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    1 = Welcome to Dploy Wiki =
     1= Welcome to Project-Builder Wiki =
    3 = Design Ideas around a project =
     3= Design Ideas around the project =
    5 Currently we have great pieces of software such as [ LinuxCOE] and [ MondoRescue] to manage server deployment from an automatic installation manner or from an imaging manner respectively (multi-distro support in both case). I'll later use the word deployment meaning both scenarios.
     5Since 2005 that I took over the maintenance of the [MondoRescue] project, I have passed time developing code on the periphery of the project to allow me to easily build packages from Subversion, deliver them, manage them, ...
    7 It would be great to associate the 2 software under a common GPL ombrella to create a multi-purpose deployment server that would allow:
     7I met a lot of Open Source project which are suffering from the same barrier for their adoption as mondo suffered in the past: without native packaging for your distribution you have much less people testing your software, trying it, less chance to be integrated in distributions, ...
    9  * to deploy a known or unknown server with whatever method from a central place
    10  * to manage centraly in a database every information related to the machine deployed. The set of tables could be in a standalone database or integrated in other management platform which are open to such integration ([ HP SIM], [ OCS Inventory]).
    11  * to take in account hardware particularities in the deployment (using manufacturer available tools and/or opensource tools)
    12  * give a standardized method on how to setup such a deployment server from scratch, including mirroring instruction and automatic mirror structure creation from a set of ISOs.
    13  * provide a web interface (what else :-) for the mangement of the systems deployed or to be deployed. Should work in both text and graphical environment for easiest usage (lynx compliant)
    14  * Modular approach of deployement (new features should be easily added)
    15  * architecture neutral (with initial support of i386, x86_64 and ia64), and of course distribution neutral.
     9Then I wanted to also work on another project called [] which uses the great [LinuxCOE]. However that LinuxCOE project had exactly the same issue as previously mentioned, no packaging, on install from CVS, so smaller community. And in order for me to put something on a prouction server, I want it packaged :-)
     11So I decided it could be a good idea to reuse the scripts made for mondo to package LinuxCOE. However, they were too specific, even if the ideas could be reused (that was my 3rd generation of build scripts, so ideas were more advanced than the code).
    1714This web page has been written following multiple discussions around these topics with J. Vance, B. Gartner, L. Mayes, G. Renaud, L. Bouchard and many others.