Steps to create a new pb version

  • Finalize a software state of course - svn status ~/pb + svn up ~/pb
  • Edit all changelog files under ~/pb/pbconf/devel/*/pbcl and add the new release infos + corresponding release date, and increment the next release keeping the date in future.
  • svn ci ~/pb/pbconf/devel/*/pbcl -m 'Prepare for version newver'
  • pb -p pb -V nv newver
  • Edit all changelog files under ~/pb/pbconf/nv/*/pbcl and remove the next release infos as long as the bug
  • Edit ~/pb/pbconf/nv/pb.yml and look at version, testver and delivery tags
  • pb -p pb -r nv sbx2ve |& tee /tmp/pb.log ; pb -p pb -r nv sbx2vm -g |& tee /tmp/pb.log
  • pb -p pb -r nv checkssh --rebuild
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