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Apr 8, 2008, 12:28:44 AM (12 years ago)
Bruno Cornec
  • We need to handle 2 repo in newvm, with the right URL. Should be fixed now
  • Update the right pbcl file
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  • devel/pb/bin/pb

    r363 r366  
    11621162    die "-V Version parameter needed" if ((not defined $newver) || ($newver eq ""));
    1164     my ($scheme,$uri)=pb_cms_init($pbinit);
     1164    # Need this call for PBDIR
     1165    my ($scheme2,$uri) = pb_cms_init($pbinit);
     1167    my ($pbconf) = pb_conf_read("$ENV{'PBETC'}","pbconfurl");
     1168    $uri = $pbconf->{$ENV{'PBPROJ'}};
     1169    my ($scheme, $account, $host, $port, $path) = pb_get_uri($uri);
    11661171    # Checking CMS repositories status
    11671172    my ($pburl) = pb_conf_get("pburl");
    1168     my ($scheme2, $account, $host, $port, $path) = pb_get_uri($pburl->{$ENV{'PBPROJ'}});
     1173    ($scheme2, $account, $host, $port, $path) = pb_get_uri($pburl->{$ENV{'PBPROJ'}});
    11701175    if ($scheme !~ /^svn/) {
    11851190    my $newurl = "$uri/".dirname($tmp)."/$newver";
    1186     my $oldver= basename("$uri/$tmp");
     1191    # Should probably use projver in the old file
     1192    my $oldver= basename($tmp);
    11881194    # Checking pbcl files
    1189     foreach my $f (<$ENV{'PBCONFDIR'}/*/pbcl>) {
     1195    foreach my $f (<$ENV{'PBROOTDIR'}/*/pbcl>) {
    11901196        open(PBCL,$f) || die "Unable to open $f";
    11911197        my $foundnew = 0;
    11971203    }
     1205    # Duplicate and extract project-builder part
    11991206    pb_log(2,"Copying $uri/$tmp to $newurl\n");
    1200     pb_cms_copy($scheme,$uri,$newurl);
    1201     pb_log(2,"Checkout $newurl to $ENV{'PBDIR'}/../$newver\n");
    1202     pb_cms_checkout($scheme,$newurl,"$ENV{'PBDIR'}/../$newver");
     1207    pb_cms_copy($scheme,"$uri/$tmp",$newurl);
     1208    pb_log(2,"Checkout $newurl to $ENV{'PBROOTDIR'}/../$newver\n");
     1209    pb_cms_checkout($scheme,$newurl,"$ENV{'PBCONFDIR'}/../$newver");
     1211    # Duplicate and extract project
     1212    my $newurl2 = "$pburl->{$ENV{'PBPROJ'}}/".dirname($tmp)."/$newver";
     1214    pb_log(2,"Copying $pburl->{$ENV{'PBPROJ'}}/$tmp to $newurl2\n");
     1215    pb_cms_copy($scheme,"$pburl->{$ENV{'PBPROJ'}}/$tmp",$newurl2);
     1216    pb_log(2,"Checkout $newurl2 to $ENV{'PBDIR'}/../$newver\n");
     1217    pb_cms_checkout($scheme,$newurl2,"$ENV{'PBDIR'}/../$newver");
    12041219    # Update the .pb file
    1205     # Should probably use projver in the old file
    12061220    open(FILE,"$ENV{'PBROOTDIR'}/../$newver/$ENV{'PBPROJ'}.pb") || die "Unable to open $ENV{'PBROOTDIR'}/../$newver/$ENV{'PBPROJ'}.pb";
    12071221    open(OUT,"> $ENV{'PBROOTDIR'}/../$newver/$ENV{'PBPROJ'}") || die "Unable to write to $ENV{'PBROOTDIR'}/../$newver/$ENV{'PBPROJ'}";
  • pbconf/devel/project-builder/pbcl

    r305 r366  
     5devel (2008-04-08)
     6- devel line
     80.9.0 (2008-04-07)
     9- Fix #20 newver comment testver and checks pbcl files (Bruno Cornec)
     10- newver updated to support external CMS repo for build files (Bruno Cornec)
     11- setupvm ok for all supported distro but slackware not yet supported by pb (Bruno Cornec)
     12- Fix build2vm where the new name of the distro wasn't correctly handled when trying to get packages pushed to the ftp server. (Bruno Cornec)
     13- pb_env_init does just setup env variables now. It does CMS checks and conf only if called on a CMS opration (Bruno Cornec)
     14- systematic use of ENV VAR for PBPROJVER, PBPROJTAG, PBPACKAGER (Bruno Cornec)
     15- new function to get package list for cms only context and the old one is simplified
     16- $DESTDIR/pbrc contains now aal the keys needed to be independant when building - pbroot, pbprojver, pbprojtag, pbpackager. (Bruno Cornec)
     17- remove ntp calls for the moment, not ready (Bruno Cornec)
     18- new idempotent setupvm/setupve actions to prepare the VM/VE to be used by pb (Bruno Cornec)
     19è Numerous fixes in the new way of working to have a full suite working for netperf, pb and mondorescue - newver, cms2build, build2pkg, pbcl, setupvm, build2vm (Bruno Cornec)
     20- separation of CMS calls (only when using a cms2... action) and the environment variables used (Bruno Cornec)
     21- Improvements for CMS support, lots on CVS (Bruno Cornec)
     22- Use pod for pb documentation, modules to be done (Bruno Cornec)
     23- Use Getopt::Long and support now long options (Bruno Cornec)
     24- pb_syntax now uses pod2usage (Bruno Cornec)
     25- All modules are packages now (Bruno Cornec)
     26- pb_changelog back in and removal of (Bruno Cornec)
     27- Major changes following a memorable Fort Collins discussion which makes that version incompatible with previous ones (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner/Junichi Uekawa)
     28- Support URLs for pbconf and projects (ftp, http, svn, cvs, file) (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
     29- Adds Virtual Environment support (mock, pbuilder, ...) (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
     30- Documentation of concepts (Bruno Cornec)
     31- Fix for debian build in case a debian dir/link already exists in the project (Bruno Cornec/Bryan Gartner)
    5330.8.12 (2008-02-07)
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