruno Cornec)
     348- Try to overcome OpenSuSE stupidity in fstab format (Bruno Cornec)
     349- mindi now logs FORCE|DENY_MODS variables (Bruno Cornec)
     350- Fix lack of /etc/raidtab at restore rime in the right place (Dirk Husung)
     351- Add efibootmgr to deplist.txt in order to be able to modify EFI menu at restore time on ia64 (Bruno Cornec)
     352- Adds support for nls_utf8 and pata_serverworks (Dirk Husung)
     353- Fix an issue on parted output (K instead of KB) in parted2fdisk at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     354- Add support for hardware backup/restore on Proliant (Bruno Cornec)
     355- Add boot option denymods to avoid loading some modules (Bruno Cornec)
     356- iLO Virtual media is systematically available at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     357- Adds udev support and modprobe at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     358- Build process adapted to use pb (Bruno Cornec)
     359- Increase BOOT_SIZE and EXTRA_SIZE to support features such as HW recovery (Bruno Cornec)
     360- Adds support for nohw boot option to avoid re-setuping the HW conf (Bruno Cornec)
     361- Fix #215 mindi does not find failsafe kernel's modules (Bruno Cornec)
     362- Fix #214 mindi ignores FAILSAFE kernel choice (xdelaruelle)
     363- parted2fdisk binary replaced by the perl version at restore time on ia64 (Bruno Cornec)
     364- For all modules supported, create symlinks under the mountpoint to the traditional kernel place where they are (Bruno Cornec)
     365- Fix NICs renumbering on Debian at least (Bruno Cornec)
     366- Load USB earlier in order to support KBD such as with iLO (Bruno Cornec)
     367- Fix mindi for Debian x86_64 where /lib64 is a link (Bruno Cornec)
     368- Fix issue at restore time for ext2fs params not reused (Klaus Ade Johnstad)
     369- Fix modes on mindi-bkphw (Phil Walker)
     370- Use RESTORE consistently across mondo to restore without interaction (Takeshi Shoji/Bruno Cornec)
     371- perl is now required at restore time to support uuid swap partitions (Bruno Cornec)
     372- Small optimization in mindi on keyboard handling (one single find instead of multiple) (Bruno Cornec)
     373- Automatically guess block disk size for ramdisk (Bruno Cornec)
     374- Adds full UUID support especially on Ubuntu 7.10 (Bruno Cornec)
     375- Adds magic file to deplist in order to have file working + ldd and strace (Bruno Cornec)
     376- Adds USB disk/key support (Bruno Cornec)
     377- On ia64 elilo.efi is now searched throughout /boot/efi and not in a fixed place as there is no standard (Bruno Cornec)
     378- Suppress useless softlinks creation/removal in boot process (Bruno Cornec)
     379- Increase # of disks to 99 as in mindi at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     380- Fix a bug in supporting OpenSusE 10.3 kernel for initramfs (Bruno Cornec)
     381- Exclusion of modules denied now works (Bruno Cornec)
     382- Handles dynamically linked busybox/udev/... (Bruno Cornec)
     383- Improve Ubuntu/Debian keyboard detection and support (Bruno Cornec)
     384- Install isolinux.cfg correctly (Bruno Cornec)
     385- Adaptation of build process to pb (Bruno Cornec)
     386- Really Fix #163 support for 3w-9xxx 3w_9xxx (Bruno Cornec)
     387- /tmp => /var/log for mondorestore.log (Bruno Cornec)
     388- Update linux terminfo to fix a color issue (Andree Leidenfrost)
     389- Add nsswitch.conf to deplist (Zachár Balázs)
     390- Add mdadm.conf to deplist (Bruno Cornec)
     391- Fix #194 automatically rebooting at the end of PXE restore process (Bruno Cornec)
     392- Fix #190 mondo-restore replaced by mondorestore (veelo)
     393- Fix #189 older mdadm support (Mark Nienberg)
     394- Add a MAX_DISKS variable and increase to 99 (Tilman Schmidt/Bruno Cornec)
     395- Add support of pata_marvell module (Tilman Schmidt)
     396- Add support of pata_amd module (Andy Wright)
     397- Fix gentoo issues again (Francesco Talamona)
     398- Fix a bug in interactive mode on ia64 where lilo wasn't forced (Bruno Cornec)
     399- Fix mindi iso build for ia64 (Bruno Cornec)
     400- Add support for gzip compressed kernel - ia64 SLES 10 is in that category (Bruno Cornec)
     401- arch => uname -m everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     402- parted2fdisk adapted for parted differences on SLES 10 ia64 (Bruno Cornec)
     403- reiserfs support added for parted2fdisk (Bruno Cornec)
     404- decode_Bsuf function added for parted2fdisk (Bruno Cornec)
     405- README.ia64 improved for SLES 10 (Bruno Cornec)
     4071.2.4 (2007-07-06)
     408- Support for swap with UUID on VMWare ESX 3 at least with dumpuuid (Bruno Cornec)
     409- Fix a problem in directory link handling in mindi seen on gentoo64 (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     410- Add README.proliant to document Virtual Media usage (Bruno Cornec)
     411- Add support for megaraid_sas (Daniel Hill/Bruno Cornec)
     412- No more acpi=off by default during restore (Bruno Cornec)
     413- /var/cache/mindi now useed by default for mindi images (Bruno Cornec)
     414- Add support for LSI SAS1064E (Brandon Poyner/Bruno Cornec)
     415- Fix a bug on the MODULE variable and grep -F usage with spaces. (Bruno Cornec)
     416- Fix Virtual media usage (Patrick Albert)
     417- Improve VMWare ESX support (Bruno Cornec)
     418- Fix a x86_64 bug (Bruno Cornec)
     419- MINDI_TMP now used in analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     420- Fx bugs for optimised libs (Debian, Centos/RHEL5) (Brandon Poyner/Andree Leidenfrost/Bruno Cornec)
     421- Remove a hack for x86_64 in spec file due to a RH bug (Bruno Cornec)
     422- Remove all support for mindi.conf for 2.2.x branch (Bruno Cornec)
     423- Gentoo support improvements (kernel, kbd, deps, ...) (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     424- parted is required by mindi (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     425- Add support for i2o (Fix #165) (Bruno Cornec)
     426- Now supports USB keyboard/mouse at restore time better (Bruno Cornec)
     427- Support for HP xw9300 NIC (forcedeth) added (Bruno Cornec)
     428- Improved log at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     429- Add support for 3w-9xxx 3w_9xxx (Fix #163) (Bruno Cornec)
     430- Fix a bug where mondorestore.log was truncated (Bruno Cornec)
     431- Fix a Debian packaging bug for good (#142 and #126)
     432- Removes some now unnecessary commands concerning /root/images/mindi. (Andree Leidenfrost)
     433- Support of Debian optimised libraries in /lib/i686/cmov (Andree Leidenfrost)
     434- lsmod usage replaced by /proc/modules and a MODULES variable (Andree Leidenfrost/Bruno Cornec)
     435- Fix a fedora build bug for /etc/mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     4371.2.3 (2007-04-26)
     438- FORCE_MODS variable to support additional modules at will (Bruno Cornec)
     439- Better log file content in mondoarchive.log from the copy of the mindi log (Bruno Cornec)
     440- Stricter POSIX compliance for mindi to allow usage with dash on Ubuntu (Fix for #154)
     4421.2.2 (2007-04-16)
     443- Add support for new megaraid driver (HP NetServers with 2.6) (P.C.J.G.Brunier)
     444- Add support for adpahci (Proliant DL 140 G3 - SATA) (Abhijit Das/Bruno Cornec)
     445- Mindi log file is now added to mondoarchive log file to ease debug (Bruno Cornec)
     446- Suppress losetup usage in start-nfs (unreliable and doesn't work with QEMU (Bruno Cornec)
     447- Fix a bug where losetup is called with only one parameter (#140) (Bruno Cornec)
     448- Fix a bug on NFS in FC6 - fscache module needed (Bruno Cornec)
     449- Add build support for Mandriva 2007.1, RREL 5 and Debian 4.0 (Bruno Cornec)
     450- Fix a bug for FC6 where the boot disk size was again insufficient (Rene Ribaud/Bruno Cornec)
     451- On CentOS 4.4 mdrun isn't available anymore so init should use mdadm instead (Momtchil Momtchev/Bruno Cornec)
     452- Add support for raid456 driver (Mark Nienberg/Bruno Cornec)
     453- Add the DENY_MODS variable in mindi allowing to describes modules that you don't want to include as part of the restore boot environment (HP Open Call OCMP e.g; needs it) (Bruno Cornec)
     454- Add GetInitrdFilesystemToUse function to support initramfs type of initrd (SuSE 10.2/Debian 3.x/FC 6/...) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     455- Fix a bug for ia64 in kernel reference in elilo.conf (Andree Leidenfrost)
     456- Check that /boot/efi is mounted on ia64 (Andree Leidenfrost)
     457- Protect some rm -rf to avoid raw removals (Bruno Cornec)
     458- Better messages for analyze-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     459- Add support for newer Qlogic drivers (qla2300 & 2400), mpt, dm and ohci (Josef Jetzinger/Bruno Cornec)
     460- Fix a bug in mindi for the FAILSAFE support (Scott Cummings)
     461- PATH fixed for init in restore (/usr/games added for petris) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     462- Fiw a bug where restore failing because no archive files are found when -G is used (Andree Leidenfrost)
     463- /media is now completely excluded as per StandardsCompliance (Bruno Cornec)
     4651.2.1 (2006-12-23)
     466- mindi now supports a configuration file (Bruno Cornec)
     467- Fix again support for LABEL on swap partitions (Bruno Cornec)
     468- mindi now prints mindi-busybox version (Bruno Cornec)
     469- mindi now supports gzip compression format (#113) (Bruno Cornec)
     470- Inline code of some useless functions for readability (Bruno Cornec)
     471- Add support for nvidia and ahci drivers (Bruno Cornec)
     472- Remove wrong full path name for cut (Matija Nalis/Bruno Cornec)
     473- UUID support (Bruno Cornec)
     474- Cleaner messages generated on screen (with defaults) and in logs (Bruno Cornec)
     475- First use of a configuration file with mindi to permit variable to be overwritten (Bruno Cornec)
     476- All temporary files are now under MINDI_TMP, unique dir under /tmp by default and not removed when called by mondo (Bruno Cornec)
     477- All generated files are now under CACHE_LOC, /var/cache/mindi by default (Bruno Cornec)
     478- Fix bug #100 where the temporary dir could be removed and be /home (Matija Nalis/Bruno Cornec)
     479- Should now work correctly under x86_64 distributions (Bruno Cornec)
     480- Fix a blocking bug in mindi where a " was misplaced (Bruno Cornec)
     481- New MindiExit function called everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     482- TAG is now per package (Bruno Cornec)
     483- Add CentOS build support (Andy Wright/Bruno Cornec)
     484- Removal of grep -w|-x during restore as not supported by busybox fixes bug #101 (Alfred Chua/Bruno Cornec)
     485- init now reports the mindi version when executed (Bruno Cornec)
     4871.2.0 (2006-10-04)
     488- busybox is now a separate package and binaries are not provided anymore in mindi - Fix #37 (Bruno Cornec)
     489- deplist.txt adapted to use more busybox modules (Bruno Cornec)
     490- start-nfs now exports variables taken from PXE command line to mondo to override parameters during archiving - Fix bug #21 (Bruno Cornec)
     491- Fix for bug #71 mindi now works correctly on x86_64 (Brendan Bouffler/Bruno Cornec)
     492- ReadAllLink function added to mindi and 3 older functions suppressed + use of readlink where useful (Bruno Cornec)
     493- Other fixes for labelled swap support (Michael Shapiro/Bruno Cornec)
     494- Fix for bug #4 (B. Baumer)
     495- Fix PXE documentation (Brendan Bouffler)
     496- Attempt to fix bug #25 - bonding support (Michael Shapiro/Bruno Cornec)
     497- Write start and finish time to log - Fix bug #33 (Bruno Cornec)
     498- Fix for bug #46 (Klaus Ade Johnstad)
     5001.0.9 (2006-08-05)
     501- Fix for bug #22 RHEL4 + LVM + LABEL support (Bruno Cornec)
     502- Fix for bug #8 keyboard support incorrect (Bruno Cornec)
     503- New NFS/PXE support. start-nfs is now a fixed script. Allow more possibilities at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     504- new global variables + Bug fixes for LVM (Bruno Cornec)
     505- SuSE RPMS now use bzip2 (Lars Rupp/Bruno Cornec)
     506- Fix a bug for filesystems with LABEL in fstab not mounted (Bruno Cornec)
     507- Qlogic 2300 and 2200 are now supported (Bruno Cornec)
     508- Use busybox 1.1.3 for net part (Bruno Cornec)
     509- Fix various screen corruption for 'Configure LVM' (Andree Leidenfrost)
     510- Fix Adaptec Zero-Channel RAID Cards support bug #6455 (Bruno Cornec)
     511- Fix a bug with redhat_label not initialized in the loop systematically
     512(Anthony P. Machon/Bruno Cornec)
     513- nfsmount option added to allow redeployment from another NFS server (Bruno Cornec)
     514- Replaced all occurrences of egrep with 'grep -E' and of fgrep with 'grep -F' (Andree Leidenfrost)
     515- Fix a bug in analyze-my-lvm for RHEL3 where vgdisplay prints an additional
     516field sometimes (#) ( Cornec)
     517- Deal properly with LVM tool lvmiopversion and with lvmcreate_initrd and pvdata - fixes [[debianBTS(351687)]] (Andree Leidenfrost)
     518- Handle the format /dev/mapper/<VG>-<LV> for LVM devices - fix for [[debianBTS(362926)]] (Andree Leidenfrost)
     5201.0.8-3 (2006-06-07)
     521- exec-shield removed for mindi (Bruno Cornec)
     522- Fix a bug for ia64 build in mindi where locallib was undefined (Bruno Cornec)
     523- Fix a bug for SuSE and Debian where $dfam was used in (Bruno Cornec)
     524- Make the init script mdadm-aware (Andree Leidenfrost)
     5261.0.8-2 (2006-06-02)
     527- Fix bugs in the swap+LABEL code found on rhel4 (Peter Naber/Bruno Cornec)
     528- PXE mode now supports change of NIC for redeployment (Bruno Cornec)
     5301.0.8-1 (2006-05-25)
     531- new build process (Bruno Cornec)
     532- Fix a bug when a disk less than 2.8 MB can be built, to include enough modules to support SCSI cds (Bruno Cornec)
     533- Fix a bug in .spec for RPM build (attr now unused) (Bruno Cornec)
     534- Add support for LABEL on swap partitions (Michel Loiseleur + Julien Pinon)
     535- Attempt to fix bug 6827 (addition of a script for busybox udhcpc to support pxe/dhcp restore) (Bruno Cornec)
     536- support of dm and LVM v2 (Andree Leidenfrost)
     537- analyze-my-lvm is under $MINDI_LIB (Andree Leidenfrost)
     538- Fix a bug introduced by trying to avoid an error message when modprobe.d doesn't exist (Johannes Franken)
     539- Fix for Bug #6975 (/net is now excluded from kernel search location) (Bruno Cornec)
     540- Allow 5670 MB fllopy disks for lilo as well (Bruno Cornec)
     541- Add missing net modules (Klaus Ade Johnstad)
     5431.0.7 (2006-03-10)
     544- Fix issue for 2.6 kernels with VIA chipsets (Andree Leidenfrost)
     545- stop creating further size of floppy disks if the smaller one succeeds (Bruno Cornec)
     546- init revamped (removed unnecessary second general module loading phase, start NFS appropriately depending on PXE or simple NFS) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     547- Changed module 'nfsacl' to 'nfs_acl' (Andree Leidenfrost)
     548- Mindi/DiskSize is gone (Bruno Cornec)
     549- useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)
     550- Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)
     551- Bug fix for chown in (JeffS)
     552- CHANGES renamed also in now (Bruno Cornec)
     553- rpmlint cleanups
     554- Get mindi to look for analyze-my-lvm in it's library directory MINDI_LIB (See also [[debianBTS(351446)]].)
     555- mindi only deletes freshly created 1440kb images in case of error (See also [[debianBTS(348966)]].) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     556- try standard grub-install in grub-MR restore script before trying anything fancy (Andree Leidenfrost)
     557- busybox mount should be called with -o ro for PXE (Make RHEL 3 works in PXE
     558with a 2.6 failsafe kernel now available) (Bruno Cornec)
     559- Fix mindi for 2.6 Failsafe support (Bruno Cornec)
     560- mindi now depends on grep >= 2.5 (for -m option) (Marco Puggelli/Bruno Cornec)
     561- Fix a bug in LVM context for RHEL4 in GetValueFromField (Rémi Bondoin/Bruno Cornec)
     562- New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)
     563- mindi now supports x86_64 natively (Bruno Cornec)
     564- stop creating further size of floppy disks if the smaller one succeeds (Bruno Cornec)
     5661.06 (2005-12-23)
     567- mindi manpage added (Andree Leidenfrost)
     568- clean up remaining mount points, mindi.err at the end (Wolfgang Rosenauer)
     569- fix bugs for SuSE distro around tar, tr and find arguments order (Wolfgang Rosenauer)
     570- new version used for better PXE support (Bruno Cornec)
     571- USB keyboard support (Bruno Cornec)
     572- -p should now work with ISO/PXE/NFS modes (Bruno Cornec)
     573- relocate what was under /usr/share to /usr/lib (FHS compliance) (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
     574- manage non ambiguous delivery under /usr (packages) or /usr/local (tar ball) (Bruno Cornec)
     575- install script rewritten and used for RPM build, with new layout (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni/Bruno Cornec)
     576- use parted2fdisk everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     577- use MONDO_LIB exported by mondoarchive instead of MONDO_HOME guessed (Bruno Cornec)
     578- RPM build for fedora core 4, sles9, redhat 7.3, rhel 3/4, mandriva 2006.0, mandrake 10.2/10.1 (Bruno Cornec/Gary Granger)
     579- VERSION/RELEASE Tag added (Bruno Cornec)
     580- VMPlayer support
     581- Code cleanup, small fixes, PXE/NFS code improvements (Wolfgang Rosenauer/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni/Bruno Cornec
     582- New switches for PXE mode (ping & ipconf, Cf README.pxe) (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni/Bruno Cornec)
     583- mindi-kernel added to SVN (Bruno Cornec)
     5851.05 (2005-11-19)
     586- Bug fix for ldd output incorrectly handled, leading to "grep not found" error (Andree Leidenfrost)
     587- NFS now works in interactive mode, and nolock problems are solve (Andree Leidenfrost)
     588- IA-64 support is now working for rhel 3 (Bruno Cornec)
     589- add MINDI_CONF to the mindi LOGFILE (Philippe De Muyter)
     590- Speed up fdisk'ing dev/ida raid devices (Philippe De Muyter)
     5921.04 (2005-05-03)
     593- support exec-shield
     594- added 'ide-generic' module to IDE modules in mindi to ensure that kernels with fully modularised IDE sub-system boot
     595- rewrote script 'wait-for-petris' to ensure that petris actually starts and can be restarted reliably
     596- fixed syntax error in mindi where a wrong delimiter is used in and sed call when processing file '/etc/'
     597- removed '#!/bin/bash' from file 'rootfs/etc/bashrc' (bashrc get sourced, not executed)
     598- removed executable flag from:
     599- 'rootfs/etc/'
     600- 'rootfs/root/.profile'
     6021.03 (2004-09-29)
     603- better support of SLES 8
     6051.02 (2004-07-21)
     606- better kernel-level logging
     607- added ACL, xattr binaries to deplist.txt
     608- fixed obscure bug which occasionally stopped mindi from correctly finding and documenting all LVM2 LVM-on-RAID volumes
     6101.01 (2004-06-21)
     611- added ide_tape and other modules to mindi's config detection
     612- unmount errant ramdisk ($mtpt) if fail to create boot floppy
     613- better support of ISO dirs at restore-time (Conor Daly)
     6151.00 (2004-06-18)
     616- first 1.0x release
     617- catch Ctrl-Alt-Del; trigger soft reset
     618- better support of SuSE 9.1
     619- added mdadm to deplist.txt
     620- better detection of multiple Mindis (Martin Fürstenau)
     621- don't complain if just a Mindi boot CD & not a platform for Mondo
     622- updated busybox to 1.0.0pre10
     623- removed uClibc
     624- add memtest support
     625- 2.6 kernel support
     626- removed Embleer files (Andree Leidenfrost)
     627- LVM v2 support for 2.6 (Takeru Komoriya)
     628- added kernel-only floppy support, to accommodate really big kernels
     629- updated+rebuilt busybox
     630- added star support
     631- mount /sys at boot-time
     632- better 64-bit and 2.6 kernel support
     633- better LVM, failsafe kernel support (Jim Richard)
     634- use LILO, not raw kernel, on 1.4MB boot floppy
     635- record names of unsaved modules for future reference
     636- enlarged ramdisk by 8MB
     638v0.95 (2004-03-25)
     639- changed some '==' to '=' --- now more RH6-friendly
     640- allow absolute pathnames again in deplist
     641- disable multifunc cd thing
     642- better Gentoo support (Bill)
     643- better OnStream support
     644- better Slackware support (Laurenz)
     645- added partimagehack-static to deplist.txt
     646- recompiled Busybox - 10k smaller, better stack-handling
     647- fixed boot screen typo
     648- added support for 'auto' fs format
     649- better devfs support for Mandrake users
     650- better Debian+LVM support (Ralph Grewe)
     651- updated analyze-my-lvm to handle floating-point gigabyte -L values
     653v0.94 (2003-09-24)
     654- altered rootfs's /dev entry to stop cvs from becoming confused
     655- tweaked MAX_COMPRESSED_SIZE
     656- added multi-function CD support to mindi and sbin/post-init
     657- re-mount root as rw just in case
     658- ask user to remove last data (floppy) disk if nec. (Tom Mortell)
     659- added support for 5th column in mountlist.txt for labels
     660- added symlinks.tgz
     661- suppress erroneous error messages re: failsafe kernel
     663v0.93 (2003-06-04)
     664- added cciss.o to SCSI_MODS
     665- if format type is (e.g.) ext3,ext2 then use 1st entry
     666- re-enabled fsck*
     667- if cciss in use then enable it at boot-time
     668- added /dev/ataraid/* to boot disk via ataraid.tgz (Luc S.)
     669- better ISO support
     670- tweaked mindi to use 10-15 percent fewer floppies
     671- added RUN_AFTER_INITIAL_BOOT_PHASE var at start of Mindi, which user may use to force Mindi to run command before bootstrapping to aux data disks or CD - e.g. 'echo engage > /proc/scsi/something'
     672- allow for Debian & other Stiefkinder that use 'none', not 'swap' as the mountpoint of the swap partition
     673- removed afio dependency
     674- added RUN_AFTER_BOOT_PHASE_COMPLETE to let user specify a command to be run by Mindi after it boots but before it runs mondorestore
     675- re-worked and tarball not to use tgz's
     676- cleared up the boot msg
     677- updated busybox to 0.60.5; updated uClibc to 0.9.19
     678- add #!/bin/sh to start of insert-all-my-modules
     679- fixed obscure bug in install-additional-tools
     680- change grep -m1 to grep | head -n1, for Debian users
     681- moved lib.tar.bz2 and vmlinuz to mindi-kernel tarball/rpm
     683v0.92 (2003-05-04)
     684- fixed LVM/RAID bugs (Brian Borgeson)
     685- if bad lilo, give more verbose error before quitting
     686- added mt and perl to deplist.txt
     687- insmod ide-cd, cdrom, isofs, just in case
     688- boot-time tmpfs ramdisk is now 40m (was 34m)
     689- cleaned up logs
     690- iso mode now calls Interactive
     691- make SizeOfPartition() more Debian-friendly (Andree Leidenfrost)
     692- clean up some calls to grep, esp. partition_mountpt=...
     693- corrected some bashisms, to suit Debian ped- er, users
     694- made first line refer to bash, not sh, to make sure the Debian people know Mindi requires bash, not hs
     695- changed grep -v "#" and grep -vx "#.*" to grep -vx " *#.*"
     696- disabled code which would make Mindi use sfdisk instead of fdisk if it looked as if Debian's fdisk would misbehave
     698v0.91 (2003-04-04)
     699- updated ResolveSoftlinks() to work better with b0rkn Gentoo devfs /dev
     700- patched analyze-my-lvm (Benjamin Mampaey)
     701- detect built-in boot.b files in lilo
     702- return w/err, don't abort, if Matt Nelson's RH8 system is farked
     703- better at finding isolinux.bin
     704- better at analyzing dependencies when running on broken distributions
     705- try harder to boot from CD, even if tape fails
     706- added ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS to be sent to kernel
     707- better resolution of relative softlinks, leading to fewer duplicates on data disks and therefore fewer data disks
     708- detect Debian+devfs; use sfdisk instead of fdisk in that eventuality, to work around yet another of Debian's warts
     709- removed /lib/libuuid.* from rootfs.tgz
     710- fixed vi
     711- mindi now uses gawk --traditional (making gawk behave in a functionally identical way to awk) - PASS; great, so now Debian needs to fix its awk :)
     712- removed / from list of dirs accessed when trying to resolve deplist entry
     713- spinner bugfix; handle odd LABELs properly (Tom Mortell)
     715v0.90 (2002-12-08)
     716- new stable branch
     717- EXTRA_SPACE=16384
     718- fixed deplist.txt
     720v0.72 (2002-12-02)
     721- misc code clean-ups
     722- save boot device's boot sector
     723- detect and beware Compaq diagnostic partitions
     724- better handling of devfs V non-devfs kernels and boot devs
     725- trimmed to busybox 0.60.3 binary on boot disk
     726- mindi now resides in /usr/local/bin
     727- removed lilo from dependencies
     728- more Gentoo-friendly
     730v0.71 (2002-11-17)
     731- if your kernel's builddate doesn't match any of the kernels in your /boot directory then fudge the issue & find the closest match (*grumble* Debian)
     732- scan tape & CD at start, to force inclusion of modules on boot device
     733- double EXTRA_SPACE if >7 disks
     734- slimmer, more lithesome logfile
     735- now accepts --findkernel
     736- line 1982 - dd count=24000 should be count=$ramdisksize (Andras Korn)
     737- better handling of non-Linux partitions on DevFS-enabled kernels
     738- fixed Debian/ramdisksize/bloat problem (Johannes Franken)
     739- fixed 2.4.20/fdisk eccentricity (Alistair Stevens)
     740- updated kernel to 2.4.18-mdk6
     741- generate mountlist in dev-abetical order ;)
     742- fixed minor bug in .spec file
     743- better at finding /boot/boot.b if your distro breaks the de facto standard
     744- fixed minor bug in MakeMountlist
     745- fixed
     746- cleaned up deplist.txt
     747- added rudimentary -v / -version flag
     748- line 1180 or so --- duplicate mindi.iso entires --- fixed
     749- added /bin/[ - a softlink to /bin/sh
     750- ListAllPartitions() - sanity fix (KP)
     751- fixed .spec bug
     752- better feedback
     753- added Markus's RAID patch
     754- ListAllPartitions() - include /mnt/win* (Hugo)
     756v0.70 (2002-09-08)
     757- better logging by dependency-calculating code
     758- better handling of dependencies, specifically softlinks
     759- if called by mondo then use mondo's temp dir as our temp dir too
     760- changed gawk to $AWK in a few places, to allow for Debian
     761- added host* config files to deplist
     762- added tftp, ifconfig to busybox
     763- added RPC support to uClibc
     764- cleaned up creation of Mondo-Mindi configuration file
     765- fixed bug in TryToFindKernelPath which stopped it from handling multiple, same-version kernels gracefully
     766- cleaned up deplist.txt
     767- receive 'DIFFERENTIAL' variable from Mondo
     768- better Debian compatibility, esp. w/detection of ver# (Hector Alvarez)
     769- better devfs support; call fgrep in places instead of grep (Andrew Korn)
     770- fixed analyze-my-lvm (Ralph Gruwe)
     772v0.65-1 (2002-07-14)
     773- moved 50K of stuff from rootfs.tgz to aux-tools.tgz
     774- added x11-tools.tgz option
     775- updated /dev/console and /dev/tty0 (Paul Stevens)
     776- cleaned up /mnt/groovy-stuff V /tmp/tmpfs code
     777- catch sigint, sighup, etc.
     778- fixed LILO-related message.txt mistake
     779- .spec file clean-up; automation; config file (Carl Wilhem Soderstrom)
     781v0.64-1 (2002-07-13)
     782- fixed RH7.3 readonly bug
     783- improved nfs config file creation
     784- search more locations for isolinux.bin
     785- added isonuke option
     786- faster data disk creation
     787- better DevFS support (Hector Alvarez, DuckX)
     788- nfs-related fix (Hans Lie)
     789- abort if vfat filesystem present but mkfs.vfat missing
     790- removed softlink to pico
     791- allow Mondo to say no compression will be used
     792- added [ to ramdisk
     793- tar data disks with -b [block size] of 32k
     794- don't autoboot to 'RESTORE' screen - it's scary!
     795- let user choose lilo or syslinux as boot loader
     796- added syslinux support
     797- cleaned up message screens
     799v0.63-7 (2002-06-04)
     800- improved logging
     802v0.63-6 (2002-06-02)
     803- sped it up a bit
     804- fixed ISO creation bug
     806v0.63-5 (2002-05-22)
     807- fixed RAID mountlist bug (Daniel Grandjean)
     808- better at German kbd support (Klaus Guntermann)
     809- no longer abort if MONDO_PATH cannot be discerned
     810- updated .spec file (Jesse Keating)
     812v0.63-4 (2002-05-06)
     813- added less.bin to deplist.txt
     814- copy mondo-restore.cfg configuration file to /var/cache/mondo-archive
     815- increased EXTRA_SPACE to 16384
     816- fixed bug in -H (RESTORE) function
     818v0.63-2 (2002-04-25)
     819- added mkdir -p to fix mountlist.txt-copying bug (Bruno Vidal)
     820- made sure mindi.iso (for tape users) copies kernel to [cd dir]/vmlinuz
     822v0.63 (2002-04-23)
     823- minor cosmetic improvements
     824- improved homedir-locating code
     825- make sure the kernel is copied to [cd build dir]/vmlinuz
     827v0.62 (2002-04-08)
     828- keep certain /dev directories compressed until boot-time, to allow Mindi to support larger kernels
     829- cleaned up logging a lot
     830- better detection of the kernel currently in use
     831- added /dev/nst* to ramdisk
     832- amend isolinux.cfg to specify the correct ramdisk size
     834v0.60 (2002-03-31)
     835- bootable CD's now use ISOLINUX instead of LILO (Andy Glass)
     836- abort if isolinux not found
     837- abort if multiple copies of Mindi found lying around
     838- include mountlist.txt in ramdisk
     840v0.59 (2002-03-21)
     841- change sbin/init's Die() function (Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom)
     842- improve friendliness of kernel-related warning msg (Andy Glass)
     843- added s/w switch re: making floppies (Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom)
     845v0.58-r7 (2002-03-10)
     846- excluded two unused vars (Carl Soderstrom)
     848v0.58-r6 (2002-03-03)
     849- reassemble large data/library files who have older 'mv' code which doesn't like to overwrite symlinks - affects older RH+Slack systems (Andrew Bulhak)
     850- call /usr/bin/logger, not 'logger', in LogIt()
     851- run chmod 755 `which start-nfs` before running start-nfs
     853v0.58-r5 (2002-02-24)
     854- pathname problem fixed (Fred Feirtag)
     855- patch to Debianize mindi a bit (H�tor Garc� �varez)
     856- removed mondo-manual.html
     857- moved /dev/{cciss,ida,rd} from rootfs.tgz to aux-tools.tgz
     858- cleaned up the refs to analyze-my-lvm a bit (Hugo)
     859- sped up disk-creation by 20-30 percent
     860- make sure mondo-restore.cfg is on data disk as well as boot disk
     861- added support for -C (cdstream) mode
     863v0.58-r4 (2002-02-18)
     864- quash error if /opt not found
     865- use /tmp/groovy-stuff instead of /mnt/groovy-stuff for handling data disks and their contents, for tape users
     867v0.58-r3 (2002-02-17)
     868- misc enhancements
     869- uses self-resizing ramdisk (tmpfs) for /tmp
     870- allows Mondo to exclude certain devices from mountlist
     871- incorporated .spec patch (Ian Kent)
     872- replaced &> /dev/null with > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
     873- added vi to busybox again
     875v0.58-r2 (2002-02-11)
     876- fixed errant tar warning
     877- replaced libc5 with uClibc
     878- compiled busybox and open against uClibc
     879- moved minor scripts+tools from rootfs.tgz to aux-tools.tgz
     880- Mindi can now accommodate a kernel of up to 1290KB in size
     881- no longer insists on cdrecord being present
     883v0.58 (2002-02-10)
     884- more pointed error messages
     885- fixed silly 'cp' error (Markus Marquardt)
     886- use type C's embleer file for type B Windows partitions
     887- increased EXTRA_SPACE from 4096 to 8192
     888- cosmetic bugfixes
     889- nfs users boot into nfs options by default
     891v0.57 (2002-02-05)
     892- abort if mounted partition is specified as an imagedev
     893- understand 'FAILSAFE' as kernel alternative
     894- added analyze-my-lvm to tools available thru PATH
     895- better discovery of locale and keymap file (Claude Mah�
     896- compatible with 1.2x and the new 1.38+ stuff
     897- better 'bug-me' script (Troff)
     899v0.56 (2002-02-01)
     900- compatible with Mondo v1.5x devel branch
     901- mindi's softlink now goes in /usr/sbin; was /usr/bin
     902- include nfs.o, nfsd.o, lockd.o and sunrpc.o on data disks if available
     903- patched .spec file to make it easier to change installdir (Ian Mortimer)
     904- updated README
     905- moved many global vars to start of script
     906- better at finding US kbd maps
     907- migrating to a single configuration file, /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg, for Mondo users; file is not in use yet but is there for future expansion
     909v0.55 (2002-01-28)
     910- MINDI_HOME and MONDO_HOME defined at start of each source file, making it easier to relocate Mindi and Mondo if desired
     911- tries to mount /dev/hd[a-h] at boot-time, looking for CD-ROM; was hd[a-d]
     912- re-enabled the msg asking user to upgrade LILO if v21.6
     913- Lin/Win users are much, _much_ less likely to run out of disk space now when restoring from backups (Carlos Molina)
     914- patch from Andrej Borsenkow to help w/Mandrake 8.1
     915- disabled ramdisk free space checker (some distros don't like it)
     917v0.54 (2002-01-25)
     918- don't abort if kernel is too big for 1.72MB floppy
     919- better handling of eccentric distros and their keybd layouts
     920- cosmetic fixes
     921- sprinkled comments liberally inside deplist.txt
     922- added gawk and awk to deplist
     923- lilo has been added to .spec file
     924- changed a couple of FatalError()'s to Die()'s
     925- better TurboLinux 7 / LVM compatibility
     927v0.53 (2002-01-20)
     928- better support of non-Red Hat, non-Debian keyboard resource files
     929- cleaned up /sbin/init's output
     930- replaced libc5 mount with user's own 'mount'
     931- updated embleer.C.bz2
     932- missing /dev/hdb2 found & replaced (thanks, Troff)
     933- populated /dev/rd and /dev/ida on ramdisk (Michael Eisenberg)
     934- improved SizeOfPartition() function
     935- improved TryToFindKernelPath() function
     936- don't offer NFS users Nuke Mode
     937- finds and uses lilo.real if user is using Debian, a distro which installs a shell script where the lilo executable should go
     938- improved support for XFS users who opt to use failsafe kernel
     939- uses user's lsmod, depmod, insmod, etc.
     940- fixed freeze-up resulting from missing 'cat $mappath' command
     941- mount tmpfs at /tmp/tmpfs for mondo-restore's benefit
     942- try to create /dev/fd0u1722 if it is missing from /dev
     943- added .spec file to tarball
     945v0.52-2 (2002-01-10)
     946- fixed a bug in the handling of non-English keyboard maps
     947- force failsafe kernel to provide reiserfs.o, xfs.o, jfs.o, ext2.o, ext3.o and loop.o at boot-time, just in case
     948- added /dev/sr[0-3] devices
     949- copy LAST_FILELIST_NUMBER to /tmp, for compatibility with Mondo v1.3x
     950- incorporates NFS-related settings, if supplied by Mondo v1.3x
     951- replace busybox's mount with standard libc5 mount ater restoring tools from floppies: NFS mounting requires full mount
     952- always make mindi.iso
     954v0.52-1 (2002-01-06)
     955- ramdisk's size has been tweaked
     956- if script 'bootstrap' is found at boot-time then execute it
     957- use tty8 to show mondo's output log
     958- use tty7 to offer a game of Petris (if it exists on disk)
     959- be sure to use i386-only keymaps
     960- if LILO's "/tmp/dev.0" error occurs then abort & tell user to reboot
     961- /sbin and /usr/sbin added temporarily to PATH when Mindi runs
     962- if Mondo asks then force LILO to run in backward-compatible mode
     963- if Mondo's tmpdir has post-nuke.tgz in it then extract it and incorporate its files in the data disks
     964- losetup /dev/loop0 -d before calling LILO (Norm Crowfoot)
     965- if keyboard mapping dir (usu. /lib/kbd or /usr/lib/kbd) cannot be found then don't abort; simply tell the user the default keyboard mapping will be used
     966- added /dev/hd[a,b,c,d][17-24] to the rootfs tarball
     967- won't use LILO's optimizations when creating boot floppy; however, optimizations are used on CD unless --broken-bios in call to Mondo
     968- won't write data disks to start of tape; lets Mondo do that
     969- tweaked how Mindi moves all.tar.gz around, to make it more Mondo-friendly
     970- tweaked Mindi's disk-splitter
     971- user must unmount /dev/loop0 before calling Mindi: LILO insists...
     972- added NFS-related entries to deplist.txt
     973- if not called by Mondo then don't let user choose Interactive/Nuke/ whatever; just offer Expert
     975v0.51-1 (2001-12-25)
     976- removed libm.* from rootfs.tgz
     977- replaced sh with busybox's ash
     978- upgraded busybox to 0.60-2; pared it down, too
     979- include tape-related modules on boot disk, if backing up to tape
     980- creates a tape-friendly tarball containing tools+modules
     981- reassembly of tools+libraries is more reliable now
     982- streamlined deplist.txt
     983- give user their localized keyboard layout at boot-time
     984- fix some cosmetic bugs
     986v0.50-4 (2001-12-19)
     987- log Mindi's version# in the event of a fatal error
     988- make Mindi's boot-time output more esthetically pleasing
     989- if filesystem is type 'image', according to Mondo, then in filelist its partition type will be listed as the hexadecimal string (e.g.  'b', '83', etc.) and the partition mountpoint will be 'image'
     991v0.50-2 (2001-12-15)
     992- support for newer features in Mondo v1.3x
     994v0.50-1 (2001-12-14)
     995- correctly lists RAID constituent partitions in mountlist
     996- breaks compatibility with Mondo v1.2x
     997- if user's fstab has weird line(s) then ignore; don't abort
     998- working on CDROM_MODS, trying to make it work on Stewart Charnell's hardware setup
     999- cleaned up /sbin/init and /sbin/post-init a bit
     1001v0.48-2 (2001-12-09)
     1002- when insmod'g modules from ramdisk's root dir, use 'ls /*.o*' (was 'ls /*.*') to find them
     1003- if RAID controller(s) are detected then pause for 10s to let them intialize by themselves (some 3ware RAID controllers require this)
     1004- cleaned up /sbin/init and /sbin/post-ini; the former now controls initialization of hardware, drivers, tools, etc. and the latter runs mondo-restore if it exists
     1005- better detection of and compatibility with SCSI CD-ROM drives
     1006- chopsize is now 64KB; was 128KB
     1007- cleaned up mindi's logging
     1009v0.48-1 (2001-12-08)
     1010- better logging of find-and-mount-cdrom's progress (to /tmp/mondo-restore.log)
     1011- somehow, lilo was re-enabled in deplist.txt; DISABLED (again *g*)
     1012- added 'linear' to the list of modules Mindi always backs up
     1013- if called by Mondo then pass the name & device of the user's boot loader to the restore phase, by copying BOOTLOADER.* to the ramdisk
     1014- if loading from floppies then try to mount CD-ROM a 2nd time after extracting files from data floppies, just in case user is a CD user who couldn't get their CD-ROM drive to work initially
     1015- added fix to make sure /root/images/mindi is created (Charlie Root)
     1016- aware of 'iso' boot mode, for future expansion
     1018v0.47 (2001-12-04)
     1019- added /dev/cdrom/cdrom[1-4] to the devices automatically excluded from mountlist.txt
     1020- added '-f-' to the end of most tar commands, to see if it fixes a bug in some obscure Debian distros
     1021- added network-related dependencies to deplist.txt
     1022- if called by Mondo then don't write floppy images to disks; let Mondo do that: less irritating for user
     1023- if called by Mondo then do some clever tricks to add mondo-restore and its dependencies (mondo-restore is now a dynamic executable)
     1024- finally gotten klogd to squelch echoing of kernel msgs to console
     1026v0.46 (2001-11-29)
     1027- finally fixed that 'lib/modules/2.4.12-xfs not found' bug! :-D
     1028- cosmetic changes and minor bugfixes
     1029- excluded lilo.conf and lilo from deplist.txt; use user's copy instead
     1030- if your fstab mentions a RAID partition but your raidtab doesn't then Mindi will terminate in a sane manner with a sane error message
     1031- fixed a bug in bug-me (heh, how ironic)
     1032- include and run (sys)klogd to try to pipe kernel msgs to logfile
     1033- call hdparm to speed up access to CD-ROM drive
     1035v0.45 (2001-11-15)
     1036- disabled fsck.* in deplist.txt
     1037- include /etc/fstab in logfile
     1038- removed lzop.* from aux-tools; should come from user's distro anyway
     1039- tweaked data disk size and data disk formatting command
     1040- make ISO bootable image (as well as floppies) when backing up to tape
     1041- copy boot images (floppy + CD) from temp dir to /root/images/mindi after making them, just in case the user wants them later
     1042- added md5sum to deplist.txt
     1043- added pico->vi softlink to ramdisk
     1044- in the ramdisk's /etc/bashrc, added /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin to the PATH= command
     1045- call insert-all-modules as background task; pause 3 seconds after calling it, before proceeding <--- /sbin/init
     1046- call to devfs has been moved to before call to post-init
     1047- added 'md5sum -> busybox' softlink
     1048- Mindi now uses busybox's printf, md5sum, mount, umount, vi ...NB: I said, 'vi' :-) Now you have an editor again! :-)
     1049- added lilo.real to deplist.txt, to allow for Debian's evil new distro
     1050- added lzop to deplist.txt
     1051- no longer including lzop in Mindi's tarball / RPM
     1052- improved Mindi's error-reporting a little bit
     1053- changed deplist.txt's /etc/* to just *
     1054- restructured the calls in /sbin/post-init that reinitialize the LVM and RAID modules
     1055- if mkfs.ext2 is not in PATH then abort
     1056- Mindi uses a 'filename cache' to speed itself up at run-time (Jean-David Marrow)
     1057- Red Hat 7.2 uses a weird /etc/; I've worked around it...
     1058- tested with Linux-Mandrake 8.0 and Red Hat 7.2
     1060v0.44 (2001-10-28)
     1061- at boot-time, activate LV's if they exist
     1062- restructured deplist.txt a bit (cosmetic change)
     1063- re-enabled fsck.* in deplist.txt
     1064- analyze-my-lvm fails gracefully if you're not using LVM but inserted the module anyway
     1066v0.43 (2001-10-21)
     1067- made Mindi work with Red Hat 6.2 and 2.2.19 kernel
     1068- if mkisofs is not found, say so; don't just say, 'an error occurred while I was trying to make an ISO image'
     1069- when formatting and writing floppies, if /dev/fd0's size is indeterminable then I'll use /dev/fd0H1440 instead
     1070- make sure xfs.o, jfs.o, reiserfs.o, ext2.o, ext3.o modules are backed up (if they exist) to boot disks
     1071- fixed a silly bug that stopped Mindi from handling its own modules properly; only affects newbie users with broken kernels (i.e. the very people that Mindi's failsafe kernel was meant to help!)
     1072- added lzop (Marcus Oberhumer's file compressor) to aux-tools.tgz
     1073- added Bruno Cornec's "--cd-recovery" patch; if user uses the switch (i.e. '--cd-recovery yes') then the CD will boot to a screen that pauses until the user types RESTORE; then, it will enter Nuke Mode
     1074- added Stephan Zegherd's "superformat" patch
     1075- failsafe kernel is now 2.4.12 with XFS, JFS and lots of SCSI modules; the addition of XFS and extensive SCSI support will increase the size of Mindi's RPM / tarball significantly but I think it's worth it
     1076- at boot-time, find out whether there are any RAID partitions; and if there are, whether they are 'started' yet; if not, run raidstart to start them at boot-time, before user can try to mount anything
     1077- Mindi's failsafe kernel & modules are handled more elegantly now; if you have raid1.o, scsi.o, etc. loaded at backup-time then Mindi finds its corresponding modules in its tarball of failsafe modules and stores them so that at boot-time you can do SCSI, RAID, etc.
     1078- removed gawk, printf from deplist.txt
     1080v0.42 (2001-10-10)
     1081- make sure lvm-mod, raid0, raid1 and raid5 modules are backed up
     1082- added 'you need a ramdisk' to FAQ
     1083- changed the slice size from 20KB to 64KB; speeds up Mindi by 25 percent and doesn't have any negative side-effects (...that I can see)
     1084- when searching for your current kernel version, do not examine a file if it does not exist (it sounds obvious, I know...)
     1085- when asking user to send me a copy of their log file, point out that it may contain info which they do not want me to see but that they are SOL unless I can actually see their log file
     1086- fixed a silly bug that would crop up when a Linux-Mandrake 8.1 user would use a devfs-enabled kernel and RAID partitions at the same time
     1087- plays nicely with devfs-enabled kernels and distros
     1088- data floppies are now 1.44MB each; boot floppy is still 1.72MB
     1089- if binutils or libbinutils is not installed, abort
     1090- fixed a bug which meant that some big files overwrote each other at backup-time and caused library-related problems are boot-time
     1091- enabled comments ('#') in deplist.txt
     1092- disabled fsck.* in deplist.txt; user may re-enable the line if s/he wants those tools available at boot-time
     1093- tested successfully with the following distros - Linux-Mandrake 8.1 and its 2.4.8, devfs-enabled stock kernel - Red Hat 7.1 and its 2.4.2 stock kernel
     1094- better at guessing the size of swap partition
     1095- drop minix tools from deplist; user can restore them if s/he wants to use the minix filesystem
     1096- don't backup _all_ cdrom modules (if backing up 'cdrom.o'); be selective! ...minor bug in ListKerneModulePaths has been fixed
     1097- if the user has two glibc libraries - one in /lib and one in /lib/i686 - then Mindi will re-jig the softlinks so that only the version in /lib is backed up, to save space on the data disks
     1098- major rewrite of the code that copies the tools and libraries from the data disks; prettier, faster and more stable (and did I mention how kind it is to your hard-working hands?)
     1099- better handling of crazy libraries and softlinks thereto
     1100- new boot-time script, 'bug-me', copies user's logs to a floppy and tells him/her to e-mail them to me if mondo-restore aborts
     1101- ignore kernels named vmlinux (note the 'X'); traditionally, kernels are named vmlinuz (note the 'Z') or something similar
     1102- no longer backup all modules to CD/tape; just backup the ones loaded at backup-time; this saves boot-time ramdisk space
     1103- removed all references to LOOPDEVICE
     1104- LVM is supported (experimental; watch this space...)
     1105- included a tarball of 'sane' /dev/loop* nodes which will be extracted and added to the boot disk; this helps maintain Mindi's backward- compatibility with non-devfs kernels and distros
     1106- when copying modules to boot or data disks, uncompress them first if they are gzipped (some distros come with compressed modules)
     1107- no longer copies all loaded modules to the 2.88 MB El Torito bootable floppy image; instead, it copies FLOPPY_MODS to the 1.72 MB image, CDROM_MODS to the 2.88 MB image, and _all_ modules that were loaded at backup-time to the data disks - supports tape streamers, in conjunction with Mondo
     1108- uses busybox's sync again; let's see if that breaks anything...
     1109- if Mondo is backing up to tape streamer then write the tape's size to /tmp/TAPESIZE and the drive's device to /tmp/TAPEDEV-LIVES-HERE on the ramdisk
     1110- floppy disk modules (ide-floppy.o and floppy.o) now are copied to the ramdisk, whether the user's kernel or the failsafe kernel is being used
     1112v0.41 (2001-09-28)
     1113- excluded *.old from the 'boot.b' list when searching for boot.b
     1114- updated Mindi's own failsafe kernel+modules to v2.4.10
     1115- added umount to deplist again
     1116- improved Mindi's support of modular kernels (esp. modular CD-ROM drive and floppy disk drives)
     1117- don't accuse Linux 2.4.10 users of having a 'buggy kernel'
     1118- restored the libc5 versions of sync and umount (dropped from deplist but also from busybox)
     1119- fixed a lot of silly bugs related to incorporating Busybox in Mindi
     1120- experimental LVM support
     1121- added 'analyze-my-lvm' script to the tarball; Mindi uses it now
     1122- able to recognize & record LVM mounts, adding them to the mountlist
     1123- added the LVM executables (listed in the lvm-0.xx-i386.rpm) to deplist.txt; they won't be added unless you have them and you won't
     1124      have them unless you're using LVM, so this is not 'bloat' IMO :)
     1125- added date and sync to deplist again
     1126- when working on LVM stuff, use 'echo y | pvcreate -ff' (was '..-f')
     1127- amended format-...-kludge to allow for mountlists with >1 spaces between cols checked the fsck.reiserfs is in deplist.txt (yes it is)
     1128- incorporated busybox 0.60-1; now, Mindi is faster at run-time and smaller at boot-time; you can fit a typical system onto 3 floppies; also, a kernel up to 1MB in size (approx.) can now be accommodated
     1129- supports kernels that have MODULAR support for CD-ROM's or floppies
     1130- Mindi copies only the loaded modules to the data disks but it copies _all_ modules to the CD, just in case
     1131- thanks to busybox your floppy-based Mindi boot disk set should now be able to accommodate a kernel of up to 1MB in size
     1132- boot into Expert Mode unless boot disk was generated by Mondo
     1133- exclude all softlinks from list of 'eligible' kernels
     1134- exclude kernels with 'vmlinux' in their names
     1135- removed A LOT of files from deplist.txt's dependency list; they are listed in deplist.removed, in case you want to put them back :-)
     1136- excludes libX11, libXext, libXi, libgtk, libgdk ALWAYS, whether you add them to deplist.txt or not; [cancel this by editing line 485]
     1137- rewrote AddFileToDir() to make it more efficient (but slower...)
     1138- strip chaff from binaries; strip comments from bash scripts; strip comments from /etc/termcap
     1140v0.40 (2001-09-16)
     1141- if you use a softlink to your CD dev, e.g. /dev/cdrecorder->scd0, then Mindi should handle it properly now (i.e. not bomb out)
     1142- if you have a large kernel & lots of modules loaded, Mindi will only copy as many modules to the ramdisk as will _fit_ on a ramdisk that will have to go alongside your kernel on a 2.88MB floppy disk
     1143- if your kernel does not support loopfs, Mindi will say so & abort
     1144- turned some warnings into fatal errors, to help the user to figure out exactly why Mindi won't work on their kernel
     1145- changed mke2fs -N24 to -N32, to see if it helps braindead distros
     1146- Mondo now tells Mindi whether or not to use its stock kernel
     1147- gone back to the old 'insert-my-modules' for now; it's more reliable
     1148- working on the 'insert-all-my-modules' script, to make it compatible with a wider range of insane distros and kernels
     1149- dropped the '-c' option from LILO call - removed cdrecord, mkisofs, vi, route and diff from deplist.txt
     1150- slowed down the 'split data between floppies' routine; made it try harder to squeeze more data onto each floppy
     1151- excluding nvidia modules from the "insert-all-my-modules" script because it sometimes causes freeze-ups
     1152- added code to copy your fstab, lilo.conf, etc. to a tarball which, in the event of an error, Mindi will ask the user to e-mail me
     1154v0.39 (2001-09-08)
     1155- plays nicely with devfs, so long as your old /dev/hdX, /dev/sdX softlinks are still there :-)
     1156- if your swap partition isn't mounted, Mindi will decide that it is 125MB; it used to abort but now it just warns & makes a good guess
     1157- testing the failsafe kernel & associated scripts
     1158- only use lilo's "-c" option if NOT a 2.88MB floppy disk image
     1159- copes better with .o, .gz, etc. module suffixes
     1160- better 'loaded modules / not loaded modules' feedback at boot-time
     1161- semi-forces isofs and ide-cd (not isofs.o and ide-cd.o); the former will be more compatible with stock kernels - e.g. Red Hat, Mandrake; also added vfat, fat & a few other modules to the list of 'foced'.
     1162- removed the '-c' switch from the call to LILO (some BIOSes don't like it very much)
     1163- removed chaff from ramdisk's /etc/login.defs, saving approx 7K
     1164- format the boot disks with -N 24 (was -N 64)
     1165- do not insist on CD #1 (at boot-time) if there is no 'CD #' marker
     1166- amend format-and-kludge-vfat; now, it will not abort if it cannot find its entry in mountlist; it doesn't need to find the entry anyway, except to check that the kludge works (which it does)
     1167- if user chooses to use Mindi's failsafe 2.4.9 kernel, Mindi will load Mindi's versions of user's modules at boot-time
     1168- make label-devices-as-necessary log its efforts
     1169- added e2label and tune2fs to deplist.txt
     1170- if you boot in Normal Mode, I'll call mondo-restore --interactive instead of just mondo-restore
     1171- replaced K7-compatible 2.4.7 kernel with a 586-comp'ble 2.4.9 kernel
     1172- improved the post-run clean-up
     1173- force the copying/loading of isofs.o and ide-cd.o, which enhances Mindi's support for kernels that have modular CD-ROM support
     1174- Interactive Mode offers to edit /tmp/mountlist.txt before running mondo-restore (good idea from F. Boon)
     1175- /dev/hd[e-h]* have been added to the ramdisk
     1176- disabled Cuckoo and Bootstrap Modes (they weren't doing anything anyway & were probably confusing some users)
     1177- removed 'edit mountlist?' question (because mondo-restore takes care of that now, via a user-friendly mountlist editor)
     1178- included a copy of mondo-manual.html
     1179- only kludge /dev/hda1 or /dev/sda1 (if vfat, of course); otherwise, use regular mkfs.vfat
     1180- use mkfs.dos if mkfs.vfat does not exist
     1181- moved some scripts from rootfs.tgz to Mondo's restore-scripts.tgz
     1183v0.38 (2001-08-18)
     1184- clarified the 'more than one kernel found' comment
     1185- updated the README to emphasize that the scripts are deprecated
     1186- when displaying mountlist on screen, make it easier to read
     1187- changed most 'echo's to 'LogIt()'s; log most screen output to /var/log/mindi.log
     1188- user can now use a stock 2.4.7 kernel (which comes with Mindi) if the user's distro's kernel isn't right for a boot disk
     1190v0.37 (2001-08-11) - changed the boot screen a little bit
     1191- changed the "cannot boot from CD-ROM" message (more informative now)
     1192- if an 'insmod'ed module cannot be found, warn but don't abort
     1193- that whole loop-mount/extract tgz to ramdisk thing --- if it fails, abort, don't try to continue; also, ask if loopfs is supported by kernel (if not, that might explain the error)
     1194- in addition to /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules, also search /root/oss/modules for kernel modules (Phillip Deackes)
     1195- run syslog and klogd at restore-time, to pipe sys & knl messages to /tmp/mondo-restore.log
     1196- default restore-time boot mode is now 'interactive' (unless the disk is a 1.72MB, in which case default mode is still 'expert')
     1197- if CDROM can't find itself (long story, re: El Torito) then the script will say, "Your kernel is b0rken." This will reduce the number of erroneous error reports that I receive from users
     1198- working on implementing Cuckoo Mode again
     1200v0.36 (2001-08-03)
     1201- testing it with LM8, RH71 and Slack8
     1202- explicitily exluding /mnt/floppy and /floppy from mountlist.txt
     1203- warn if afio not found (Mondo needs afio)
     1204- optional --custom <temp dir> <out dir> switch added, to let the user specify where the temp dirs and created images will be stored
     1205- changed /sbin/init to install modules _before_ trying to mount CD-ROM (David Granz)
     1206- create a gawk->awk shortcut at restore-time if necessary
     1207- specifically exclude /dev/fd0h1440 and /dev/fd0H1440 from mountlist
     1208- removed silly "was CD inserted?" message
     1210v0.35 (2001-07-31)
     1211- if LILO fails, it writes its errors to the screen
     1212- use user's boot.b and LILO instead of Mindi's
     1213- tarball/RPM no longer includes boot.b or lilo
     1214- mke2fs' output will be echoed to screen, if an error occurs
     1215- doubled the -N inode allocations and removed some of the -i inode fiddles, just in case they are making Red Hat 7.1 choke
     1217v0.34 (2001-07-25)
     1218- includes patch to rid Mindi of its dependence on /dev/loop devices
     1219      (Bill Davidsen)
     1220- includes patch from 0ystein Skalsem, to fix a disk-formatting problem
     1221- warns if kernel is 2.4.0-2.4.5; encourages user to upgrade
     1223v0.33 (2001-07-20)
     1224- excludes all devices containing ':/' (i.e. NFS mountlists)
     1225- the FORMAT/SYS replacement, "format-and-kludge-vfat" now writes its logfile to /tmp/format-and-kludge-vfat.log
     1226- /etc/fstab now mounts floppies for read/write access by default
     1227- format-and-kludge-vfat should only write to log once now
     1228- added vi, top to deplist.txt
     1229- updated the rootfs.tgz's README
     1230- mountlist is written to screen as well as mountlist.txt
     1231- tested with Linux 2.4.7; works fine
     1232- changed 'mkfs' lines, to format the loop-mounted files instead of the device nodes which makes Mindi work better with kernels 2.4.6+
     1233- Mindi can now handle kernels of up to 930K in size
     1234- sped up the process of spreading data files across data disks by approx 20 percent
     1236v0.32 (2001-07-18)
     1237- software RAID is now supported
     1238- added the 'raidtools' binaries to deplist.txt
     1239- add /etc/fstab and /etc/raidtab to deplist.txt
     1240- added /dev/md* to the ramdisk's /dev directory
     1241- modified MakeMountlist() to calculate correctly the sizes of RAID partitions, if they are present in /etc/fstab
     1242- moved the 'LOOPDEVICE=...' code into the regular main() section
     1243- install-additional-tools makes a softlink '/etc/raidtab' that points to /mnt/groovy-stuff/etc/raidtab; also, '/etc/fstab.orig' that points to /mnt/groovy-stuff/etc/fstab
     1244- added line to 'install-additional-tools' that will delete the dummy modprobe before installing data from datadisk(s)
     1245- mkdir -p $outdir at the beginning, just in case...
     1247v0.31 (2001-07-16) - included DoJ's patch to make Mindi play more nicely with devfs
     1248- slightly better and README
     1250v0.30 (2001-07-15)
     1251- added klogd and syslogd to deplist.txt
     1252- can now cope with Red Hat's "LABEL=" entries in /etc/fstab
     1253- should ignore NFS-mounted partitions now
     1255v0.29 (2001-07-14)
     1256- stopped the 'modprobe' errors that used to occur at the beginning; they didn't mean anything but they did worry some novice users
     1257- removed losetup from rootfs.tgz (wasn't doing anything useful)
     1258- removed the 'txt-or-gui' stuff from Mindi (never used it anyway)
     1259- added clear to deplist.txt
     1260- moved rootfs.tgz's "mondo/" scripts to Mondo's "restore-scripts.tgz" tarball; tarball will be untarred and contents added to the data disks at run-time, if Mindi finds the tarball
     1261- if user lacks fd0u1722 but has fd0h1722 then use the latter
     1262- boot-up msg is more informative
     1263- fixed obscure bug in find-and-mount-cdrom
     1264- better at coping with hda1/2/3/4 (normal people use hda1/5/6/7 but if you really want to exhaust your primaries, well hey, your life)
     1265- the 'outstring sucks!' message is now more informative
     1267v0.28 (2001-07-07)
     1268- if AddFileToDir() is called with a file that does not exist, Mindi warns but does not abort
     1269- should work with gzipped modules (which end in '.o.gz') and NVidia modules (which don't end in anything)
     1270- should work with Red Hat's now
     1271- misc. cosmetic changes to Mondo boot-time and restore-phase scripts, to make the visual output cleaner & more legible
     1272- insist-on-cd retracts the CD tray after asking for next CD, in case the user did not close the drive before pressing <enter>
     1273- if unable to create 1.72MB boot disk then warn but do not abort
     1274- put creation date on the boot-up screen
     1275- create data disks with tarballs up to 1700KB in size; tries harder to fill each data disk to the brim
     1276- changed the call to make ext3 partitions; now, it uses a call to mkfs -t ext3 -j -Jsize=10 -q <device> (as requested by ext3 manual)
     1277- tested w/ext3; works fine
     1278- install-additional-tools doesn't call sync until after all softlinks have been finalized; that's to make sure we call the _right_ sync
     1279- ramdisk is now (size of all files in data disks PLUS 8192) KB
     1280- RPM and SRPM published
     1281- mount CDROM at start of untar-me, just in case it wasn't mounted
     1282- when restoring selectively, log the archives that have matches & the number of matches (inc. if zero)
     1284v0.26 (2001-07-05)
     1285- has been tested with XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, ext2 and vfat
     1286- compatible (but not tested) with ext3
     1287- better at finding your kernel, even if you have several kernels of the same version (now checks the build date, too)
     1288- better file-spreading algorithm; a little faster; much more reliable
     1289- includes a copy of LILO, to make the boot disks properly
     1290- tells you how big the tarballs are, when it assembles them
     1291- compare-me uses 'insist-on-cd' instead of internal subroutine
     1292- it looks as if Mindi can actually cope with 920K kernels now :)
     1293- fixed some silly multi-CD bugs that would stop big files from being restored if they were spread across CD's
     1295v0.25 (2001-07-04)
     1296- uses its own copy of lilo
     1297- removed all "~" (backup copies) from rootfs.tgz
     1298- updated the rootfs's README - stablilo-me, not hack-me
     1299- improved the formatting of the lilo.conf as it is created
     1300- replace all libc5 tools with libc6 (user's) tools at restore-time
     1301- added diff to deplist.txt
     1302- copy io.sys and msdos.sys (if found) to data disk(s) at run-time; softlinks them to /*.sys at boot-time
     1303- fixed some vfat formatting-related issues w/Embleer (always tricky); the kludge's error-handling is better and its exit is more graceful
     1304- say 'type nuke to restore automatically' in msg if Mondo called me
     1305- backup all modules, not just the ones present/loaded at run-time; the loaded modules go on boot disk but ALL go on data disk
     1306- reduced the max data per disk from 1700 to 1680, to suit ext2's needs
     1307- DidMondoCallMe() replaces 'ps ax | grep | blah blah'
     1308- includes user's /etc/termcap and /usr/bin/pico on disk(s)
     1309- cosmetic changes to restore-time scripts (spaces, newlines, etc.)
     1310- pipe kernel's msgs to /var/log/messages
     1311- make sure /etc/lilo.conf is 600 (RW by root only)
     1313v0.24 (2001-07-03)
     1314- can accommodate a kernel >900KB in size
     1315- generates lilo.conf on-the-fly; no default/template file anymore
     1316- copies io.sys and msdos.sys to the CD (if you have them)
     1317- add the embleer tarballs to mindi-0.xx.tgz, so that users can format and make bootable msdos/Win9x partitions
     1318- added printf and hdparm to deplist.txt
     1319- incorporated Bruno Cornec's Mondo 0.991 scripts in Mindi
     1320- separated README into README, INSTALL and TODO
     1321- fixed silly {ramdisk}/sbin/InsistOnCD bug
     1322- took out mke2fs and libext from rootfs.tgz
     1323- rootfs.tgz's "/etc/bashrc" now includes /usr/share/mindi
     1324- compare-mode uses IDE optimization to speed things up
     1325- don't quibble over resizing partitions if <2MB difference
     1326- fixed silly InsistOnCD bug
     1328v0.23 (2001-07-02)
     1329- don't copy *.mdsg to boot floppy image
     1330- fixed erroneous 'cannot make ISO image' error message
     1331- can accommodate a kernel as large as 890K
     1332- now uses lilo, not syslinux (lilo works better w/2.88MB boot images)
     1333- creates & formats disk images on the fly (no more .img.gz templates)
     1334- boot disks are formatted ext2, like the data disks
     1335- creates 1.72MB and El Torito 2.88MB boot floppies/images
     1336- if called by Mondo, doesn't list images or offer to copy to FDD/CDRw
     1337- includes the distro's name and kernel version in LILO's message
     1339v0.22 (2001-07-01)
     1340- don't add a ramdisk; use rootfs & that's it
     1341- dependency-calculator runs approx. twice as fast as in v0.20
     1342- tested with Linux Mandrake 8.0; works well, if you recompile kernel to include floppy disk support (which LM8's kernel does not)
     1343- supports bigger kernels now, up to 900K in size
     1344- deplist.txt may now include directories, not just files
     1345- ignores kernel filenames that are hyperlinks
     1346- uses awk instead of gawk; drop the awk/gawk-finding thing
     1347- uses gzip, not bzip2; dropped bzip2, mv, ls to make rootfs smaller
     1348- copies user's /dev/fd0* devices to boot disk
     1349- calls Mindi's copy of syslinux, not user's copy
     1350- use modules' paths, e.g. instead of just 'insmod fubar', use 'insmod /lib/modules/2.4.5-ac117/vfat/fubar.o'
     1351- in boot.msg, XXXXX is part 1 of the 2nd line, YYYYY is part 2 of the 2nd line, and ZZZZZ is Mindi's version# (in the 1st line)
     1353v0.21 (2001-06-30)
     1354- df, du, find, lsmod, rmmod have been removed from rootfs.tgz
     1355- at boot-time, inserts kernel modules w/user's original parameters
     1356- deletes the slices after recombining them & restoring the files
     1357- includes the MINDI_VER version number in boot.msg
     1358- if boot disk is too small, lists the files & which one is too big
     1359- syslinux now waits 10 seconds before booting floppy
     1360- 'insert-all-my-modules' is copied to rootfs, not to a data disk
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/tags/

    r2059 r2061  
    5 (2016-04-04)
    6 - TBD (2016-03-29)
     6- No change
     83.0.4 (2013-07-29)
     9- Update man pages wrt to the new environment variables used for temp and scratch files (Bruno Cornec)
     10- Adds pod content to the perl scripts used to get man pages automatically (Bruno Cornec)
     11- Update the ia64 doc as no binary is needed anymore on this platform (Bruno Cornec)
     12- Document the new -F and -M options (Bruno Cornec)
     13- Precise the usage conditions of the exclude option (differences between device vs directory exclusion) (Bruno Cornec)
     153.0.3 (2013-03-15)
     16- Precise in mondoarchive man page that -E and -I params are directories, not files (which the word path could imply) (Bruno Cornec)
     183.0.2 (2012-06-03)
     19- Update Lab to prepare a MCLinux UK Training (Bruno Cornec)
     20- Update Presentation for TOS Training in devel branch (Bruno Cornec)
     21- Fix #517 by adding a slide on mondorescue installation in the std presentation (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Detail the working mecanisms of HP ProLiant support with MondoRescue - doc in mindi package (Bruno Cornec)
     23- Add an information file for OBDR support wrt to MondoRescue - doc in mindi package (Bruno Cornec)
     253.0.1 (2012-02-18)
     26- No modification
     283.0.0 (2011-12-23)
     29- Document that mondoarchive now excludes /run similarly to /sys and /proc (Bruno Cornec)
     30- Fix #524 as option -U needs a size also (Bruno Cornec)
     31- Fix #505 by documenting environment variables (Bruno Cornec)
     32- Improve -d option description for NFS (Bruno Cornec)
     33- Fix some markup in man pages (Bruno Cornec)
     34- Precise that -J is not supported by mondorestore yet. (Bruno Cornec)
     35- Fix syntax description in mondoarchive man page for -E & -I with | (Bruno Cornec)
     372.2.9.7 (2011-06-27)
     38- Fix -E and -I example in man page which were lacking the '|' as separator (Bruno Cornec)
     39- Update on P2V doc including RHEL6 validation and some minor additions (Lester Wade)
     412.2.9.6 (2011-04-12)
     42- Documents option -v of mondoarchive (Bruno Cornec)
     43- Updated Lab for TES 2011 (Bruno Cornec)
     44- Update P2V doc incorporating latest ML feedbacks (Lester Wade)
     462.2.9.5 (2011-01-27)
     47- Document in man page and HOWTO the syntax modifications for -E/-I options and '|' separator (Bruno Cornec)
     48- Adds the mondoarchive reference card (Lester Wade)
     49- Updated P2V doc from Lester Wade (Lester Wade)
     512.2.9.4 (2010-06-09)
     52- Lab + presentation updated for HP Tech Forum (Bruno Cornec)
     542.2.9.3 (2010-04-12)
     55- Mondo Rescue updated to (Bruno Cornec)
     572.2.9.2 (2010-02-05)
     58- Fix 2 typos in the HOWTO (Bram Mertens)
     59- Fix errors in man pages format (Rogério Brito)
     60- Addition of the Lab for Mondorescue (Bruno Cornec)
     622.2.9.1 (2009-11-28)
     63- German HOWTO (Magnus Rasche)
     64- Improve -f option usage with SW Raid in man page (Bruno Cornec)
     662.2.9 (2009-10-09)
     67- Update README.bootparam for new params (netfspath, proto, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
     68- New update for P2V doc (Lester Wade)
     69- Update man pages for NetFS support (Bruno Cornec)
     70- Update man pages for NFS user support (Bruno Cornec)
     71- Precise the combined usage of -E and -I in mondoarchive. Case 4601017223. (Bruno Cornec)
     72- Precise the usage of -U option in man page on raw device and not partition name (Bruno Cornec)
     73- Man pages corrections (Joe Ross)
     752.2.8 (2009-02-04)
     76- Adds ODT and PDF version of p2v doc (Lester Wade)
     77- Document ext4 support (Bruno Cornec)
     78- Fix monadoarchive man page to refer to revision as well (Bruno Cornec)
     79- Remove monitas content (Bruno Cornec)
     812.2.7 (2008-10-10)
     82- HOWTO is now in utf-8 (Bruno Cornec)
     83- Mondo does support OBDR is now documented (Bruno Cornec)
     84- Fix documentation wrt -Z option (Bruno Cornec)
     862.2.6 (2008-05-31)
     87- Updated meaning of -o option in mondo man page - now OBDR (Bruno Cornec)
     88- Updated mondorestore man page with description of options supported (Bruno Cornec)
     902.2.5 (2008-03-22)
     91- Adds doc for wodim usage (Bruno Cornec)
     92- Remove floppy support in docs as well (Bruno Cornec)
     93- Adds the possibility to increase debug level at restore time with a -K option (Bruno Cornec)
     94- Updates mondoarchive/mindi man pages for USB support (Bruno Cornec)
     95- Build process adapted to use pb (Bruno Cornec)
     96- Fix #190 mondo-restore replaced by mondorestore (veelo)
     97- Improve tape support doc (Tilman Schmidt)
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/tags/

    r2059 r2061  
    5 (2016-04-04)
    6 - TBD
    7 (2016-03-29)
     6- No change
     83.0.4 (2013-07-29)
     9- Fix #673 by improving single quote management in mr_stresc, and using single call for getfacl/getfattr and adding tests to test suite (Bruno Cornec)
     10- Fix #690 by adding support for tape block size question in the GUI (Bruno Cornec)
     11- Fix #640 by adding a test condition for creation temp/scratch dir in order to avoid recreating them if they are alredy correctly setup (Bruno Cornec)
     12- Fix partly #628 by avoiding to erase choices done for varible bkpinfo->isodir and g_isodir_device in iso_fiddly_bits later in the code (Bruno Cornec)
     13- Indicate the other new tools than mkinitrd to help rebuilding the boot env (Philippe Lefevre)
     14- Fix #640 by cleaning up fully the managemnt of tmpdir and scratchdir (Bruno Cornec)
     15- Fix #696 for VGs not having a '-' in their name such as multipath aliases (Victor Gattegno)
     16- Fix #706 by removing usage of MAX_NOOF_MEDIA and an array for media_size in bkpinfo (Bruno Cornec)
     17- Fix #703 Remove the errctl field used in star and log all star msgs into mondorestore.log (Bruno Cornec)
     18- Avoids going into acl/xattr handling for star case as it's done natively (Bruno Cornec)
     19- Move test programs under /usr/lib for rpmlint/deblint (Bruno Cornec)
     20- Updates GPLv2 License files to latest version (Bruno Cornec)
     21- Fix #702 by adding a -F option which allow mondoarchive to fail at first interaction (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Fix #700 sparse file support by adding a CLI parameter -M to modify the biggie file size limit, by default 64 MB, and by using st_blocks instead of st_size  (Bruno Cornec)
     23- Replace mondo_icon.png by mondo_icon.xpm for deblint (Bruno Cornec)
     24- chop_filelist doesn't truncate files in the file list anymore. Fix a bug for ecryptfs support. Backport mr_getline from branch 3.1 and use it for that (Bruno Cornec)
     25- Precising compression rates on GUI button to ease choice (0 is no compression) (Bruno Cornec)
     26- Fix #208 by adding cifs support with first modifications to add cifs support as an external FS (Bruno Cornec)
     283.0.3 (2013-03-15)
     29- Test of mondo now also rebuilds mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
     30- Fix #249 by changing the wrong affectation of fname (Jean Philippe Mohler)
     31- test program now builds first all versions to test (Bruno Cornec)
     32- Fix most compilation warnings (Bruno Cornec)
     33- Adds a warning msg at restore time so that LVM modifications are done in /tmp/i-want-my-lvm and not in the mountlist (Bruno Cornec)
     34- Expand the exclude list to 16 times 512 (MAX_STR_LEN) instead of 8 to support a larger exclude list. (Bruno Cornec)
     35- Fix #611 by changing make-me-bootable to first desactivate all active partitions on the given disk, and then reactivate only the one needed  (Bruno Cornec)
     36- Add option -sparse to all star calls to add support of sparse file in case of star usage, as afio sparse file support seems broken (Bruno Cornec)
     37- Fix #652 by sending errors messages from fdisk to /dev/null to avoid LVM error messages on latest versions (Joel Kociolek)
     38- Fix #650 as pvdisplay output format changed in SLES 11 which returns a dm not the mapper. (Victor Gattegno)
     39- Fix partially #611 and #412 by calling the new OpenSUSE/SELS grub-install when detecting that a /usr/sbin/grub-install.unsupported is present (Victor Gattegno/Bruno Cornec)
     40- Add support for missing mkdtemp such as Red Hat 6.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     41- Fix #622: Adds swaplabel support if it exists (Bruno Cornec)
     42- Fix #623 by sorting correctly the dev mapper devices when more than 10 are handled (Martin Kitka/Didier Diaz)
     43- Fix #644 again by backporting a 3.1 patch to use dynamic memory allocation for the function run_program_and_log_output (Bruno Cornec)
     44- Improve autoconf/automake build process (Bruno Cornec)
     463.0.2 (2012-06-03)
     47- Fix a bug on RHEL 5 where lvdisplay doesn't support redirection. Adds a | cat in between, as was done for vgdisplay (Bruno Cornec)
     48- Additon of a regression test suite in mondo-test. This version was tested with it for rhel-6-x86_64, rhel-5-x86_64, debian-6.0-x86_64, ubuntu-11.04-i386 (Bruno Cornec)
     49- Fix #616 by using the correct temp variable (statically allocated) for NFS analysis (Bruno Cornec)
     50- Fix #618 by adding support for new command tune4fs for labelling ext4 FS (needed on RHEL 5.6 at least) (Bruno Cornec)
     51- Improve error messages for handling better #611 (Bruno Cornec)
     52- Fix #596 for good as well as #473 and #500: now mondorestore will recreate correctly md devices with their original UUIDs and original metadata format. (Bruno Cornec)
     53- Fix #595 (MD core dump issue) by removing an abusive mr_free (Bruno Cornec)
     54- Manages grub version at backup time and in the conf file (Bruno Cornec)
     55- Adds a mkraidtab CLI parameter to test raidtab generation (Bruno Cornec)
     56- Rewrite strip_space in a much simpler version without valgrind warnings (Bruno Cornec)
     57- Fix #599 on NFS user mount error (Victor Gattegno)
     593.0.1 (2012-02-24)
     60- Fix #580 by checking a modification on the mountlist and then asking for conf file adaptation (Bruno Cornec)
     61- Fix #127 by removing code which was forcing media size in NFS mode blindly (Michael Caerwyn
     62- Fix #584 by using memmove to allow strings to overlap (tottenwd)
     63- Adds grub2 support  (Michael Caerwyn
     64- Adds brtfs support (Michael Caerwyn
     65- Fix #579 by checking with pipes on both sides of the string (Bruno Cornec)
     66- Fix #578 by improving the regexp used for CD/DVD detection with -scanbus option (Victor Gattegno/Bruno Cornec)
     67- Adds more verbosity when LVM creation fails. (Bruno Cornec)
     68- Fix #577 by having factor back as a float (not a long ! it's a decimal value) and making the appropriate cast. (Bruno Cornec)
     69- Really never inject or eject when the -e option is passed or device is inappropriate (USB, Net, ...) (Bruno Cornec)
     713.0.0 (2011-12-23)
     72- Fix #500 and #473 by adding support of old metadata format for mdadm if using grub < 0.9x or lilo on a md boot device (Bruno Cornec)
     73- mondoarchive now exists if the mt command is missing when needed (Bruno Cornec)
     74- Remove all mention of from code (Bruno Cornec)
     75- Fix grub installation if we had to go in the hack part which wasn't using the correct variables to make decisions ! (Bruno Cornec)
     76- Exclude /run similarly to /sys and /proc (Bruno Cornec)
     77- Fix #512 by clearing old scratchdir before changing to a new (Bruno Cornec)
     78- Fix #511 now stabgrub is called also after conf file modifications (Bruno Cornec)
     79- Fix #520 by using a correct grep sequence (Victor Gattegno)
     80- Fix a bug where on OBDR mode compression was turned off to create the OBDR content but not back on (Bruno Cornec)
     81- Adds support for hwaddr (MAC addresses) at restore time, and map to the correct NIC if it's found at restore time (Bruno Cornec/Stefan Heijmans)
     82- Mindi progression still not good, but showing now 3% when calling mindi. (Bruno Cornec)
     83- Fix #436 by adding some newtDrawForm where appropriate. (Bruno Cornec)
     84- Uses the -d option of the mount command to avoid leaving loop devices in use. Should fix the problems reported on the ML with NFS and more than 8 ISO images (8 being the default number of loop devices available) (Bruno Cornec)
     85- Fix #496 by supporting the protocol in the output of the mount command (sshfs#...) (Bruno Cornec)
     86- Avoid a useless umount when changing of afio set, let insist_on_cd check and perform if needed (Bruno Cornec)
     87- Adds the post-nuke script sample for Debian (Guillaume Pernot/Andrée Leidenfrost)
     88- Solve #495 by skipping the potential (auto-read-only) when analyzing /proc/mdstat result (Bruno Cornec)
     89- Fix a panadoid_free done on the wrong variable (solve a memory leak) (Bruno Cornec)
     90- Really support both mkisofs and genisoimage everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     91- Try to handle netfs_user better in all cases (NFS and SSHFS) (Bruno Cornec)
     932.2.9.7 (2011-06-27)
     94- Fix multi-media restore by umounting it before looping to ask for the next (Bruno Cornec)
     95- Fix #485 by replacing a wrong call to mr_asprintf which was provoking core dumped (Bruno Cornec)
     96- Fix a NULL pointer used in exclude_path if -E option for mondoarchive was not specified (Taguchi/Bruno Cornec)
     97- Fix -maxdepth option usage for find command (Taguchi)
     98- Free memory for mountdir which was forgotten (backport from 2.2.10) (Bruno Cornec)
     99- Better loging of labeling in mondo when in nuke mode (Bruno Cornec)
     100- Fix #468 by adding support of ext attr and compression type through the GUI. (Bruno Cornec)
     101- Fix #433 by introducing a new bkpinfo member (subdir) to support storing the subdir under which ISO images are stored on an external HDD (Bruno Cornec)
     102- Fix #432 with a better message at a start (Bruno Cornec)
     103- Fix #404 with text properly centered in open_and_list_dir (Chucky)
     104- Fix computation issues in resize_drive_proportionately_to_suit_new_drives (JB/Bruno Cornec)
     1062.2.9.6 (2011-04-12)
     107- Improved message for Arch Linux for rebuilding the initrd (MC)
     108- Accept to work with either wodim or cdreord and genisoimage or mkisofs (Bruno Cornec)
     109- Avoids coredump again when exclude_path is NULL with mr_make_devlist_from_pathlist (MC/Bruno Cornec)
     110- Fix a seg fault bug when using the GUI in case exclude_paths was NULL (MC)
     1122.2.9.5 (2011-02-27)
     113- Do not create an error when a phys device has 0 size and is a /dev/dm-* device (Bruno Cornec)
     114- Excluding vmhgfs FS for VMWare guests mounting areas of the host. (Bruno Cornec)
     115- Fix #444. mondoarchive now supports inclusion/exclusion of dirs with spaces in their name. this required a syntax change for the -E/-I options where the list of dirs needs to be separated by '|' now instead of ' '. (Bruno Cornec)
     116- Fix a bug when no -E option is given on CLI (null) string generated (Bruno Cornec)
     117- Backport from 2.2.10 the support of a dynamic exclude_path variable. Should help fix #366, #421, #368, #371, #443 (Bruno Cornec)
     118- Exits if the protocol used is not recognized (error with -n fs:// typo) (Bruno Cornec)
     119- Fix a bug on exclusion of path with common content (/home and /path/home e.g.) which was handled correctly only in a certain order (John Pearson)
     120- mount-media function is now placed in libmondo-devices.c as used by more programs. (Bruno Cornec)
     121- Avoids calling mount_media when it's not mandatory (change the way mondorestore was working up to now but could solve some bugs reported) (Bruno Cornec)
     122- Fix #412 by using grub.unsupported correctly before grub-install as both exist on opensuse 11.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     123- Try to provide a workaround in code to the #401 (over-allocation of space due to rounding errors) (Bruno Cornec)
     124- Fix a bug when using ACLs and file with spaces in their names by adding double quotes in getfacl invocation (Tom Mortell)
     125- Attempt to fix problem of slowdown in filelist creation by re-introducing a limit to the find command (Bruno Cornec)
     126- Improves logging for external binary (Bruno Cornec)
     1282.2.9.4 (2010-06-09)
     129- Attempt to fix problem of slowdown in filelist creation by re-introducing a limit to the find command (Bruno Cornec)
     130- Remove a wrong usage of mr_strcat with exclude_path in the 2.2.9 version (probably cause of #421) (Bruno Cornec)
     131- netfs_proto should be initialized in every case, not just in DR (should solve remaining NULL reports) (Bruno Cornec)
     132- Avoid to have multiple similar calls to mkisofs by using macros (Bruno Cornec)
     133- Mondoarchive should not try to create a cmp binary if it doesn't exist (Bruno Cornec)
     1352.2.9.3 (2010-04-12)
     136- Fixes for #414: remove comments from grub conf file if used and improve grub conf file generation (Bruno Cornec)
     137- Fix #412 by supporting grub-install.unsupported for OpenSuSE and solving an issue with the parameter passed to grub for device which should be a device name, not a partition (Bruno Cornec)
     138- Put an explicit notice of MondoRescue's license: GPLv2 or later (as per Hugo's notice in sources) (Bruno Cornec)
     139- Fix an initialization bug for network protocol in interactive mode (was NULL and not NFS by default) (Bruno Cornec)
     140- Try to fix #397 by improving exclusion of binded /proc mount with "none" fs type exclusion (Bruno Cornec)
     141- Fix #392 by freeing the sz_devfile fifo for ntfs later as it was used in between, causing a problem to backup NTFS dev (Bruno Cornec)
     1432.2.9.2 (2010-02-05)
     144- Fix #388: SElinux (and ACLs + xattrs) are now supported fully (Bruno Cornec/Kevin Ritzenthaler)
     145- Improves device exclusion for LVM (support for symlinks, mapper at all levels: PV, VG, LV, and new boot option excludedevs) and fixes #381, #382, #384, #385 (Bruno Cornec)
     146- Fix #383 by using pvdisplay instead of relying on 8e as partition type (Bruno Cornec)
     147- Exclude rpc_pipefs type of filesystems from find (Bruno Cornec)
     148- Adds the --rescue flag to ntfsclone (Andree Leidenfrost)
     149- Replace some sprintf by mr_asprintf to add dynamic memory management (Bruno Cornec)
     150- Fix #377: Segfault in pause_and_ask_for_cdr() (ggeens)
     151- Fix a bug when isodir is / only when splitting it in iso_path and iso_mnt (Kennedy Doss/Bruno Cornec)
     152- Fix #375 mondo will segfault if the partition in sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir() is read-only (cylau)
     1542.2.9.1 (2009-11-28)
     155- /dev/shm is now part of the default exclude list (Bruno Cornec)
     156- Default to DVD size when in iso or netfs mode (Bruno Cornec)
     157- Fix #363 where exclude_paths was extended up to memory limit dumping core (Bruno Cornec)
     158- Fix #367 - the for loop doesn't make any test now, as it was computed before entering the loop, leading to an error, and was also made inside the loop anyway (Bruno Cornec)
     159- If using nolvm boot param option, mondorestore should also not analyze and handle i-want-my-lvm (Bruno Cornec)
     160- Reset an error counter before blanking a DVD to avoid always returning an error (Vincent Raman)
     1622.2.9 (2009-10-09)
     163- Adds support for grub2 conf file grub.cfg in addition to menu.lst (Bruno Cornec)
     164- priority given to env var for tmpdir (Bruno Cornec)
     165- fuse FS excluded from tmpdir computation (Bruno Cornec)
     166- DSF now also supports partitions in addition to full disks (Bruno Cornec)
     167- Adds Fuse SSHFS support at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     168- Excluded devices are now handled fully (with bkpinfo->exclude_devs), including in LVM (Bruno Cornec)
     169- Change NFS support into a generic NetFS support. keyword changed from nfs... to netfs... and proto added (Bruno Cornec)
     170- star only supports ACL when used with exustar mode. Fix #356 (Bruno Cornec)
     171- Modify getfattr call to have all extended attributes, including non user ones. Fix #357. (Kevin Ritzenthaler)
     172- Avoid asking the Prefix name in NFS mode twice (Bruno Cornec)
     173- Fix a case where the NFS dir in restore mode was mounted rw (linked to bug #291) (Bruno Cornec)
     174- Solve tmp dir creation which sometimes was trying to create /%xx dirs. Fix #293. (Bruno Cornec)
     175- Removes some memory leaks with valgrind usage (Bruno Cornec)
     176- Improve dynamic memory allocation with mr_asprintf (Bruno Cornec)
     177- Remove all the most obvious bad call to strcat and replace by mr_strcat as appropriate (Bruno Cornec)
     178- Remove the iamhere function (Bruno Cornec)
     179- Remove mr_string.c|.h useless and in duplication with mr_str.c|.h (Bruno Cornec)
     180- Use new libmr.a in build process (Bruno Cornec)
     181- Fix a bug (seg fault) when a too large mountlist was used (Bruno Cornec)
     182- Adds test program for mountlist and truncate_to_drive_name (Bruno Cornec)
     183- Add support of user for NFS write and fixes #316 (Bruno Cornec)
     184- mount the NFS dir in mondoarchive, if not already mounted, but present in fstab and fixes #304 (Bruno Cornec)
     185- Usage of partprobe at restore time if possible (Bruno Cornec)
     186- Allow the possibility to enter temp and scratch dir in the newt interface. Fixes #326. (Bruno Cornec)
     187- Protection of chains (file names) passed to system with mr_stresc which may contain strange chars (Bruno Cornec)
     188- Improve autoconf cuild process (Bruno Cornec)
     189- Some SuSE have ramdisk as modules, so modprobe brd first before testing for ramdisk presence (Stephan Lauffer)
     190- Security fix for a remaining /tmp hard coded reference which shouln't have a small potential impact for mondo-prep.c as the file was removed before being recreated and usage is very short (Gentoo/Bruno Cornec)
     191- Fix lack of formating (discovered by the new Mandriva build process) (Bruno Cornec)
     192- Create a new define for MAX_MOUNTLIST_ENTRIES and increse MAX_TAPECATALOG_ENTRIES to solve a reported limit (Bruno Cornec)
     193- Adds support of special partiion names (ida, cciss, mapth) for format-and-kludge-vfat (Bruno Cornec)
     194- Fix a bug where partition number was wrong for mpath type of dev (Bruno Cornec)
     195- Remove the maxdepth param in find to take in account deeply mounted proc file systems (Bruno Cornec)
     196- Fix bugs on array size reported by SuSE build system (Stephan Lauffer)
     197- Fix a very old bug for partiion labelling after restoration where a fstab with empty lines was causing the script to abort. (Ward Mundy/Bruno Cornec)
     198- Deliver again the format-and-kludge-vfat script (Bruno Cornec)
     199- Fix NTFS support at restore time (Conor Daly)
     200- Really fix the Ubuntu issue with a separate /var this time (Bruno Cornec)
     2022.2.8 (2009-02-04)
     203- Exclude in the file list all FS of type proc and sysf (Bruno Cornec)
     204- iso9660 type of FS should not be used to create temp dir (Bruno Cornec)
     205- support latest Ubuntu where /var is a separate FS - see [2128] (Bruno Cornec)
     206- Use forced USB device through Boot CLI, instead of taking what is in the conf file (Bruno Cornec)
     207- Do not limit the PATH variable length anymore (Dale Marinenko/Bruno Cornec)
     208- Improve function truncate_to_drive_name to support returning full drives used as partitions (Bruno Cornec)
     209- Adds support of ntfs-3g as good format (Bruno Cornec)
     210- Adds nfs4 support (Bruno Cornec)
     211- Remove some static allocation in a recursive function - save memory (Bruno Cornec)
     212- Use /boot/grub/menu.lst everywhere instead of messing up with /etc/grub.conf (Bruno Cornec)
     213- Adds support for initrd regeneration at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     214- Fix #302 adds ext4 support (Bruno Cornec)
     215- Fix a bug on ia64 where an attempt to create boot.b was made (Giuseppe Grassi/Bruno Cornec)
     216- Fix a bug in a logging message, where format didn't correspond to params thus giving core :-( (Bruno Cornec)
     217- Improves logging when a compressor is not found (Bruno Cornec)
     218- Adds multipath support for RHEL 5.2 (Bruno Cornec/Mathieu Losmede)
     219- Avoids checking writable NFS share in interactive mode (Bruno Cornec)
     220- Improve logging in when labelling (Bruno Cornec)
     221- Fix #298 - MA.log.gz gone (Bruno Cornec)
     222- Fix #291 when restoring interactively from NFS the NFS share is now mounted read-only (Bruno Cornec)
     223- Use MONDO_CACHE everywhere instead of fixed strings (Bruno Cornec)
     224- Remove monitas code (Bruno Cornec)
     225- Adds support for dm devices in truncate_to_drive_name (Bruno Cornec)
     226- Do not try to create the dummy file on the NFS share when in DR mode as now the NFS share is mounted ro !(Bruno Cornec)
     227- Avoid erasing mountlist and I-want-my-lvm when already existing (Benoit Donnette/Bruno Cornec)
     2292.2.7 (2008-10-10)
     230- Remove useless function calc_orig_size_of_drive_from_mountlist (Bruno Cornec)
     231- Removing potential interactive vgremove command (Andree Leidenfrost)
     232- Fix #252 by removing shm usage in mondo (Bruno Cornec)
     233- Fix #277 compatibility in live mode with previous versions (Bruno Cornec)
     234- Add support for labeled reiser FS (Ulrich Tehrani)
     235- DSF patch modified to so that get_dsf_mount_list only deal with one path passed as param (Bruno Cornec)
     236- Adds support for OCFS2 file system when formating using the right command in which_format_command_do_i_need
     237(Bruno Cornec)
     238- New function get_dsf_mount_list to support devices with -E and -I (Michael Shapiro)
     239- Protect recursive remove of tempdir with test on the look and feel of that dir to avoid removing blindly useful dir :-( (Bruno Cornec)
     240- -H should be usable with tapes, especially OBDR ones (Bruno Cornec)
     241- Replace a 32kB blocksize fix with the internal blaock size, and adds a call to setblk to try to fix #255, which shouldn't break anything (Bruno Cornec)
     242- Fix for #261 nsspool and nssvol support (sprobst)
     243- Fix #260 restoring when cancel in non disaster mode was a regression on 2.2.5 (Bruno Cornec)
     2452.2.6 (2008-05-31)
     246- Exclude gfs type of FS from backup - Fix #135 (Bruno Cornec)
     247- Adds OBDR support with -o CLI option and interactive mode - Fix #29 (Bruno Cornec)
     248- Simplify some function interface with bkpinfo global (Bruno Cornec)
     249- Fix a bug with g_log_level handled as a string in a msg (Bruno Cornec)
     250- Attempt to fix problem with SuSE 10.2 boot loader not reinstalled - may also fix other SLES issues reported with the same problem - by mounting /proc and /sys in the chroot during mount_all_devices (Bruno Cornec)
     251- Fix #250 - Automatic restore with tape is asking questions (Bruno Cornec)
     252- Fix #244 by ignoring SIGPIPE during big file restore with gzip (Bruno Cornec)
     253- Renaming of files to be in conformity with stable and ease aplication of patches between branches (Bruno Cornec)
     254- Fixing broken NFS support in 2.2.5 for rhel5 at least (Kyle Johnson/Bruno Cornec)
     255- Fix for gentoo (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     256- Remove all code related to floppies (Bruno Cornec)
     257- Do not mess with modules.conf anymore. Just use what is in deplist.txt (Bruno Cornec)
     258- Sharing mondo-cli.c from mondoarchive as libmondo-cli.c for both mondoarchive and mondorestore (Mark Pinkerton)
     259- Apply patch (Mark Pinkerton)
     260- Apply a modified version of mondo.libmondo-cli.patch (Mark Pinkerton)
     261- Extract of mandatory files is now under ./tmp/.. instead of tmp/.. as we use tar to create the all.tar.gz (Bruno Cornec)
     262- Removes the useless uid field of the mountlist_line struct (Bruno Cornec)
     263- Some valgrind fixes (Bruno Cornec)
     2652.2.5 (2008-03-22)
     266- Remove floppy support from mondo (Bruno Cornec)
     267- mondoarchive now really excludes /tmp by default (Bill R. Williams)
     268- Postpone removal of tmpdir to avoid error messages at end (Bruno Cornec)
     269- Replace some sprintf by asprintf, searching for a core dumped bug at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     270- Gentoo ebuild fixes Cf: (Francesco Talamona)
     271- Adds the possibility to increase debug level at restore time with a -K option (Bruno Cornec)
     272- Fix BigFile support when one bigfile is deleted during the archiving (Bruno Cornec)
     273- Fix NFS mount problem (Bruno Cornec)
     274- Removal of locate usage completely from code to use find (Bruno Cornec)
     275- Never tries to eject a NFS media (Brian McKee)
     276- Only ask for size in NFS mode at backup time (Brian McKee)
     277- Adds support for alb/aft types of bonding on Intel cards (Mark Pinkerton)
     278- Adds Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10 build support (Bruno Cornec)
     279- Do not mount /boot if it's already mounted - avoids ESX hang (Bruno Cornec)
     280- Use RESTORE consistently across mondo to restore without interaction (Takeshi Shoji/Bruno Cornec)
     281- Remove dummy file created on NFS (Arnaud Tiger/Bruno Cornec)
     282- Adds full UUID support, especially with Ubuntu 7.10 (Bruno Cornec)
     283- Create MONDO_CACHE and use it everywhere + creation at start (Bruno Cornec)
     284- Add USB Key button to Menu UI (CD streamer removed) (Bruno Cornec)
     285- Add USB disk/key support (Bruno Cornec)
     286- Attempt to fix error messages on tmp/scratch files at the end by removing those dir at the latest possible (Bruno Cornec)
     287- Fix a bug linked to the size of the -E param which could be used (Arnaud Tiger/René Ribaud)
     288- Build process adapted to use pb (Bruno Cornec)
     289- Fix #137 and #3 issue with large exclude list (> 1000 chars) (Bruno Cornec)
     290- Fix #191 edition of mountlist in compare mode (Bruno Cornec)
     291- Fix partially #197 count deleted files in compare (Scott Cummings/Bruno Cornec)
     292- Fix some some valgrind errors (Bruno Cornec)
     293- Fix a bug where df was using locale to print messages and wasn't filtered correctly (Bruno Cornec)
     294- Add mkdtemp checked in configure (Bruno Cornec)
     295- reset_bkpinfo creates a tmpdir with mkdtemp in setup_tmpdir, takes in account TMPDIR and TMP (Bruno Cornec)
     296- Render bkpinfo global (Bruno Cornec)
     297- Use bkpinfo->tmpdir instead of /tmp or MINDI_CACHE when appropriate to fix security issues (Andree Leidenfrost/Bruno Cornec)
     298- replace vi with find_my_editor during restore (Andree Leidenfrost)
     299- Fix #195 broken Compare with gzip (Scott Cummings)
     300- Fix #194 automatically rebooting at the end of PXE restore process (Bruno Cornec)
     301- Fix #190 mondo-restore replaced by mondorestore (veelo)
     302- /tmp => /var/log for mondorestore.log (Bruno Cornec)
     303- Fix gentoo issues again (Francesco Talamona)
     304- Fix #187 Non-matching file list doesn't work in GUI mode in Compare mode (Scott Cummings)
     305- Fix a bug in interactive mode on ia64 where lilo wasn't forced (Bruno Cornec)
     306- Add support of Debian ia64 (Bruno Cornec)
     307- Improve ia64 support for SLES (Bruno Cornec)
     308- Fix #179 core dump (Bruno Cornec)
     309- Add the possibiilty to edit in interactive mode mtab and for grub (Bruno Cornec)
     310- Remove blkid cache files after restore to avoid problems in cloning mode (Bruno Cornec)
     311- Fix #185 buggy hack-fstab for LABEL and UUID support (Bruno Cornec)
     3132.2.4 (2007-07-06)
     314- Size of DVD is 4482 (or more surely 4480 to avoid problems - used everywhere) (Bruno Cornec)
     315- New Hardware migration guide with P2V (Eric Montaut/Gallig/Renaud/Bruno Cornec)
     316- Fix a memory allocation bug where strings were freed to early (Nick Hajek)
     317- yum support added to ftp server (Mark Nienberg/Bruno Cornec)
     318- Also computes number of media for NFS backups (Patrick Albert/Bruno Cornec)
     319- Improve message around ISO directory (Patrick Albert/Bryan Gartner)
     320- Improved Ubuntu support (Fix #159) (Bruno Cornec)
     321- Improved VMWare ESX supoprt (Amaury Tanquerel/Bruno Cornec)
     322- Fix a bug (hang #136) when no floppy available (Bruno Cornec)
     323- Adds OCFS support in -N (Bruno Cornec)
     324- Reduce log file verbosity in sort phase (Bruno Cornec)
     325- Fix a spelling error (James Cameron/Bruno Cornec)
     326- mondo rpm pkg depends on buffer and cdrecord (Vincen Danen/Bruno Cornec)
     327- Adds -p option support to mondorestore (Fix #114) (Bruno Cornec)
     328- Adds support for Boot loader in partitions (Fix #117) (Bruno Cornec)
     329- Fix a bug where Unallocated space was considered as an error (Bruno Cornec)
     330- MINDI_CACHE set to /var/cache/mindi new location of mindi images instead of /root/images/mindi (Andree Leidenfrost)
     331- Fix bug #158 (cummings)
     332- Do not use mindi-boot.2880.img (which may not exist) anymore in mondorestore (Bruno Cornec)
     333- get_architecture now returns correctly the built arch used (Bruno Cornec)
     334- Fix a bug in mondoarchive for UUID support of /boot (Bruno Cornec)
     335- Fix a bug for mountlist creation (UUID wasn't printed)
     336- Build process now creates yum and urpmi repositories for the respective rpm based distros (Bruno Cornec)
     3382.2.3 (2007-04-26)
     339- Fix a critical bug where bzip2 files where not considered during restore (Dale Tronrud/Scott Cummings)
     3412.2.2 (2007-04-16)
     342- Log files are now consistent: mondoarchive.log for mondoarchive (containing also mindi.log) and mondorestore.log for mondorestore (copied from /tmp (ram) to /var/log (disk) at the end of the restore) (Bruno Cornec)
     343- Script label-partitions-as-necessary now works correctly for LABEL and UUID (Bruno Cornec)
     344- Remove useless script compare-me (Bruno Cornec)
     345- Some FreeBSD fixes (Bruno Cornec)
     346- Fix a bug where losetup is called with only one parameter (#140) (Bruno Cornec)
     347- Fix a core dumped when a Big file doesn't exist an can't be created (Nic Watson/Bruno Cornec)
     348- support UUID in mondorestore (Fix #103) (Bruno Cornec)
     349- Fix a bug in size computation for cciss and similar devices needing a p before their partition name (Bruno Cornec)
     350- Fix 2 references to grep -x (Fix for #96) (Bruno Cornec)
     351- Add build support for Mandriva 2007.1, RREL 5 and Debian 4.0 (Bruno Cornec)
     352- Fix a bug on is_this_raid_personality_registered (John Pearson/Bruno Cornec)
     353- Fix a bug with raid5 arrays synchronization (Rémi Bondoin)
     354- Tape support improvements (Benoit Donnette/Michel Loiseleur)
     355- Handle no compression + verify correctly (Scott Cummings)
     356- various HOWTO fixes (Mike Kinney)
     357- Fix temporarily a bug when a biggiefile > 32MB was compressed below the size
     358of a slice (16MB) (Michel Loiseleur/Bruno Cornec)
     359- Better module loading in insmod_crucial_modules (Andree Leidenfrost)
     360- Improve Gentoo packaging (Linos)
     361- Small typo fix for mondorestore man page (petes-bugs)
     362- Small memory management improvements (Michel Loiseleur/Bruno Cornec)
     363- Store NFS config only once (Bruno Cornec)
     364- Fix a flaw in libmondo-mountlist.c (there since rev [1] !!) (Bruno Cornec)
     365- Increased MAX_STR_LEN to 384 to make it divisible without remainder by eight
     366for 64 bits platforms (Andree Leidenfrost)
     367- Fix a bug where no bzip2 format file would be found when supporting gzip (Andy Wright)
     368- CentOS fixes (Andy Wright)
     3702.2.1 (2006-12-23)
     371- Fix a memory allocation bug in gen_aux_list (Klaus Ade Johnstad/Andree Leidenfrost)
     372- fedora core 6 and suse 10.2 support added in build process (Bruno Cornec)
     373- Fix a bug where grub.conf was a symlink (Bruno Cornec)
     374- mondo now supports gzip compression format (-G option) (#113) (Bruno Cornec)
     375- ACL and XATTR are now NOT backed up anymore by default. Should increase mondoarchive speed. To handle them as before, please use the -z option. Fix Bug #63 (Bruno Cornec)
     376- Fix a bug in libmondo-fifo.c where potentially no buffer content could let mondo runni ng forever in case of an exception (Bruno Cornec)
     377- Fix a bug where ps (busybox) and ps (system) do not give PID in the same column (Bruno Cornec)
     378- TAG is now per package (Bruno Cornec)
     379- Add CentOS build support (Andy Wright/Bruno Cornec)
     380- Fix bug #89 (env var were queried too early, and not ncessarily in PXE mode) (Bruno Cornec)
     381- fix #66 (setfacl not existing => no error) (Bruno Cornec)
     382- Removal of grep -w|-x during restore as not supported by busybox fixes bug #101 (Alfred Chua/Bruno Cornec)
     383- Fix a bug with DVD+RW format, when mondo asks for retry without success indifinitely (Mariano Aliaga)
     384- Fix Bug #90 mondoarchive fails when using space in the prefix (Bruno Cornec)
     385- Fix Bug #87 LABEL= swap does not come online after mondorestore (Bruno Cornec)
     386- Source directory for mondo is now src (compatibility with trunk) (Bruno Cornec)
     3882.2.0 (2006-10-04)
     389- start-nfs now exports variables taken from PXE command line to mondo to override parameters during archiving - Fix bug #21 (Bruno Cornec)
     390- Fix for bug #71 mondo now works correctly on x86_64 (Brendan Bouffler/Bruno Cornec)
     391- Fix for bug #4 (B. Baumer)
     392- Fix PXE documentation (Brendan Bouffler)
     393- Attempt to fix bug #25 - bonding support (Michael Shapiro/Bruno Cornec)
     394- Write start and finish time to log - Fix bug #33 (Bruno Cornec)
     395- New mr_stresc function to escape commands submitted to system and fixes [[debianBTS(379966)]] (Andree Leidenfrost)
     396- New files mr_string.c and mr_string.h (v3.0 new organization) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     397- Fix for [[debianBTS(320152)]] display problem in newt (Andree Leidenfrost)
     398- Check for grub.conf being a symbolic link (Andree Leidenfrost)
     399- AFS support (Andree Leidenfrost/Bruno Cornec)
     400- Better post-nuke handling (first steps) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     401- Icon for use in menus (Andree Leidenfrost)
     402- Fix for bug #14 -E switch error (Bruno Cornec)
     403- Fix for bug #6 mondorestore will ask for prefix during selectve restore (Bruno Cornec)
     404- Fix for bug #21 prefix taken from PXE server first (Bruno Cornec)
     405- Fix for bug #24 ps options (Bruno Cornec)
     4072.0.9 (2006-08-04)
     408- Preliminary build process working for Debian and Gentoo (Bruno Cornec)
     409- New NFS/PXE support. start-nfs is now a fixed script. Allow more possibilities at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
     410- Fix some compiler warnings for 64bits mode (Andree Leidenfrost)
     411- Fix various screen corruption for 'Configure LVM'/RAID sync (Andree Leidenfrost)
     412- SuSE RPMS now use bzip2 (Lars Rupp/Bruno Cornec)
     413- Exclude ClearCase mvfs type of filesystem from mondo backup ( Cornec)
     414- Improved .spec Requires (Fedora/SuSE feedbacks) (Bruno Cornec)
     415- Indication for users of IDE burners and 2.6 kernels (Christopher Moriarity/Bruno Cornec)
     416- remove df -P during restore as busybox doesn't support it (Bruno Cornec)
     417- nfsmount option added to allow redeployment from another NFS server (Bruno Cornec)
     418- This version should work a bit better with files having special char bug #7421 - but more to come (Bruno Cornec)
     419- Fix [[debianBTS(369321)]] by increasing MAX_TAPECATALOG_ENTRIES to 8192 and bkpinfo->optimal_set_size to 16MB (Andree Leidenfrost)
     420- Fix problem with BurnProof+DVD (Andree Leidenfrost)
     421- Fix bug #7820: mondo should now support files > 2GB ( Cornec)
     422- Replaced all occurrences of egrep with 'grep -E' and of fgrep with 'grep -F' (Andree Leidenfrost)
     423- Optimize grep usage - fixes [[debianBTS(222052)]] (Andree Leidenfrost)
     424- Avoid false alerts about growisofs not running under sudo (Andree Leidenfrost)
     425- Increase PPCFG_RAMDISK_SIZE to 350 MB (Thomas Börkel/Bruno Cornec)
     426- Removed useless mondo-makefilelist (Andree Leidenfrost)
     427- Fix a segmentation fault in parse_mdstat() (Andree Leidenfrost)
     428- Fix gcc 4.1.2 warnings (Andree Leidenfrost)
     4302.0.8-3 (2006-06-07)
     431- Fix a bug in -I and -E handling !!  (Paolo Bernardoni <>/Bruno Cornec)
     432- Fix permissions for autorun (Bruno Cornec)
     433- Fox delivery problems for tar files with too restrictive umask (Bruno Cornec)
     434- Fix parsing of DHCP information in start-nfs script (Andree Leidenfrost)
     4362.0.8-2 (2006-06-02)
     437- PXE mode now supports change of NIC for redeployment (Bruno Cornec)
     4392.0.8-1 (2006-05-25)
     440- new build process (Bruno Cornec)
     441- Fix a bug in .spec for RPM build (attr now unused) (Bruno Cornec)
     442- Support of dm and LVM v2 (Andree Leidenfrost)
     443- New mr_strtok functionn added and used for dm support (Andree Leidenfrost)
     444- Complete doc is now a separate package. mondo still contains the man pages and howto in minimal useful formats (Bruno Cornec)
     445- HOWTO now contains a new chapter on unattended support for mondo
     446- Increase size (4 times) of include|exclude variables
     447- Fix a bug on -I and -E not working with multiple parameters
     448- Fix a bug in verify for NFS by swapping nfs_remote_dir and isodir when assembling name for image file to verify (Andree Leidenfrost)
     449- Fix mondo when restoring filenames containing blanks (still a problem for filenames with ') (Bruno Cornec)
     450- Fix a RPM generation bug for rh7.3 (i386-redhat-linux prefix for binaries) (Bruno Cornec)
     4522.0.7 (2006-03-10)
     453- useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)
     454- Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)
     455- Add the actual format to messages after calls to function is_this_a_valid_disk_format() about unsupported formats.  (Andree Leidenfrost)
     456- Abort|Warn when one of the include|exclude dirs (-I|-E) does not exist (Bruno Cornec/Jeffs)
     457- Replaced partimagehack with ntfsclone from ntfsprogs package. (Andree Leidenfrost)
     458- use df -P everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     459- Paypal incitations removed (Andree Leidenfrost)
     460- mondo now uses /usr/share for the restore-scripts (Bruno Cornec)
     461- rpmlint cleanups (Bruno Cornec)
     462- no shared librairies and no X11 anymore (were useless) (Bruno Cornec)
     463- files > 2GB are now really supported (Andree Leidenfrost)
     464- new SGML based Mondo Rescue documentation + new Web site (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
     465- mondoarchive aborts when 'mindi --findkernel' gives a fatal error (See also [[debianBTS(352323)]].) (Andree Leidenfrost)
     466- /tmp not excluded anymore from backup (Bruno Cornec)
     467- New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)
     469v2.06 (2005-12-23)
     470- better error handling of failed commands/mindi (Andree Leidenfrost)
     471- fix compiler warnings (Andree Leidenfrost)
     472- -p improvements for NFS/PXE/ISO modes (Bruno Cornec)
     473- support of default route and netmask for PXE/NFS (Bruno Cornec)
     474- fix for restoring mondo backups on md-raid systems (Philippe De Muyter)
     475- remove excessive 'cat' commands (Philippe De Muyter)
     476- fix to force growisofs to use speed=1 for DVD burning (Philippe De Muyter)
     477- now handles cifs correctly (Bruno Cornec)
     478- fix issue where mondoarchive ejects CD/DVD despite writing iso images (Andree Leidenfrost)
     479- Add -P option to df calls (Andree Leidenfrost/Chuan-kai Lin)
     480- fix usage of joint -B and -m options (Andree Leidenfrost/Efraim Feinstein)
     481- Quadrupled ARBITRARY_MAXIMUM from 500 to 2000 for mondorestore's filebrowser (Andree Leidenfrost)
     482- remove the renice of mondoarchive (Hugo Rabson)
     483- relocate what was under /usr/share to /usr/lib (FHS compliance) (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
     484- manage non ambiguous delivery under /usr (packages) or /usr/local (tar ball) (Bruno Cornec)
     485- disable x11 build by default (Bruno Cornec)
     486- remove sbminst (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
     487- use parted2fdisk everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
     488- exports MONDO_LIB (Bruno Cornec)
     489- RPM build for fedora core 4, sles9, redhat 7.3, rhel 3/4, mandriva 2006.0, mandrake 10.2/10.1 (Bruno Cornec/Gary Granger)
     490- interactive mode now asks for image size and prefix in NFS mode (Gallig Renaud/Bruno Cornec)
     491- iso-prefix should be read in iso mode even when -H not given (Stan Benoit)
     492- VERSION/RELEASE Tag added (Bruno Cornec)
     493- many code cleanup, small fixes, PXE/NFS code improvements (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni/Bruno Cornec)
     495v2.05 (2005-11-19)
     496- -p options works better for NFS cases  (Bruno Cornec)
     497- ia64 is now working for rhel3  (Bruno Cornec)
     498- delivery process to BerliOS improved (Bruno Cornec)
     499- now handles cifs correctly (Bruno Cornec)
     501v2.04_berlios (2005-10-30)
     502- Add -p option to generate ISO images file names with prefix. The new default name for ISO images is mondorescue-1.iso, ... For PXE environment, you have to use the prefix option on the command line (read README.pxe) (Bruno Cornec)
     503- Mandrake 2005 support (Bruno Cornec)
     504- NFS patches (Yann Aubert <>)
     505- mondorestore shouldn't now ask final questions with -H (this is an unattended mode) (Bruno Cornec)
     507v2.04 (2005-05-03)
     508- made mondo more clever about finding its home. Avoids mondo considering directories like '/usr/share/doc/momdo' as its home.
     510v2.03 (2004-09-29)
     511- better SLES8 support
     512- test user-specified temp dir's sanity
     514v2.02 (2004-07-21)
     515- instead of using 'dd' to erase partition table, delete existing partitions w/ the same call to fdisk that is used to create the new partitions; this should avoids locking up the partition table
     516- set bootable partition in the above same call to fdisk, for the same reason (avoids locking up the partition table)
     517- better software RAID support
     518- mount ext3 partitions as ext2 when restoring - better for Debian
     519- better star, ACL support
     520- added ACL, xattr support for afio users
     522v2.01 (2004-06-21)
     523- fixed cvs for SuSE systems
     524- fixed NTFS backup/restore bug relating to partimagehack log file overflow and NTFS v non-NTFS differentiation
     525- more reliable extraction of config info from CDs, floppies
     526- better support of ISO dirs at restore-time (Conor Daly)
     528v2.00 (2004-06-18)
     529- first 2.0 release
     530- updated grub-install.patched to support SuSE and Red Hat
     531- added kdelibs as xmondo dependency (Joshua Oreman)
     532- better find_cdrom_device(), to cope w/ multiple CD writers
     533- added xmondo pixmap installation
     534- fixed -m and -Vc flags
     535- fixed NTFS support!
     536- bootable CD uses native, not El Torito, support now
     537- added -devel package
     538- made xmondo a second package
     539- added ability to specify --without xmondo at build time
     540- Clean up, added spanish translation
     541- Set prefix to be /usr
     542- added/fixed Requires
     543- remove CVS directories prior to building
     544- added 2.6 kernel support
     545- if 2.6 kernel, insist that the user specify CD device
     546- drop Embleer; insist on ms-sys and parted if Windows partition
     547- added support for boot/root multi floppies
     548- call 'mt' to set block size to 32K before opening in/out tape
     549- updated mondo-prep.c to create each disk's partitions all at once (one call per drive) instead of one call to fdisk per partition
     550- when extracting cfg file and mountlist from all.tar.gz (tape copy), use block size of INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE, not TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE
     551- added star and rudimentary SELinux support
     552- fixed lots of bugs
     553- all logging now goes to /var/log/mondo-archive.log, with symlink to /tmp/mondo-restore.log for restore-time log-tracking
     554- added grub-install.patched
     555- removed embleer & other binaries
     556- added '-b' to specify block size
     557- added '-R' for star support
     559v1.75 (2004-03-29)
     560- fixed chmod/chown bug (Jens Richter)
     561- ask user to confirm NFS mountpoint in Interactive Mode
     562- rewritten format_everything() to make sure LVMs, RAIDs and regular partitions are prepped in the correct order
     563- better magicdev support
     564- rewritten external binary caller subroutine
     565- DVD support added
     566- better backup-time control gui; offer to exclude nfs if appl.
     567- fixed multi-tape support
     568- re-implemented -D and -J
     569- fixed bug in extract_config_file_from_ramdisk() which affected tape+floppy users
     570- updated is_incoming_block_valid() to make it return end-of-tape if >300 flotsam blocks
     571- unmount CD-ROM before burning (necessary for RH8/9)
     572- fixed some stray assert()'s
     573- fixed bug in grub-MR (Christian)
     574- make user remove floppy/CD before restoring interactively from tape
     575- fixed bug in am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
     576- added code to nuke_mode() to make sure NFS (backup) share is mounted in Nuke Mode
     577- improved tape device detection code
     578- better GRUB support
     579- better logging of changed bigfiles at compare-time
     580- better NTFS support, thanks to partimagehack-static
     581- better logging
     582- rewrote tape-handling code, breaking compatibility w/ previous versions
     583- fixed ISO/CD biggiefile verification bug in mondoarchive
     584- fixed bug which stopped boot/compare-time changelist from popping up
     585- replaced mondo-makefilelist with C code - faster, cleaner
     586- tweaked GUI - better feedback
     5881.74 (2003-09-24)
     589- fixed biggiefile atime/ctime restoration bug 73
     590- fixed 'default boot loader' detection bug (Joshua Oreman)
     591- use single-threaded make_afioballs_and_images() if FreeBSD
     592- fixed mondoarchive -Vi multi-CD verify bug (Tom Mortell)
     593- superior get_phys_size_of_drive() (Joshua Oreman)
     594- fixed RAID-related bug in where_is_root_mounted()
     595- ISO tweaks
     596- fixed silly bug in load_filelist() which stopped funny German filenames from being handled properly
     597- misc fixes (Michael Hanscho's friend)
     598- added rudimentary support for SME
     599- added better label support
     600- fixed various calls to popup_and_get_string()
     601- fixed spec file
     602- reject -E /
     603- added partimagehack to the mix
     6051.73 (2003-05-04)
     606- mark relevant partitions as bootable _after_ unmounting them
     607- resolve boot device (-f) if softlink
     608- post_param_configuration() --- store iso-dev and isodir
     609- added post-nuke-sample.tgz to package
     610- Nuke Mode now checks mountlist against hardware; offer user opportunity to edit mountlist if insane; if user declines, abort
     611- added lots of assert()'s and other checks
     612- ran code thru Valgrind to catch & fix some memory leaks
     613- made mondo-restore.c smaller by moving some subroutines to common/libmondo-raid.c and mondorestore/mondo-rstr-compare.c
     614- added '-Q' flag, to let user test mondoarchive's ability to find their boot loader and type
     615- improved which_boot_loader()
     616- when burning or comparing to a CD, defeat autorun if it is running, to avoid confusing mondoarchive and the user
     617- if original backup media no longer available at boot-time then offer user chance to choose another media source
     618- when booting, type 'nuke noresize' to nuke w/o resizing mountlist to fill your drives
     619- add 'textonly' when booting, to avoid using Newt gui
     620- run nice(20) to prioritize mondoarchive at start
     621- don't pause and wait for next blank CD at backup-time unless necessary (e.g. previous CD has not been removed)
     622- get_phys_size_of_drive() --- better support of older drives
     623- don't eject if "donteject" is in kernel's command line
     624- cleaned up segfault-handling
     625- added Conor's strip_path() to improve file list display
     626- added Herman Kuster's multi-level bkp patch
     627- added Joshua Oreman's FreeBSD patches x3
     628- fixed interactive/textonly support
     629- fixed support for subdir-within-NFS-mount
     630- fixed "Can't backup if ramdisk not mounted" bug
     631- try to work around eccentricities of multi-CD drive PCs
     632- misc clean-ups (Steve Hindle)
     634v1.72 (2003-04-23)
     635- LVM/RAID bugs fixed (Brian Borgeson)
     636- major clean-up of code (Stan Benoit)
     637- make-me-bootable fix (Juraj Ziegler)
     638- fixed problem w/ multi-ISO verify cycle (Tom Mortell)
     639- removed duplicate entry from makefile
     640- if root is /dev/root then assume not a ramdisk
     641- fixed potentially infinite loop in log_to_screen (Tom Mortell)
     642- reject relative paths if -d flag (Alessandro Polverini)
     643- add '/' to custom filelist as workaround for obscure bug
     644- ask user speed of CDRW if writing to CD
     645- find_cdrom_device() --- if nonexistent/not found then make sure to return '' as dev str and 1 as res
     646- tweaked restore scripts tgz
     647- cleaned up find_cdrom_device()
     648- if user creates /usr/share/mondo/payload.tgz then untar payload to CD at backup-time
     649- fixed insist_on_this_cd_number()
     650- fixed am_i_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
     651- misc clean-up (Tom Mortell)
     652- made code more legible
     653- fixed post-nuke support
     654- fixed nfs support
     655- fixed iso support
     656- at restore-time, only sort mountlist internally, in mount_all_devices() and unmount_all_devices()
     657- fixed cosmetic bug in label-partitions-as-necessary
     658- updated documentation
     659- fixed fstab-hacking scripts
     661v1.71 (2003-04-04)
     662- log newt, slang, ncurses info
     663- updated man page
     664- handle double-percent chars in properly (Heiko Schlittermann)
     665- fixed serious NFS restore bug
     666- changed various strcpy() calls to strncpy() calls
     667- added mondo-makefilelist to makefile (Mikael Hultgren)
     668- mount_cdrom() better at handling multiple CD drives
     669- exclude /media/cdrom,cdrecorder,floppy
     670- sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir() --- exclude smb and smbfs
     671- better logging by eval_call_to_make_ISO()
     672- accept -J <fname> to let user provide their own fs catalog instead of -I <paths> to backup
     673- if dir excluded with -E or included with -I and dir is actually a softlink then exclude/include the dir pointed to, as well
     674- better location for manpage
     675- adjusted block size of tarball at start of tape, to help users w/ broken tape driver firmware
     676- sort -u fstab after modifying it
     677- if backup type is nfs then don't estimate noof media
     678- fixed Makefile (Mikael Hultgren)
     679- updated manpage
     680- added -e support
     682v1.70 (2003-04-04)
     683- new devel branch opened
     685v1.52 (2002-12-08)
     686- fixed bug in multithreading
     687- use new grub-MR instead of grub-install
     688- wipe only the partition table (not MBR) when repartitioning drives
     689- ignore lilo.conf.anaconda when looking for lilo.conf file
     690- accepts '-l RAW' to backup/restore original boot sector instead of running grub or lilo to init it after restoring
     691- fixed&updated stabgrub-me script; software RAID + GRUB work now
     692- mount/unmount /boot partition for Gentoo 1.2 users
     693- re-enabled extra tape checksums
     694- disabled spurious warnings
     695- unmount/remount supermounts at start/end of live restore, if nec.
     696- cleaned up mondo's tape block handling (now, TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE=128K and I've added INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE=32K variable for buffering)
     697- added Makefile
     698- added -l RAW option, to backup and restore original MBR
     699- cleaned up iso_mode() and nfs restoring
     700- create /mnt/RESTORING/mnt/.boot.d for Gentoo users
     701- made mondorestore CD bootable for ArkLinux users
     702- if user runs as 'su' not 'su -' then work around
     704v1.51 (2002-11-17)
     705- pop-up list of changed files, at end of verification phase
     706- better handling of changed.files list at restore-time
     707- lots of CD-related fixes
     708- added '-N' flag --- to let user exclude all NFS-related mounts&devices
     709- better handling of 'kill'
     710- restructuring of code to ease integration of mondo w/XMondo
     711- fixed obscure bug in find_and_mount_actual_cd()
     712- fixed
     713- updated documentation
     714- fixed .spec file
     715- if / or /root has <50MB free then abort & complain
     716- commented code
     717- updated man page
     718- added -v / --version flag
     719- replaced convoluted grep with wc (KP)
     720- fixed bug affecting restoration of bigfiles from CD's created w/0 compression
     721- fixed BurnProof-related bug
     722- better at figuring out which is the best partition to use for temp/scratchdir
     723- added do-not-compress-these (text file) to RPM
     724- do not compress files of types listed in do-not-compress-these
     725- dropped -U from call to afio - saves 20-30 percent runtime (Cosgrove)
     726- added Cosgrove's do-not-compress-these list
     727- included various patches from KP
     728- chmod tmpdir, scratchdir to 700 before using
     729- restore from specified backup device, even if its own cfg file disagrees
     730- fixed multi-tape bug
     731- fixed "Can't find first ISO when verifying nonbootable ISO" bug
     732- multithreaded make_afioballs_and_images()
     733- tmpdir and scratchdir set sensibly whether mondoarchive is called with command-line parameters or not
     734- fixed bug in strip_spaces() which stopped it from handling small strings correctly - affected mountlist editor
     735- create a repaired copy of grub-install which is RAID-friendly; use it when initializing boot sector with run_grub()
     736- fixed bug in mondo-makefilelist
     738v1.50 (2002-09-08)
     739- if restoring, don't try to find SCSI node of CD-ROM drive; find /dev entry
     740- during selective restore, skip filesets which don't contain relevant archives
     741- set /dev/null's perms to 777, just in case devfs-enabled kernel mangles it
     742- remove /var/run/*.pid after restoring
     743- move spurious lockfiles from /home/* to /home/*/.disabled
     744- ask user to confirm the tape/CD device name
     745- lots of multitape-related fixes
     746- added code to autodetect the hardware of the user, when possible
     747- if isodir does not exist then abort
     748- doubled 'biggiefile' threshold... to 32MB
     749- exclude /root/images/mindi
     750- fixed multi-imagedev bug (Emmanuel Druon)
     751- unmount/remount /mnt/floppy before/after backing up, if Mandrake
     752- restructured the source files
     753- fixed serious bug in line 1546 - should have been !=, not ==; stopped mondorestore from correctly restoring big files
     754- added '#include <signal.h>' to my-stuff.h
     755- exclude "incheckentry xwait()" from changed.files
     756- fixed minor bug in find_cdrom_device()
     757- fixed bug in friendly_sizestring...
     758- insist on tape #1 when start verifying
     759- added internal buffering, replacing the external 'buffer' exe
     760- if differential backup then don't permit formatting or fdisking, whether Interactive or Nuke mode
     761- if mondorestore is run on live filesystem (or from ramdisk) without parameters then mondorestore will ask which backup media (tape, CD, etc.) was used; it will read the config file from the media and proceed from there
     762- if tape streamer is softlink then resolve it first
     763- incorporate post-nuke tarball
     764- if user doesn't specify tape size, proceed anyway; behave intelligently in the event of end-of-tape
     765- prefix bkpinfo->restore_path to biggiefile fname before generating checksum & comparing to archived biggiefile
     766- if /etc/lilo.conf not found not /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda found then create a softlink from the former to the latter, to work around RH7.3's b0rken LILO support
     767- LFS support (mharris, michele, hugo)
     768- fixed verify bug --- CD#1 was being verified again & again & ...
     769- differential mode fixed; supported again
     770- ask user for boot loader + device if not detectible
     771- list up to 512 files in file selection window at once (was 128)
     772- better handling of bigfiles' checksums, perms and owns
     773- delete final filelist if <=2 bytes long
     774- if kernel not found and mondo in graphics mode then popup and ask for kernel path+filename
     775- misc clean-ups (Troff)
     776- noninteractivity-related & misc clean-ups (Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom)
     777- RAID, feedback enhancements (Philippe de Muyter)
     778- exclude /dev/* from changed.files
     779- replaced large declarations with malloc()'s and free()'s
     780- added lockfile
     781- fixed bugs affecting tape users who backup+verify at same time
     782- fixed bugs re: tape block size >32K (Troff)
     783- added signal-trapping to mondoarchive and mondorestore
     784- fixed bug in new '-s' code
     785- added --isonuke and --mbr switches
     786- cleaned up live filesystem restoration
     787- permit '-0' (no compression) flag
     788- if user restores selectively (picks some files to be restored) then large files archived during '-L' (LZO) backup will now be restored properly
     789- fixed bug in make-me-bootable
     790- don't change /tmp's permissions unless it doesn't exist & has to be created
     791- changed $i to $j in mondo-makefilelist (Karsten) 
     792- fixed 'I refuse to write floppy images to /dev/fd0 because its size is not apparent from its filename' bug
     793- disabled 'nr-failed-disks' entry in raidtab generator
     794- added '-o' flag to let user choose LILO as CD/floppy's boot loader
     795- fixed bug in --mbr
     797v1.43-7 (2002-06-04)
     798- afio uses 16MB buffer when restoring, instead of 8MB buffer
     799- mondorestore makes /var/run/console in case user excluded it
     800- the -s switch now accepts multiple sizes, one per tape/CD
     801- added -u switch for streaming to device; like -t (tape) but without various error checks; use with caution
     802- bugfixes; cleaned up code (Troff)
     803- changed lockfiles from static to random filenames
     804- use dvdrecord instead of cdrecord, if available
     805- don't alter /mnt/RESTORING/tmp's permissions if comparing
     806- added -follow to search for home (Bruno Vidal)
     807- unmount/remount CD-ROM at start/end if supermounted
     808- delete old /tmp/filelist.full,biggielist.txt if restoring to live filesystem
     809- if Mindi aborted then show last 6 lines of its log before mondoarchive aborts
     810- reformatted, redistributed source code (Stan Benoit)
     811- replaced isolinux dependency with syslinux dependency
     812- now shows the CDR(W)'s progress properly - 20 percent, 30 percent, etc.
     813- changed lockfiles from static to random filenames
     815v1.42-3 (2002-04-12)
     816- minor cosmetic enhancements
     817- improved homedir-locating code
     819v1.42-1 (2002-04-07)
     820- mondorestore may now be run on live filesystem, i.e. user does not have to reboot in order to restore data; works for CD's and tapes; NFS and ISO restores will be supported at a later date
     821- fixed restore-time RAID-handling bugs
     822- added -E patch to exclude files and/or dirs properly (Andy Glass)
     823- cat /proc/cpuinfo and run uname -r; save output to logfile at backup-time
     824- fixed minor bug in stablilo-me
     825- if /tmp/ exists then use _it_ instead of /tmp/fstab to label ext2 or ext3 partitions
     826- bootable CD's now use SYSLINUX instead of LILO (Andy Glass)
     827- don't pclose() tape after calling closein_tape(): the latter does it already
     828- tarball installs to /usr/share/mondo by default; was /usr/local/share/mondo
     829- numerous cosmetic enhancements
     830- added '-m' (manual CD tray) flag
     832v1.41-1 (2002-03-21)
     833- record hostname (Krzysztof Dubowik)
     835v1.40-7 (2002-03-10)
     836- if '-L' then test for lzop; abort if not present
     837- if Mondo cannot figure out which boot loader the user is using, tell the user to read the manual and mention -l, -f switches
     838- abort if ramdisk not available
     839- updated man page (Mikael Hultgren)
     840- support multiple -I params (Mikael Hultgren+Randy Delfs)
     841- mkreiserfs -ff instead of -q (Andy Glass)
     843v1.40-6 (2002-03-03)
     844- incorporated new config.guess, config.sub (H�tor Garc� �varez)
     845- updated manual to explain tmpfs needs to be in kernel (Mikael Hultgren)
     846- don't let non-root users run mondoarchive
     847- allow up to 50 chars in popup_and_get_string()'s input field
     848- tell user to use 'su -' instead of 'su' if they use 'su' by mistake
     849- make mondo-makefilelist more SUN-friendly, re: fstab (Andy Glass)
     850- modified 'Sliced bigfile #n' log entry to say '..#(n+1)'
     852v1.40-5 (2002-02-24)
     853- improved the way Mondo installs itself (Mikael Hultgren)
     854- updated manpage
     855- touch /mnt/RESTORING/var/log/pacct after restoring
     856- added updated docs (Cafeole, Randy Delfs, Stan Benoit et al)
     857- added pico to restore-scripts.tgz; deprecated some scripts
     858- if restoring to /dev/ida/* or /dev/cciss/* then drop the 'p' before trying to discover the size of the partition itself
     859- support pathnames containing spaces (KirkJT)
     860- added -C switch, to treat CD burner almost as a tape streamer
     861- run post-nuke script if it exists
     862- put (char*)(&buf) instead of &buf when reading/writing biggiefiles' info
     864v1.40-3 (2002-02-17)
     865- let user exclude devices from mountlist with (e.g.) -E /dev/hda1
     866- handle one-letter dirs properly (Ian Kent)
     867- when making ext3 fs, don't specify journal size (Cafeole)
     868- add tmp.mondo.NNNN to tempdir path, if tempdir is specified by user
     869- add mondo.scratch.NNN to scratchdir path, if scratchdir is specified by user
     870- beefed up RAID-related logging a bit
     871- exclude .journal files properly
     872- Italian patch (Michael Baldessari)
     874v1.40-2 (2002-02-11)
     875- fixed typo in manpage (Mikael Hultgren)
     876- exclude "#"*"#" and *~ from tarball and source RPM
     877- updated manual (Randy Delfs)
     878- put the correct version# in mondo/my-stuff.h
     879- in Nuke Mode, expand/contract mountlist proportionately to fill hard disks
     880- fix serious restore-time bug in tape/afio-handling code
     881- cdrecord is only required if burning CD's
     883v1.40-1 (2002-02-10)
     884- set partition(s) bootable w/fdisk if appropriate
     885- cosmetic bugfixes
     886- changed get_phys_size_of_drive() to read value from fdisk, not dmesg
     887- if hard disk does not exist then warn user when editing mountlist
     888- if boot+floppy disk images were not created then don't offer to write them to disks; instead, mention the mindi.iso bootable CD images   
     889- exclude each partition's .autofsck from backup
     890- fixed bug in CD restoration progress form
     891- changed many tempfilenames from mojo-jojo* to sensible, random names
     892- exclude win386.swp from backup (Cafeole)
     894v1.38-2 (2002-02-07)
     895- minor improvements to the NFS-handling code
     896- mondo-restore now records Mondo's version# in log
     897- fixed silly bug that makes 'current filelist #' progress form inaccurate
     898- fix typo in '10 seconds to abort' line; also, made 20 seconds
     900v1.38-1 (2002-02-06)
     901- source code has been beautified (Stan Benoit)
     902- makefile, Config implemented (Stan Benoit)
     903- use /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg instead of all kinds of silly /tmp files at boot-time; slowly migrating to a proper /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg file
     904- changed 'retval+=load_raidtab()' to 'load_raidtab()'
     905- patch to make it easier to install Mondo almost anywhere (Ian Mortimer)
     906- proper, one-char switches replace the long-winded multi-char switches of 1.36 and earlier
     907- migrating from lots of /tmp files in ramdisk to a single configuration file on ramdisk, at /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg
     908- estimates the number of media required by this backup session
     909- changed 'retval+=load_raidtab()' to 'load_raidtab()'
     910- records+restores biggiefiles' permissions+ownership properly
     912v1.37-1 (2002-01-25)
     913- proper 'selective restore' interface implemented
     914- if the user specifies boot loader or device, record those settings
     915- fixed cdrecord-related bug in .spec file
     916- if backing up specific paths - e.g. /usr/local/bin - then include /usr and /usr/local/ in filelist; don't backup /usr/* but do recreate /usr and /usr/local/; this is to help the selective restore subroutine
     917- user's BIOS is assumed not to be able to handle LILO's sector-seek merging
     918- switches --broken-bios, --debug and --chunk-size have been removed
     919- if user calls with --burn-cds 2 (nothing else) then find CDRW and continue
     920- if CD writer's speed is not specified then assume 2x
     921- better autodetection of CD writer
     922- set size is 5MB for tape users and CD users alike
     923- exclude /root/images/mondo from backup
     924- added --skip-floppies switch
     925- abort if PC has <32MB of RAM at backup-time; warn if <64MB
     927v1.36-1 (2002-01-20)
     928- fixed v.minor bug in MakeFilelist()
     929- in mondo-archive, replaced calls to Die() with calls to FatalError()
     930- include .spec file in tarball
     931- if cdrecord v1.8 or older then abort: inadequate for Mondo's needs
     932- moved misc functions from mondo-archive to mondo-tarme.c
     933- prettier interface when preparing and formatting boot+data disks
     934- when editing mountlist, warn if formats !supported by kernel (B. Hartin)
     935- don't try to run e2label on filesystems which aren't ext2 or ext3
     936- don't write to tape if already burning to CD (Kosaku Nagasaka)
     937- re-enabled and tested some CD-verifying code
     938- added buffer to RPM/tarball requirements
     939- set size is 4MB for tape users; 16MB for CD users
     940- files <16MB aren't chopped
     941- uses tmpfs for temp storage if backing up to tape
     942- (rudimentary) selective formatting
     943- log versions of afio, bzip2, etc.
     945v1.35-1 (2002-01-10)
     946- NFS backup+restore support
     947- exclude Win2K hiberation file (Paul Rensing)
     948- fixed filelist.full/filelist.blah typo (Paul Rensing)
     949- unset TAPE at start of mondo-archive (Norm Crowfoot)
     950- if bzip is <v0.99 then abort
     951- if hard disk fills to capacity then abort
     952- --post-nuke <tarball> will incorporate a tarball of tools and data files of the user's choosing in the boot CD/floppies; the tarball must contain an executable, 'post-nuke', which will be called at the end of Nuke Mode
     953- --text-mode forces Mondo Archive to use text only (no newt or ncurses)
     954- the deprecated scripts have now been disabled
     955- boot floppy will use 'safe' LILO calls; boot CD will use 'fast' LILO calls unless --broken-bios is supplied in call to Mondo
     956- cdrecord's buffer is now 4 MB (was 16 MB)
     957- tape support has been rewritten from ground up
     958- set size is now 16MB for CD users and 48MB for tape users
     959- don't let user change mountlist entry from regular mountpt to 'image'
     960- mount -t (space was missing in mount_isodir())
     961- all calls to afio now use blocks of TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE KB and RAM buf of 8 MB
     962- added Peter Seidler <>'s "Petris" game
     963- --exclude-paths now drops the trailing '/' from param(s) if present
     964- tab-align /etc/fstab after hacking it
     966v1.34-1 (2001-12-25)
     967- if /sbin or /usr/sbin are not in PATH then add them temporarily
     968- if --broken-bios then force LILO to run in backward-compatible mode
     969- tape users can boot from a single floppy now
     970- when archiving/restoring/verifying tape, skip the first 32MB
     971- fixed bugs in actually_verify_the_tapes()
     972- fixed some popen/pclose mismatches
     973- no longer run compare_a_biggiefile() right after restore_a_biggiefile(), as it can upset the restoration of biggiefiles which are spread across CD's
     975v1.33-8 (2001-12-19)
     976- implemented --image-devs <dev> (<...>) switch
     977- improved --verify switch's code
     978- exclude Windows' win386.swp file, if found
     979- fixed bug in unmount_all_devices()
     980- include version of Mondo/Mindi in error log
     981- updated the FAQ
     982- when making differential backup, make sure to exclude nonexistent files
     983- --use-lzo now applies lzo to big files as well as afio archives
     984- changed all 'long long's to 'off_t's
     985- no longer aborts if /etc/lilo.conf does not exist
     986- moved FAQ's to FAQ file
     987- archive bigfiles one slice at a time; much less wasteful of space
     988- abort if user tries to backup a mounted partition as an _image_
     990v1.33-6 (2001-12-15)
     991- misc bugfixes
     993v1.33-5 (2001-12-14)
     994- improved error-reporting in the event of boot loader detection failure
     995- improved tape verification code
     996- experimental support for backing up and restoring devices as images
     998v1.33-4 (2001-12-13)
     999- updated FAQ
     1000- experimental GRUB support
     1001- when calculating checksums, tell user percent done and time remaining
     1002- checksum catalog entry = filesize+mtime+ctime; don't call md5sum or cksum
     1003- compile mondo-filelistchop and mondo-checksum with -O2 optimization
     1004- when writing floppies, ask specifically for floppy #x (Randy Delfs)
     1006v1.33-3 (2001-12-12)
     1007- supports --boot-loader and --boot-device to let user specify them
     1008- fixed CDRW node autodetection bug
     1009- MONDO_PATH was misconfigured; is now "/usr/share/mondo"
     1011v1.33-1 (2001-12-12)
     1012- if user changes a partition's device, change it in raidtab too
     1013- don't extrapolate from /etc/raidtab to /tmp/mountlist; editor does it already
     1014- don't backup /tmp (somewhere in the v1.3x series, I stopped excluding /tmp)
     1015- cosmetic fixes to mondo-prep.c and mondo-newt.c
     1016- put quotes around chmod's parameter
     1017- subtract 5 percent from reported maximum storage capacity of drives, when checking that the parttions will fit; some drives lie about their max cap
     1018- stablilo-me no longer tries to mark partitions as bootable
     1019- better exclusion of /var/log/pacct
     1020- tape users can now use --verify to verify archives w/o rebooting
     1021- checksum calculated for every file backed up - for future expansion
     1022- implemented a _real_ --differential switch, to backup all files changed or added since the last complete backup
     1024v1.32-2 (2001-12-09)
     1025- if no RAID devices after editing mountlist then delete raidtab
     1026- don't try to mount RAID partitions (components of RAID dev)
     1027- don't add partitions to mountlist when extrapolating from mountlist unless the partitions are not already present in mountlist
     1028- don't format partitions if partitioning failed
     1029- when user selects RAID level, establish whether said level is available
     1031v1.32 (2001-12-09)
     1032- if user creates ISO images, the default dest dir is /root/images/mondo now
     1033- log_it() makes sure it only writes one \n on the end of each logged line
     1034- detects if user is using GRUB/LILO/other; abort if neither LILO nor GRUB
     1035- passes the boot loader's name and device to Mindi, to be available at boot-time
     1036- if user successfully restores using Nuke or Interactive w/o error then Mondo generates a random message, basically saying, "Cool."
     1037- enlarged afio's "-M" parameter from 12M to 16M
     1038- if stablilo-me fails then restore the original lilo.conf and fstab before offering user the opportunity to edit them (Dean Carpenter)
     1039- added ISO Mode, to let user restore from ISO images in directory
     1040- cosmetic fix to compare/restore phase windows
     1041- if backing up to ISO images then offer to write boot floppies too
     1042- changed some references to /tmp/raidtab, to /etc/raidtab
     1043- cleaned up compare + restore logging
     1044- scratchdir is now [path]/mondo.scratch.$$; was just [path]/mondo.scratch
     1046v1.31 (2001-12-04)
     1047- turned on '-Wall' to find cruft; found lots of it; cleaned it up
     1048- exclude each device's lost+found directory
     1049- mountlist editor now permits advanced editing of RAID devices
     1050- fixed a silly bug that was causing freeze-up on <1 percent of systems; if biggielist was empty then sometimes mondo-archive would freeze when backing up big files (cos there weren't any *g*)
     1051- partition and set type in 2-stage process (was 1-stage)
     1052- cleaned up Compare Mode's logging a bit, to make it more legible
     1053- don't report changed archives as 'errors' but as 'differences'
     1054- exclude ext3's .journal files from backup (yes, this time I really do)
     1055- '--my-kernel SUCKS' has been replaced with '--my-kernel FAILSAFE'
     1056- softlink mondo-restore to /usr/bin/ before calling Mindi, so that Mindi can pick up mondo-restore and its depdendencies easily
     1057- copy mondo-restore to Mondo's temp dir before calling Mindi
     1058- don't try to compress MP3's, MPG's, WMV's or RA's
     1059- cleaned up mondo-newt.c; alphabetized the subroutines; moved some tools from there to mondo-tools.c
     1060- mondo-tarme and mondo-restore are now compiled as dynamic executables; I have amended and mondo-1.31.spec accordingly
     1061- now make boot/data floppies at end of backup, not beginning
     1062- backup in alphabetical order now, not reverse-alpha
     1063- if Compare Mode reports changed files /var/* and /etc/mtab only then tell the user their archives are good despite the differneces
     1064- cut back on excessively verbose logging at backup-time
     1065- when vacuum-packing a partition, describe it as "(max size)", not "(0 MB)"
     1066- if swap is already mounted, don't abort: just say, 'swap already mounted'
     1067- when unmounting all devices, don't try to unmount something if it's not even mounted; if it's not mounted, say so but don't try to unmount it: you'll just end up looking very silly :)
     1069v1.30 (2001-11-28)
     1070- I have reorganized the C code, sorted the subroutines alphabetically, and re-jigged Mondo's installation routines (inc. the RPM spec file) to reflect the changes
     1071- check for mondo-restore's presence; if absent then abort & ask user to check to see if Mondo was installed properly
     1072- always exclude /var/log/pacct from backup
     1073- optimal set size is now 24MB
     1074- will abort w/error if compilation of mondo-* fails
     1075- after creating the mountlist, put a copy in Mondo's tmp directory
     1076- each ext3 filesystem has a .journal file in its base directory; Mondo will now exclude each of these journal files automatically
     1077- use the archived copy of LILO, not the copy from the restore-time ramdisk, to configure the MBR
     1078- size_of_file() now returns long long, not long
     1079- find mondo-archive and set MONDO_PATH accordingly
     1080- scratchdir is /home/mondo.scratch by default
     1081- at backup-time, run mondo-restore in test mode to make sure that the executable is sane & will run OK at restore-time
     1083v1.19 (2001-11-14)
     1084- tested on Linux-Mandrake 8.0 and Red Hat 7.2; backup,wipe,restore went OK
     1085- fixed a bug in is_this_device_mounted()
     1086- at restore-time, always check for presence of decompressor; abort if notfound
     1087- run 'chmod -r 1777 /mnt/RESTORING/tmp' after restoring
     1088- fixed bugs in Compare Mode:- - missing else{} - erroneous 'cannot add archive' error; res+=retval should have read retval+=res (Tony Kim)
     1089- use 'umount /mnt/cdrom' instead of 'umount /dev/cdrom', to make it compatible with busybox's umount command
     1090- fixed bug in mondo-archive which stopped Mondo from pausing to retry if the CD/ISO fails the verification phase
     1091- modified compare_all_tarballs() in mondo-restore.c
     1092- if running interactively then offer to modify fstab and lilo.conf if user says s/he has modified the mountlist
     1093- if mondo-tarme segfaults (as it does, on a _very_ few systems) then Mondo picks up on the fact & reports it
     1094- when restoring, create /mnt/RESTORING/tmp before _and_ after restoring data, just in case it is necessary; also set permissions okay
     1095- C code is now compiled 'O0' (without optimizations)
     1096- each CD's slices were being listed to screen; now, piped to /dev/null
     1098v1.18 (2001-10-28)
     1099- changed minor error in documentation (mondo-archive's --help output)
     1100- improved Mondo's compare phase for tape users
     1102v1.17 (2001-10-20)
     1103- the deprecated scripts now work with LZO
     1104- if mondo-restore cannot mount all devices, it will _unmount_ whatever it did mount, before it returns an error
     1105- works with Red Hat 6.2 and 2.2.19 kernel
     1106- cosmetic change to output (no more 'burning first/last CD' msgs)
     1107- abort if user uses '--use-lzo' but doesn't install LZO(P) first
     1108- changed --differential's \( and \) to ( and ) <-- thanks, Michael Moellney)
     1109- added Marcus Oberhumer's LZO to Mindi and Mondo; use '--use-lzo' switch to activate this groovy new compression algorithm; it is not as efficient as bzip2 but it is can take up to 50 percent less time than bzip2 to compress data
     1110- incorporated Bruno Cornec's "--cd-recovery" patch
     1111- at restore-time, set biggiefiles to +x
     1112- set optimal fileset size to 16MB (was 8MB)
     1113- don't report non-existent differences/errors between archives and filesystem
     1114- fixed bug in --differential switch (Michael Moellney)
     1115- scripts will no longer function unless gawk and printf are included in Mindi's deplist.txt; add them if you want to use the scripts
     1117v1.16 (2001-10-10)
     1118- default scratchdir is `pwd`/mondo.scratch.$$ (was mondo.scratch)
     1119- when asking user to send me a log file, warn them that the log file may contain information which they do not want me to see but point out that I cannot help much unless I have a copy of their log file
     1120- when comparing to or restoring from tape, only update the progree form if/when I've just restored files; otherwise, I would screw up the time est.s
     1121- increase afio's block count from 256 to 1024 when restoring from tape
     1122- plays nicely with devfs-enabled kernels and distros
     1123- when restoring or comparing, track progress by the archive# (N out of M), not by the file#; the former is more reliable and useful than the latter
     1124- has been tested successfully with the following distros - Linux-Mandrake 8.1 and its 2.4.8, devfs-enabled stock kernel --- tape / CDR - Red Hat 7.1 and its 2.4.2 stock kernel --- tape / CDR
     1125- tape streamers are now supported; use the '--write-tapes <dev> <sizeMB>' switch, e.g. --write-tapes /dev/st0 4096
     1126- LVM support is stabilizing
     1127- when mounting/unmounting partitions to be restored, don't forget to mount/unmount the swap partitions
     1128- when zeroing a drive, use plain old C fopen/fputc/fclose, not 'dd'
     1129- after restoring data and running LILO, unmount (as usual) and then run label-partitions-as-necessary, to set the ext2fs LABELs if it is appropriate
     1130- fixed bugs in selective restoration scripts and executable
     1131- fixed silly bug in hack-lilo; bug was triggered when I moved to Mandrake 8.1; bug caused '/dev/fd0' entry in lilo.conf to become corrupted
     1132- if user tries to make a bootable rescue CD with the '--no-bkpath' switch then politely direct them to Mindi :-)
     1134v1.15 (2001-09-28)
     1135- serialized the call to mondo-filelistchop.c; helps to improve visual feedback (yeah, sounds weird but it's true)
     1136- the switches --differential and --exclude-paths should play nicely now
     1137- improved the logging a bit, esp. when ejecting or unmounting CD's
     1138- improved the visual feedback (specifically, the bar and percentage figures indicating time spent & remaining)
     1139- experimental LVM support
     1140- fixed 'cannot eject CD' bug, which was caused by busybox's sync & umount
     1141- fixed mount-me to allow for mountlists with >1 spaces between columns
     1142- fixed documentation; param is --my-kernel <path>, not kernel-path <path>
     1143- fail if user runs mondo-archive _from CD_; this is for the user's protection
     1144- fixed silly bug in mount-me (a crucial line was disabled)
     1145- working on stablilo-me, hack-lilo and hack-fstab to make sure they work with the new, busybox-based Mindi v0.41
     1146- Mindi v0.41 is very different from v0.40, internally anyway; so, I had to do a lot of testing to make sure Mondo would play nicely with the new Mindi
     1148v1.14 (2001-09-18)
     1149- if verify is enabled then verify each CD/ISO after writing it
     1150- fixed a quasi-bug in mondo/mount-me; this script used 'sort +1' which is not supported by busybox; I've changed it to just plain old 'sort'
     1151- Mondo now tells Mindi whether or not to use its stock kernel
     1152- fixed bug in 'biggify-me' script; now, checksums will be verified
     1153- fixed bug in checksum comparison code (mondo-restore.c)
     1154- reimplemented '--verify' switch; now, user can verify ISO's or CD's against the live filesystem, just for 'belt and braces' emotional security
     1155- improved the error-reporting at restore-time (if tarball cannot be accessed)
     1156- if user does not specify CD-R(W) drive's speed or device then Mondo will try to locate the drive and will assume 4x speed
     1157- user may now type 'edit-mountlist' after booting, if they want to edit the mountlist without risking accidentally wiping their hard disks
     1158- fixed a few silly typos in the error messages in mondo-tarme
     1159- updated the FAQ
     1160- added code to verify ISO images
     1161- used 'blank=fast' instead of '-blank fast' for backward-compatibility with older versions of cdrecord
     1162- if nonzero value returned by Mondo, then Mondo creates a mondo.err.$$.tgz tarball containing log files & stuff, which it tells the user to e-mail me
     1163- when debugging, don't pause before running mondo-tarme; just run it
     1164- automatically exclude any file including '/vmmhiber.w9x' in its pathname
     1165- added Minix support (although I doubt anyone needs it)
     1166- ported mondo-tarme to C - prettier interface at run-time (backup), giving better feedback - obviates a mysterious, intermittent bug in bash itself - shows ' percent done' when burning CD
     1167- afio now has a 12MB FIFO buffer (was 16MB)
     1168- cdrecord now has a 20MB FIFO buffer (was 24MB)
     1169- wipe [CD]/usr/share/mondo, as well as floppy images, if CD #2 or later
     1170- up to 19 CD's may be created now
     1171- fixed the 'stderr.txt not found' loop error in mondo-tarme.c
     1172- fixed the weird 'segfault on finish() after archiving' bug
     1173- modularized the and mondo-1.14-x.i386.rpm compilation sections
     1175v1.13 (2001-09-01)
     1176- fixed some compiler warnings in mondo-newt.c; rearranged some code
     1177- mondo-tarme now uses -M 16m -t 4k in its call to afio, to improve performance
     1178- fixed mondo-restore.c's mkreiserfs call; ditto, prep-me's mkreiserfs call
     1179- fixed mondo-restore.c's compare_a_biggiefile() subroutine, which would generate erroneous error messages
     1180- fixed mondo-archive.c's restore_a_biggiefile() and restore_all_biggiefiles() subroutines; I can't get them to break but others can, so I've streamlined the code to make them easier to debug and in theory more stable too
     1181- fixed 'hack-fstab' to make sure that non-LABELed partitions are correctly moved/changed, etc.
     1182- fixed the 'space in big filename' bug (I think)
     1183- make Interactive Mode sort the mountlist (by partition size) before creating the dirs and mounting the partitions to them
     1184- fixed a slew of bugs related to Red Hat's LABEL= extensions
     1185- cleaned up mondo-restore.c and mondo-newt.c; replaced lots of arbitrary limits and lengths with a small number of #define's
     1186- added some sample RAID0/1/5 raidtab (config) files to restore-scripts.tgz, which will be restored to the ramdisk's /etc dir when the user boots from the CD; this will only take up an extra 50K or so & will help any user who is moving from non-RAID to RAID
     1187- changed FIFO size to 20MB
     1188- only use the VFAT kludge on /dev/hda1 or /dev/sda1; otherwise, even if the partition type is VFAT, do a regular mkfs.vfat
     1189- if mkfs.vfat doesn't exist, use mkfs.dos
     1190- only try to add 'LABEL=' to ext2 and ext3 partitions
     1191- moved a bunch of scripts from Mindi's rootfs.tgz to our restore-scripts.tgz
     1192- fixed bugs in mondo-restore.c, which would sometimes just sit there when trying to compare or restore big files that were spread across CD's
     1193- Interactive Mode goes straight to 'mondo-restore --interactive' now, i.e.  the user doesn't have to choose Interactive once at boot and once within mondo-restore
     1194- better post-run clean-up
     1195- improved mondo-restore.c's error-reporting a little bit
     1196- stablilo-me (the script) now supports Red Hat's "LABEL=" extensions to /etc/fstab, via the script, 'label-partitions-as-necessary'
     1197- added a user-friendly mountlist editor to mondo-restore.c
     1198- added lots of sanity-checking to mountlist editor
     1200v1.12 (2001-08-18)
     1201- changed cdrecord's FIFO size to 8MB
     1202- removed -pad and -sort from the call to mkisofs
     1203- amended the .spec file to be saner when building RPM's
     1204- archives are named '.afio.bz2' instead of '.tar.bz2'
     1205- mondo-archive, mondo-tarme, mondo-restore.c and the DEPRECATED scripts have been amended accordingly
     1206- should be able to create up to 20 CD-R's per backup set now
     1207- moved a line within prep-me that was in the wrong place (thanks, Fran Boon!)
     1208- runs 'df -m' and saves it to a text file 'df.txt' on the CD
     1209- added 10-second delay before mondo-restore's Nuke Mode, to let the user abort
     1210- really fixed the '/mnt/RESTORING/tmp' permissions bug (thanks, Ang Tan!)
     1211- sometimes, bash gets all screwed up & won't let the user type 'continue' when Mondo asks them to; if that happens, Mondo will detect it & use a different kind of mondo-askme; the new mondo-askme will check every 10 minutes for a blank CD; if it's there, then the burn continues
     1212- abort if isodir or scratchdir is a softlink
     1213- replaced mondo-askme with a good shell script, to work around flaws in bash and/or kernel (don't know which)
     1214- added a failsafe kernel to Mindi, which means you don't have to make sure your kernel is suitable for a boot disk; you can just use Mindi's instead
     1215- make+chop filelist _after_ calling Mindi
     1216- updated the FAQ
     1218v1.10 (2001-08-12)
     1219- changed cdrecord's FIFO size back to 4MB
     1220- added -pad -sort to the call to mkisofs
     1221- stop saying, "N files differ so far" after comparing each tarball
     1222- updated the FAQ, to remind users that they can boot from floppy images if their kernel does not have the right support of CD-ROM's, filesystems, etc.
     1223- erroneous error-reporting by /mondo/biggify-me; fixed (David Granz)
     1224- don't estimate the time remaining unless >20 sets processed already
     1225- default set size (uncompressed) is now 8MB (was 12MB); when 8MB, seems to run more smoothly & a little quicker, too, at restore-time
     1226- chmod 1777 /mnt/RESTORING/tmp after restoring/creating /tmp
     1227- dropped mondo-askme.c; using regular 'read' instead
     1228- mondo-restore.c uses newt instead of ncurses; much prettier that way
     1229- cdrecord now uses a 16MB FIFO buffer (was 8MB)
     1230- fixed floating point error in mondo-restore (when showing progress)
     1231- when mondo-restore is called without params (e.g. by Interactive Mode), it lets the user choose between nuke, interactive or compare (or abort)
     1232- updated the FAQ
     1233- working on Cuckoo Mode...
     1235v1.09 (2001-08-02)
     1236- default compression level is now 3 (was 2)
     1237- retry/fail/abort loop bug fixed
     1238- calls mindi with "--custom $TMP $scratchdir/images" to force mindi to use my temp dir and to put the images in my 'images' folder
     1240v1.08 (2001-07-28)
     1241- offer to Retry/Fail/Abort if an error occurs when Mondo tries to burn a CD-R
     1242- warn if kernel is 2.4.[0-5] (could have buggy loopfs code)
     1243- tested with RAID-5 --- works fine :-)
     1245v1.07 (2001-07-22)
     1246- fixed cosmetic mistake in an error msg in mondo-tarme ('continue'-related)
     1247- hack-fstab now uses "defaults 0 0" instead of "default 1 3" when making a new entry in /etc/fstab
     1248- /mondo/restore-me always makes /mnt/RESTORING/tmp; so does mondo-restore.c
     1249- cosmetic changes to mondo-restore.c's screen output
     1250- RAID-related enhancements to mondo-restore.c - RAID bkp/restore appears to be stable - it is possible to move from non-RAID to RAID by backing up, wiping, creating /etc/raidtab, modifying /tmp/mountlist.txt and then restoring - mondo-restore.c works well - the only weakness is that the kernel's messages are written to the current console, not to a separate console... HELP? :-)
     1251- updated README (esp. FAQ) and TODO
     1252- tested with Linux 2.4.7; works fine
     1253- mondo-1.07.spec and compile every C program with -lncurses, just in case some programs (besides mondo-restore.c) need the NCURSES library
     1254- mondo-restore.c is now compiled statically
     1256v1.06 (2001-07-19)
     1257- now software-RAID compatible
     1258- only compiles mondo-restore.c once now
     1259- if scratchdir or isodir contain more than one path (each), abort
     1260- mondo-restore.c creates dummy partitions if the user starts the official etc/fstab table at /dev/hda7 or something; so, partitioning should work, even if the mountlist has some gaps
     1261- for each /dev/md* device in the mountlist, run raidstop before mkraid
     1263v1.05 (2001-07-16)
     1264- patch from DoJ to make compile with -O2, not -O
     1265- cosmetic changes to the biggiefile-slicing code
     1266- fixed
     1268v1.04 (2001-07-15)
     1269- make-me-bootable only "boot-makes" each partition ONCE now
     1270- cosmetic changes to mondo-restore's logfile output
     1271- mondo-restore.c makes /mnt/RESTORING/tmp if necessary
     1272- should be able to cope with Red Hat's "LABEL=" messages in /etc/fstab
     1274v1.03 (2001-07-14)
     1275- looks for /etc/lilo.conf; aborts if it cannot locate it
     1276- abort if burning CD's & verify level>=2 (must be 1 or 0 if burning CD's)
     1277- catch errors in MakeIsoFS, if any
     1278- added 'mondo-restore.c'
     1279    - C program, to replace the old restore scripts
     1280    - Mindi will incorporate it in the data disks, if it can find Mondo - Mindi will also incorporate the old restore scripts (from Mondo) just in case the new C program doesn't work
     1281    - calls the script, 'stablilo-me' to run LILO if desired
     1282- added 'restore-scripts.tgz', which contains the /mondo scripts that used to live in Mindi; now, Mindi grabs them from here if necessary
     1283- cleared up Mode-related scripts & the executable to replace them
     1284- if mkisofs fails, ABORT, don't just warn
     1285- added '--differential' option, to backup the files changed during the last N days (N specified by user)
     1287v1.02 (2001-07-07)
     1288- retract the CD tray after asking user to enter 'continue' (PauseAndAskForCDR)
     1289- uses C program instead of bash loop for PauseAndAskForCDR; some bash versions go into an infinite loop for no reason; hopefully, outsourcing to C will help
     1290- when slicing, indicate progress ("N slices...")
     1291- when told to '--burn-cds', Mondo pipes mkisofs's output to cdrecord, instead of saving the ISO file to disk first; this change will save time and space (not in the Star Trek sense, however *smile*)
     1292- default set size (native) is now 12MB
     1293- copy /usr/share/mondo to correct directory within CD
     1294- all calls to gawk have been replaced with calls to awk
     1295- RPM and SRPM published
     1296- delete $TMP at end; don't just delete $TMP/*
     1297- can accept multiple parameters in the '--bkpath' switch
     1299v1.00 (2001-07-04)
     1300- thanks to recent changes to Mindi, Mondo is now compatible with the filesystem formats JFS, ext3, ReiserFS, XFS and ext2 (if your own kernel is)
     1301- CDs [2-N] do not have boot floppy images on them; only CD#1 does (although CDs [2-N] do have the El Torito boot image, just in case...)
     1302- modified the --burn-cds switch; now it takes 3rd param, 'cdrw' (optional) to let you wipe and rewrite CDRWs instead of wasting CDRs ;-)
     1303- removed that PID thing; doesn't work; please don't run Mondo twice at once :)
     1304- removed that "filenames contain '|'" error & associated problems
     1305- got rid of 'UNSAFE' warning/shortcut
     1306- removed --xerox-dev, --include-tarball, --skip-tildes, --ide-opt, --use-bzip2
     1307- mondo-archive doesn't make/hack/edit mountlist anymore; that's Mindi's job
     1308- uses Mindi Linux to make boot disks & data disks based on your distro
     1309- boot&data stuff goes in $scratchdir/images now
     1310- bzip2 is used by default to compress archives
     1311- don't make MD5 checksums if verify_level==0
     1312- when archiving, make N.tar.bz2 and cklist.txt (tarball+checksums) in parallel
     1313- at end of mondo-archive, remove scratchdir and TMP completely IF they were created by Mondo (e.g. /home/mondo.scratch or /home/tmp.mondo.12345)
     1314- fill CD/image up to 1MB less than its max size; was being filled up to about 8MB less than its max size, which wasted 8-10MB of storage space per disk
     1316v0.99 (2001-03-15)
     1317- /proc and /tmp removed --- i.e. added to exclude list :)
     1318- Mondo now uses 2.4-series kernel and modules (Bruno Cornec)
     1319- minor typos fixed (Bruno Cornec)
     1320- older, restore-related fixes merged w/Bruce's work (Maciej Kulasa)
     1321- better RPM spec file (Bruno Cornec)
     1322- incorporated Mondo v0.977's restore scripts' bugfixes (Maciej Kulasa)
     1324v0.981 (2001-03-06)
     1325- put 'dd' in coolstuff.tgz (Art Wells)
     1327v0.98 (2001-02-28)
     1328- INSTALL script renamed to
     1329- tarball cleaned up and re-tarred (Art Wells)
     1330- trailing CR/LF's cleaned from scripts (Art Wells)
     1331- work is underway to make Mondo compatible with the Linux kernel's 2.4 series
     1333v0.977 (2001-02-26)
     1334- based on v0.976
     1335- missing subs and silly typos fixed in restore scripts (Maciej Kulasa)
     1336- fstab files containing NFS mounts are handled properly (Petre Scheie)
     1337- Mondo is being actively developed again (yippee!)
     1339v0.976 (2000-09-01)
     1340- technical changes - 12MB ramdisk - repackaged: now, Mondo comes in big tarball/RPM with all overhead-files - each Mondo CD has a 15MB administrative overhead; used to be 50-60MB - definitely 386-compatible now (RH 6.2 binaries) - Linux-Mandrake 7.1 (2.2.16) kernel w/ReiserFS & Supermount - modules.conf / conf.modules support (whichever you've got) - user may include their own copies of modules, if Mondo doesn't come with the requisite modules already
     1341- extra facilities - ReiserFS support - '--load-modules <foo> <bar> ...' will allow you to force Mondo to load key modules at boot-time, e.g. aic7xxx for SCSI-only users
     1342- bugfixes - path-exclusion code (mondo-backup) - bogus 'flaws=1' message has been eradicated - CDRW-finding code is now much better at finding the CDRW correctly - dummy burn mode is working again - fixed security hole (thanks, Matija); now, user will be warned if Mondo is configured to execute /tmp/mondo-tarme - changed lots of 'grep " $string "' to 'grep -w "$string"' (thanks, Matija)
     1344v0.975 (2000-07-03)
     1345- made mondo-tarme use 'ask-me-a-question' to pause for new, blank CD-Rs
     1346- don't deeply search isodir for ISO files to wipe: maxdepth should be 1
     1347- 386-compatible kernel and modules (should be, anyway...)
     1348- applied Doug Nordwall's calc-disk-size patch to fix SCSI hdd size calc'n bug
     1349- applied Michael Ralph Pape's SCSI (2nd floppy) patch
     1350- removed devdump from overhead-list
     1351- mkisofs no longer called with '-quiet' switch
     1352- changed '--burn-cds' format: now it's --burn-cds <speed> (<device>)
     1353- added '-L' to LILO's call, so that >8GB hard disks overcome 1024-blk limit
     1354- mondo-compare runs check-mountlist-sanity before mounting partitions
     1355- ramdisk is now 14MB
     1357v0.972 (2000-06-16)
     1358- auto-archive, mondo-archive and mondo-tarme updated to make them more friendly towards mult-disk sets
     1359- if multiple CDRW drives, user is asked which mondo-archive should use
     1361v0.971 (2000-06-14)
     1362- auto-archive now passes CD size to mondo-archive
     1363- mondo-tarme, in conjunction with auto-archive, now handles CDRW boot/burn sharing much better than before
     1365v0.970 (2000-06-10)
     1366- kernel now creates 12MB ramdrive (was 16MB)
     1367- lots of silly bugs & overhead problems fixed; 2nd floppy closer to working
     1368- restore scripts all log to /var/log/mondo-restore.log
     1369- auto-archive:- - offers Low, Medium or High compression - no longer needs a spare hard drive for scratch space; uses loopfs on existing hard drive (if possible) instead - handles weird (multi-CDROM) PCs more gracefully now - handles PCs with CDRW but without CDROM more gracefully now - deletes each ISO after burning it to a CD-R (if it _is_ burning them) - asks if PC is old & crappy; if it is, IDE optimizations are disabled at backup-time and restore-time - lets user use CDRW for booting _and_ burning, thanks to reroute-softlinks
     1370- selective restore is finally fixed
     1371- nicer help screens on boot floppy
     1373v0.965 (2000-06-03)
     1374- 2MB of space left empty at end of every CD (e.g. 650MB is only 648MB full)
     1375- Suzhe & Lonius's SmartBootManager (sbminst) is used instead of Win98's MBR
     1376- Mondo may now resize Windows-only backups when restoring
     1377- silly bugs in prep-me... fixed
     1379v0.964 (2000-06-02)
     1380- VFAT partitions >8GB handled OK now
     1381- 2nd floppy (optionally) created for SCSI users <--- not working yet
     1382- better calc-disk-size algorithm (thanks, Doug Nordwall)
     1383- Mondo can now backup and restore Windows-only PCs! :-)
     1384- silly prep-me and format-and-kludge-vfat bugs fixed
     1385- 'resize hack' retitled as 'vacuum-pack'
     1387v0.963 (2000-05-31)
     1388- ISO images are no longer padded
     1389- all currently-loaded modules are backed up to custom hboot.img & installed at restore-time before CD is accessed
     1390- '--burn-cd <speed>' switch added
     1391- '--no-opt' switch added; use it in the call to mondo-archive if you don't want IDE optimization when restoring
     1392- lots of work done on auto-archive
     1393- mondo-extras-1.5 created; excludes mondo-zfile but includes hlib.tar.bz2
     1394- boot floppy image now includes kernel w/lots of SCSI stuff
     1395- slice* deleted (WipeArchives); was 'slices*' (bug!)
     1396- restore scripts all use 'lastbit-me' to find the 'X' part of '/dev/X' device; this will make it easier to port Mondo to kernel 2.4.x
     1397- I cannot make SCSI-based CDROMs boot from Mondo CDs properly... but SCSI hard drives and ZIP drives should be handled ok from now on
     1398- with a little coaxing, Mondo will backup Windows-only PCs (as well as Lin/Win and Linux-only PCs)
     1400v0.962 (2000-05-25)
     1401- silly bug in mondo-checksum fixed
     1402- stale tmp dirs are now definitely deleted (bug fixed)
     1403- "Job is  percent d complete. hh:ss to go." --- much better 'progress' string
     1404- 'buffer' is gone again :) thank goodness
     1405- only 1st ISO is padded; the rest aren't.
     1406- working on implementing an easy 'cdrecord' shortcut-call-thingy
     1407- mondo-archive doesn't try to delete loopfs unless it exists
     1408- mondo-restore's "hack-softlinks" - silly bug ($1/ missing) fixed
     1409- boot floppy image now includes mkdir and rmdir
     1410- user may specify temp directory using '--tempdir <path>'
     1411- mondo-archive now includes a copy of 'buffer' for future use
     1412- Mondo will now archive and restore Linux AND LinWin systems ok. W00H00! :-)
     1414v0.961 (2000-05-23)
     1415- mondo-checksum ignores files <2k in length
     1416- default compression level is 4
     1417- default verify level is 2
     1418- files <3k in size aren't compressed
     1419- filelist no longer includes bashbug, dosfsck or dir
     1420- bs-me is disabled in mondo-restore
     1421- fixed bug in 'hack-fstab' which stopped processing fstab if blank line found
     1423v0.960 (2000-05-22)
     1424- mondo-vfat-1.0 package released, to provide kludging for VFAT bootables
     1425- logfile now saved at /var/log/mondo-archive.log (not `pwd`/mondo-archive.log)
     1426- pid registered/checked _after_ command line processed... so you can do --help without being shouted at ;)
     1427- restore-me broken into 2 scripts: untar-me and biggify-me
     1428- restore-subroutine-me now renamed untar-subroutine-me
     1429- bzip2 decompression should work again ;) ... a missing '-Z' was added to the afio call, and the usr/lib/libbz* libraries are now included on CD ISOs
     1430- fixed hack-lilo to ignore blank lines
     1431- really ugly boot kludge has been implemented, using embleer files to make newly-formatted VFAT partitions bootable
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/tags/

    r2059 r2061  
    3737defpkgdir mindi = mindi
    39 pkgver mindi = 2.1.6
     39pkgver mindi =
    4040pkgver mindi-busybox = 1.20.2
    4141#pkgtag mindi-busybox = 3
  • projects/mondorescue/pbconf/tags/3.0.4/mindi-busybox/pbcl

    r1783 r2061  
    551.18.5-3 (2013-03-15)
     6- Try to improve ctrl-alt-del detection by adding busybox options (including syslog, klog which were missing). showkey show that the sendkey from KVM generates the right keycodes however the system still doesn't reboot. This is then still a limitation as per #627 (Bruno Cornec)
     7- mindi-busybox now uses an inittab which should help fixing #627 (Bruno Cornec)
     8- Patches to render this mindi-busybox version compatible with RHEL3 at least, potentially all older Linux 2.4 based distros (Bruno Cornec)
     9- Fix #632 by adding a required include to build mindi-busybox on Arch Linux (Stefan Husmann/MC)
     111.18.5-2 (2012-01-27)
     12- Adds a Replace in .deb packages to handle correctly the update process (Bruno Cornec)
     141.18.5-1 (2011-12-23)
     15- Adds support for SUID binaries (Bruno Cornec)
     16- Fix #499 for good, by using a real init from busybox and moving our init script to etc/init.d/rcS. We also now call the reboot from busybox to exit, which indeed reset the system correctly (in a VM at least which wasn't the case before). Requires a new mindi-busybox as well. (Bruno Cornec)
     17- Fixes the shell msg error by using setsid as per Busybox FAQ (Bruno Cornec)
     18- Update to upstream busybox 1.18.5 (Bruno Cornec)
     201.18.3-3 (2011-06-27)
     21- Adds the swapon feature to mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Removes telinit call in busybox to try to fix problems when reboot at end of restore (Bruno Cornec)
     23- Addes an extraversion for revision support (Bruno Cornec)
     24- Adds support for ifconfig and ping for PXE+NFS boot for this version of mindi-busybox (Bruno Cornec)
     25- Adds support for MT back mandatory for OBDR (Bruno Cornec)
     271.18.3-2 (2011-04-12)
     28- Remove blkid from busybox to solve #435 (Bruno Cornec)
     301.18.3-1 (2011-02-27)
     31- Updated based on busybox 1.18.3 to solve tar issues with latest RHEL 6 e.g. (Bruno Cornec)
     331.7.3-1 (2008-03-22)
     34- Updated based on busybox 1.7.3 (Bruno Cornec)
     35- Fix gentoo installation issue (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
     36- remove MONOTONIC clock to continue to support 2.4 kernels (RHEL 3 e.g. or ESX) (Bruno Cornec)
     37- Adds dd support for swap partition label (Bruno Cornec)
     38- Try to add cttyhack to suppress an error message at shell level (Bruno Cornec)
     401.7.2-1 (2007-10-30)
     41- Updated based on busybox 1.7.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     431.2.2-4 (2007-10-11)
     44- Build process adapted to use pb ( (Bruno Cornec)
     45- Fix another issue in mindi-busybox gentoo's ebuild (Francesco Talamona)
     471.2.2-3 (2007-05-17)
     48- Fix a blocking bug in mindi-busybox gentoo's ebuild (Francesco Talamona)
     501.2.2-2 (2007-04-08)
     51- Improve Gentoo packaging (Linos)
     531.2.2 (2006-12-23)
     54- mindi-busybox version is now extended with the SVN revision (Bruno Cornec)
     55- Fix a known bug for busybox where -gc-section in makefile + static for link crea tes a buggy busybox with glibc (Bruno Cornec)
     56- Updated based on busybox 1.2.2 (Bruno Cornec)
     57- Handles modules back again (Bruno Cornec)
     58- Fix bug #88 around install conflicts (Bruno Cornec)
     601.2.1 (2006-10-04)
     61- Creation based on busybox 1.2.1 (Bruno Cornec)
     62- Remove module management, bunzip2 in config file (Bruno Cornec)
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