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     628$ rpm -qi netperf
     629Name        : netperf                      Relocations: (not relocatable)
     630Version     : 2.4.4                             Vendor: (none)
     631Release     : 1.mdv2007.1                   Build Date: sam 17 nov 2007 00:40:33 CET
     632Install Date: sam 17 nov 2007 00:47:29 CET      Build Host:
     633Group       : Archiving/Backup              Source RPM: netperf-2.4.4-1.mdv2007.1.src.rpm
     634Size        : 263698                           License: GPL
     635Signature   : (none)
     636Packager    : Bruno Cornec <>
     637URL         :
     638Summary     : netperf est un outil de benchmark réseau
     639Description :
     640netperf est un outil de benchmark réseau
    628641$ rpm -q --changelog netperf
     644So we still have an issue with the Group used and the changelog which is empty. Also some modes are wrong and our NEWS file is empty. Again Projec-Builder can will with those issues.
     645You'll have for that to create a new file under pbconf/netperf called pbcl which will be the changelog file for your project:
     647$ cp netperf-2.4.4/Release_Notes pbconf/netperf/pbcl
     648$ vi pbconf/netperf/pbcl
     649[... format modifications ...]
     650$ head -20 pbconf/netperf/pbcl
     651# $Id$
     6552.4.4 (2007-11-16)
     656-  The LOC_CPU and REM_CPU tests will report their respective beliefs
     657   as to the number of CPUs present when the verbosity is set to more
     658   than one.  This can be used when trying to diagnose issues with CPU
     659   utilization.
     660-  A kind soul who wishes to remain anonymous provided a patch to
     661   enable use of sendfile() on OSX.
     662-  Fix a misplaced \n in a format string of send_tcp_maerts, courtesy
     663   of Alexander Duyck.
     664-  There is an experimental global -r option which will allow one to
     665   include CPU utilization measurements, but make the decision about
     666   hitting confidence based on the result only.  The test banner will
     667   reflects this when -r is used.
     668-  It is no longer necessary to specify a file with the global -F
     669   option when running a _SENDFILE test.  Netperf will create a
     670   temporary file and populate it with random data and use that.  If
     674I also decide to remove the useless files in the distribution, and replace them  with those that Project-Builder will generate from the pbcl file we just created from Release_Notes:
     676$ chmod 644 netperf-2.4.4/README* netperf-2.4.4/Release_Notes netperf-2.4.4/AUTHORS netperf-2.4.4/COPYING netperf-2.4.4/INSTALL
     677$ rm netperf-2.4.4/ChangeLog netperf-2.4.4/NEWS
     680Ready to check again:
     682$ pb -p netperf -r `pwd` cms2pkg
     683Project: netperf
     684Action: cms2pkg
     685Packages: netperf
     687Management of netperf 2.4.4-1 (rev flat)
     688Exporting /users/bruno/netperf/src/netperf-2.4.4 from DIR to /users/bruno/netperf/delivery/netperf-2.4.4... OK
     689Generating NEWS file from /users/bruno/netperf/src/pbconf/netperf/pbcl
     690[... build continues ...]
     691Wrote: /users/bruno/netperf/build/SRPMS/netperf-2.4.4-1.mdv2007.1.src.rpm
     692Wrote: /users/bruno/netperf/build/RPMS/x86_64/netperf-2.4.4-1.mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm
     693Wrote: /users/bruno/netperf/build/RPMS/x86_64/netperf-debug-2.4.4-1.mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm
     694Executing(%clean): /bin/sh -e /users/bruno/netperf/build/tmp/rpm-tmp.76745
     695+ umask 022
     696+ cd /users/bruno/netperf/build/BUILD
     697+ cd netperf-2.4.4
     698+ /bin/rm -rf /users/bruno/netperf/build/tmp/netperf-2.4.4-1.mdv2007.1-root-bruno
     699+ exit 0
     701Checking validity of rpms with rpmlint... E: netperf info-files-without-install-info-postin /usr/share/info/
     702E: netperf info-files-without-install-info-postun /usr/share/info/
     703E: netperf no-signature
     704E: netperf no-signature
     708So seems much better. More verifications:
     710$ rpm -ql netperf
     723$ rpm -q --changelog netperf
    631726= Example of use on LinuxCOE (more complex example) =