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(edit) @2415   6 weeks bruno Adds tortilla runtime dependencies (formats and colorama) for deb
(edit) @2414   6 weeks bruno correct PYBUILD_NAME without python prefix and stable version
(edit) @2413   6 weeks bruno correct PYBUILD_NAME without python prefix
(edit) @2412   6 weeks bruno remove the devel subdir
(edit) @2411   6 weeks bruno Adds generation of python3-formats package
(edit) @2410   7 weeks bruno 2 fixes for debian repositories - Fix #178 by changing key detection …
(edit) @2409   7 weeks bruno python-tortilla needs python-formats (in our repos)
(edit) @2408   7 weeks bruno next stable version will be 0.15.2
(edit) @2407   7 weeks bruno Adds project python-formats to build farm
(edit) @2406   7 weeks bruno Fix non test log extraction for git
(edit) @2405   7 weeks bruno Adds python-tortilla project
(edit) @2404   7 weeks bruno Fix YAML errors in default setup when newproj
(edit) @2403   7 weeks bruno initiate pbgitremote variable if not defined to origin
(edit) @2402   7 weeks bruno eval YAML LoadFile? to try to issue error messages and exit when error
(edit) @2401   2 months bruno 0.15.1 announce
(edit) @2400   2 months bruno Backport website modif to 0.15.1
(edit) @2399   2 months bruno Update website with latest distros versions
(edit) @2398   2 months bruno Update website with latest distros versions
(edit) @2397   2 months bruno closing a file before returning
(edit) @2396   2 months bruno Replace most of the die by confess and also uses now option --rm for …
(edit) @2395   2 months bruno Avoid running make test on platform where it doesn't work due to old …
(edit) @2394   2 months bruno Do not consider os-release files when another was found earlier
(edit) @2393   2 months bruno remove a now obsolete dep to build mondo-doc for SLES 15 e.g.
(edit) @2392   2 months bruno Adds build support for SLES 15
(edit) @2391   2 months bruno Add support for SLES 15 by using /etc/os-release as well and Do not …
(edit) @2390   2 months bruno Add support for SLES 15 by using /etc/os-release as well
(edit) @2389   2 months bruno Do not exit if port is undefined for VM in pb_get_port as this may be …
(edit) @2388   2 months bruno Gentoo perl-YAML dep is yaml
(edit) @2387   2 months bruno Improve message given after newve for perl-YAML requirement
(edit) @2386   2 months bruno Print a warning if docker image doesn't exists for mkctn
(edit) @2385   2 months bruno Fix a typo and list of VEs
(edit) @2384   2 months bruno Fix a typo and list of VEs
(edit) @2383   2 months bruno 0.15.1 is the next stable version
(edit) @2382   2 months bruno Adds new pb 0.15 config files in order to make fixes to that version …
(edit) @2381   2 months bruno Fix the list of supported distributions with ctn
(edit) @2380   2 months bruno Update Changelogs files for 0.15.1
(edit) @2379   2 months bruno updated to /users/bruno/pb/pbconf
(edit) @2378   2 months bruno Creation of svn+ssh:// from …
(edit) @2377   2 months bruno Creation of svn+ssh://
(edit) @2376   2 months bruno Check that a port is defined before using it. May mean that the …
(edit) @2375   2 months bruno Fix partly the examples to use YAML format instead of previous one
(edit) @2374   3 months bruno Fix support for non pb projects ctn
(edit) @2373   3 months bruno Add support forotherproject ctn build and use getconf for velist
(edit) @2372   3 months bruno Fix opensuse < 15 creation of ctn
(edit) @2371   3 months bruno Fix opensuse ctn deps
(edit) @2370   3 months bruno Fix find + chmod call to always return true so that docker ends …
(edit) @2369   3 months bruno better automatic tests with docker for pb
(edit) @2368   3 months bruno remove distros not maintained upstream
(edit) @2367   3 months bruno Update pres and announce
(edit) @2366   3 months bruno Fix list of supported container images
(edit) @2365   3 months bruno Fix ECDSA lack of support for RHEL7 and avoid : in release tags
(edit) @2364   3 months bruno do not call make check for pb build as it would require …
(edit) @2363   3 months bruno removal of useless docker images to build for
(edit) @2362   3 months bruno better usae of cluck instead of confess to avoid exiting abrutely when …
(edit) @2361   3 months bruno exits when conf errors are detected instead of going on
(edit) @2360   3 months bruno More opensuse support - remove os-release management from conf file …
(edit) @2359   3 months bruno iNext steps in mkctn now depened on previous result
(edit) @2358   3 months bruno New opesuse distros have a new docker hub image name
(edit) @2357   3 months bruno Fix fedora 23 ctn support The way ctn was built, the /etc directory …
(edit) @2356   3 months bruno Fix container build scripts
(edit) @2355   3 months bruno more opensuse distro supported
(edit) @2354   3 months bruno pull image before building in mkctn and update ctn img list
(edit) @2353   3 months bruno Add distributions for MondoRescue? container build
(edit) @2352   3 months bruno Add support for latest fedora disto
(edit) @2351   3 months bruno Update scripts to automate container building (still more to do)
(edit) @2350   3 months bruno Improve printing for getconf
(edit) @2349   4 months bruno Fix #174 by adding the conf param pbgitremote with its doc
(edit) @2348   4 months bruno Fix check of PBPROJDIR when .git dir not found in pbconf
(edit) @2347   4 months bruno Exit in pb_system if PBTMP is not defined in env
(edit) @2346   7 months bruno Fix dependencies and arch: - mindi requires either syslinux or elilo …
(edit) @2345   7 months bruno Fixes build dependencies for pb's rpm
(edit) @2344   13 months bruno Fix pbfilter into filter for yml files as well !
(edit) @2343   13 months bruno Adapt MondoRescue? to pb 0.15 with yml conf files
(edit) @2342   13 months bruno the perl IO::Interface module is in fact needed lower in …
(edit) @2341   13 months bruno This modules requires Net::IPv4Addr
(edit) @2340   14 months bruno Fix a wrong keyword used for filtering !
(edit) @2339   18 months bruno Update changelogs for MondoRescue? 3.3.0 delivery
(edit) @2338   18 months bruno the API conf file is now under etc and in pb-modules
(edit) @2337   19 months bruno More alpine improvements (but still not done yet)
(edit) @2336   19 months bruno Improve again apk build up to prepve
(edit) @2335   19 months bruno Fix apk installed package detection
(edit) @2334   19 months bruno Greatly improve apk build (still not finished however)
(edit) @2333   19 months bruno Initial support of apk for pb
(edit) @2332   19 months bruno Adds a demo script made for DockerCon?
(edit) @2331   19 months bruno use prj as a var name for api
(edit) @2330   19 months bruno Fix local install for rpm distros (use osins when oslocalins is empty)
(edit) @2329   19 months bruno Use parameters more in the path than in the body
(edit) @2328   20 months bruno First validated API made (thanks to Jan Henning Thorsen for his help !)
(edit) @2327   20 months bruno RSA keys should in fact be the default over DSA
(edit) @2326   20 months bruno Adds YAML conf file for VE
(edit) @2325   20 months bruno Remove a duplicate log in CMS for Packages:
(edit) @2324   20 months bruno Fix #167 by adding an oslocalins option
(edit) @2323   20 months bruno Move to a YAML API description file - Use it in ProjectBuilder?.pm - …
(edit) @2322   21 months bruno Add a sbx2prep command
(edit) @2321   21 months bruno Test buffer with patches and convert to 0.15 format
(edit) @2320   21 months bruno Fix a template generation error on the %setup line (lack of -n)
(edit) @2319   21 months bruno Avoid parallelism issues with confess in subfunction
(edit) @2318   21 months bruno Exit if no pbac and newve is called
(edit) @2317   21 months bruno Exit if vepath is not defined and newve called
(edit) @2316   21 months bruno Fix process detection around qemu on mga6
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