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    4444Also note that you can do the same with Virtual Environments (VE) replacing the vm suffix by the ve one. This will work for Docker containers as well, and you can use the -T docker option for that.
     46=== CentOS container ===
     48Here is how to use with a CentOS 7 container
     50# Pull the upstream official container
     51$ docker pull centos:7
     52# Create a new pb VE from it
     53$ pb -p pb -T docker -m centos-7-x86_64 newve -i centos:7
     54Project: pb
     55Action: newve
     56Installing dependencies perl perl-Data-Dumper sudo wget tar make gzip in Docker container pb:centos-7-x86_64... OK
     57$ docker images | grep centos
     58pb                                 centos-7-x86_64                         86805ae6031a        1 minutes ago        323.2 MB
     59centos                             7                                       50dae1ee8677        2 days ago           196.7 MB
     60# Set it up for pb usage
     61$ pb -p pb -T docker -m centos-7-x86_64 setupve
     62Project: pb
     63Action: setupve
     64Sources handled (VEScript): /users/bruno/pb/pbdelivery/setupv-centos-7-x86_64
     65Executing pbscript on ////test/src if needed... OK
     66[centos-7-x86_64] [centos-7-x86_64] Sending build context to Docker daemon   149 kB
     67[centos-7-x86_64] Step 1 : FROM pb:centos-7-x86_64
     68[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> 86805ae6031a
     69[centos-7-x86_64] Step 2 : MAINTAINER aka pb
     70[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> Running in 36142ca4be24
     71[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> d80b71153252
     72[centos-7-x86_64] Removing intermediate container 36142ca4be24
     73[centos-7-x86_64] Step 3 : USER root
     74[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> Running in 4561aedb8f0c
     75[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> 9362de40fbc3
     76[centos-7-x86_64] Removing intermediate container 4561aedb8f0c
     77[centos-7-x86_64] Step 4 : RUN mkdir -p ////test/src
     78[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> Running in 7797901a9ab0
     79[centos-7-x86_64]  ---> 129e6afe6317
     80[centos-7-x86_64] Removing intermediate container 7797901a9ab0
     81[centos-7-x86_64] Step 5 : RUN cd ////test/src ; for i in  setupv-centos-7-x86_64; do if [ -f $i ]; then rm -f $i; fi; done
     83[centos-7-x86_64] pb -h... OK
     84[centos-7-x86_64] pb (aka Version 0.14.1-2120
     86$ docker images | grep centos
     87pb                                 centos-7-x86_64-pb                      f45370173958        3 minutes ago       374.2 MB
     88pb                                 centos-7-x86_64                         86805ae6031a        5 minutes ago       323.2 MB
     89centos                             7                                       50dae1ee8677        2 days ago          196.7 MB
     90# Now prepare a Docker image for the project you want to use
     91$ pb -p pb -T docker -m centos-7-x86_64 prepve
     92pb                                 centos-7-x86_64-pb                      f45370173958        7 minutes ago       374.2 MB
     93pb                                 centos-7-x86_64-pb-pb                   7bd43365ae5b        8 minutes ago       377.2 MB
     94pb                                 centos-7-x86_64                         86805ae6031a        10 minutes ago      323.2 MB
     95centos                             7                                       50dae1ee8677        2 days ago          196.7 MB
     96# And use it
     97$ pb -p pb -T docker -m centos-7-x86_64 sbx2setupve
     98Project: pb
     99Action: sbx2setupve
     100Packages: project-builder,rpmbootstrap,pbmkbm,ProjectBuilder
     102Management of project-builder 0.14.1-0.20160722124307.s2117
     103Exporting /users/bruno/pb/devel/pb from svn+ssh to /users/bruno/pb/pbdelivery/project-builder- ... OK
     104Generating fake ChangeLog for test version
     105Preparing delivery ...
    46108=== Gentoo Container ===