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Welcome to Project-Builder Wiki

Project-Builder is a tool that helps you building packages for your application (managed with tar file, or a configuration management system such as CVS or Subversion). It is able to generate build package skeleton for your project, and with simple configuration files to generate for up to 20 different tuples of distributions (name, version, architecture), including Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware.

Design Ideas around the project

Since 2005 that I took over the maintenance of the MondoRescue project, I have passed time developing code on the periphery of the project to allow me to easily build packages from Subversion, deliver them, manage them, ...

I met a lot of Open Source project which are suffering from the same barrier for their adoption as mondo suffered in the past: without native packaging for your distribution you have much less people testing your software, trying it, less chance to be integrated in distributions, ...

Then I wanted to also work on another project called which uses the great LinuxCOE. However that LinuxCOE project had exactly the same issue as previously mentioned, no packaging, no install from CVS, so smaller community. And in order for me to put something on a production server, I want it packaged :-)

So I decided it could be a good idea to reuse the scripts made for mondo to package LinuxCOE. However, they were too specific, even if the ideas could be reused (that was my 3rd generation of build scripts, so ideas were more advanced than the code). And thus was born !

Technical ideas around the (aka pb) project

  • use perl. It makes coding so much more efficient, powerful and also fun
  • make it independant from the CMS (flat, CVS, SVN, more to come), the VM (QEMU, more to come) or chroot (mock, pbuilder), the type of distro (RPM based, deb based, ebuild based, ...)
  • Reuse other Open Source Projects to help create a fully integrated build system, tacking in account building in parallel on various types of systems (virtual, physical, ...)

Examples of Project-Builder usage

Concerning trac

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