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Porting on HP-UX

HP-UX packages

Software Package Builder 7.0 User's Guide

Software Distributor Administration Guide

Port from scratch

These notes are taken as the HP-UX 11.23 port is occuring

  • Working on a pre-installed HP-UX machine
  • Download the source of
    $ wget
    $ wget
  • Extract the sources
    $ gzip -cd ProjectBuilder-latest.tar.gz | tar xf -
    $ gzip -cd project-builder-latest.tar.gz | tar xf -
  • Install the project
    $ cd ProjectBuilder-0.10.1/
    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make
    $ sudo make install
    $ cd ../project-builder-0.10.1/
    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make
    $ sudo make install
  • Test that project-builder is installed and working correctly
  • Build with itself to create native packages
    $ echo > ~/.pbrc << EOF
    pburl pb = svn+ssh://
    pbconfurl pb = svn+ssh://
    pbdefdir default = $ENV{'HOME'}/pb/projects
    pbdefdir pb = $ENV{'HOME'}
    pbconfdir pb = $ENV{'HOME'}/pb/pbconf
    $ pb -p pb -r devel cms2pkg

Make depot for HP-UX software distribution

  • Create pb psf(product specification file)
    #vi pb.psf
                    layout_version   1.0
                    tag              HP
                    description      HP EMEA CME Solution Center
                    title            HP Intel Redhat Open Source Solutions Initiative
                    tag              package_tool
                    description      packages source code to different OS platform
                    tag             pb
                    architecture    HP-UX_B.11.23_32/64
                    category        package_tool
            #       copyright       <copyright
                    description     "package tool to distribute source code for 
                                    different OS platform"
                    directory       /opt/pb
                    is_locatable    false
                    is_patch        false
                    machine_type    *
                    os_name         HP-UX
                    os_release      ?.11.23.*
                    revision        0.9.10
                    title           project-builder
                    vendor_tag      HP
                    tag             command
                    architecture    HP-UX_B.11.23_32/64
            #       prerequisites
                    directory       ./blib/bin=/opt/pb/bin
                    file            pb
                    file            pbg
                    file            pbvi
                    directory       ./blib/lib/ProjectBuilder=/opt/perl_32/lib/5.8.8/ProjectBuilder
                    directory       ./blib/man1=/usr/share/man/man1
                    file            pb.1
                    directory       ./blib/man3=/usr/share/man/man3
                    file            ProjectBuilder::CMS.3
                    file            ProjectBuilder::Changelog.3
                    file            ProjectBuilder::Env.3
                    file            ProjectBuilder::Filter.3
  • Package pb as HPUX-SD format based on its psf file
    #swpackage –vv –s ./pb.psf –d /tmp/pb.depot
    #swreg -l depot /tmp/pb.depot
  • install pb.depot on HPUX platform (Make sure the swinstall option “make install incompatible software in target” is true.)
    #swinstall -s /temp/pb.depot -x allow_incompatible=true