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#145 improve setupv step for docker pb 0.14.6 enhancement Jul 23, 2016

In order to have LTS pb containers, we need to be able to upgrade pb without having to reinstall all the deps of it + the one of the project (this allows not maintained distro to still build SW with recent pb)

Current method is that setupv restart from step 1 to rebuild step 2 whereas it should restart from step 3 and overwrite it.

#19 use multiple delivery means pb enhancement Feb 7, 2008

pb should be able to support multiple delivery means (to VMs, to the delivery host) such as SMTP, FTP, NFS, ...

#53 create a new dep file for pbinit pb enhancement Nov 10, 2009

When preparing mondorescue during pbinit, there is a need of a certain number of apps installed. Currently there is no way to make pb install them before launching pbinit. pb should have a new conf file to manage those deps (type related)

#62 Add FreeBSD packaging support pb enhancement Jul 2, 2010

pb doesn't package for any BSD ssytem. It would be nice to start by adding FreeBSD.

#66 Log handling pb enhancement Sep 1, 2010

To handle the output of pb a bit better than now, the output should be analyzed for warnings and errors (divided between build process and packaging issues, or may be more). It should be possible to mail the output afterwards to defined adresses.

#77 Adds HP-UX support pb enhancement Jan 20, 2011

By first adding a port of pb on HP-UX and then adding support of the SD package format.

#107 Allow the management of pbconf content with NO VCS pb enhancement Jun 17, 2011

Comment received on the pb-devel ML about pbconf using SVN (fow now):

If you provide support for running without a VCS then people can use whatever they want and they're just responsible for doing commits.

#110 adds ipkg support pb enhancement Oct 13, 2011

#137 Add support for RE in tag for conf files pb enhancement Feb 17, 2016

In order to be able to have:

tag fedora-2[2-9] = something

#158 Add pypi upload support pb enhancement Mar 6, 2017

Need to extract the final version and then issue: python setup.py sdist upload

#135 build should check pbcl files for coherency pb enhancement Sep 10, 2015

When building for Debian distributions, pb should check for coherency of versions used in the pbcl files and the one used in the VCS environment

#43 add support for LSB chroot pb enhancement Mar 10, 2009

Can you add support for the LSB chroot sample implementations for VEs. Or provide documentation on how one achieves adding support for a new distro-version-arch?

#101 PAUSE upload could be done automatically pb enhancement May 27, 2011

To be checked.

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