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(edit) @2338   12 months bruno the API conf file is now under etc and in pb-modules
(edit) @2337   12 months bruno More alpine improvements (but still not done yet)
(edit) @2336   13 months bruno Improve again apk build up to prepve
(edit) @2335   13 months bruno Fix apk installed package detection
(edit) @2334   13 months bruno Greatly improve apk build (still not finished however)
(edit) @2333   13 months bruno Initial support of apk for pb
(edit) @2330   13 months bruno Fix local install for rpm distros (use osins when oslocalins is empty)
(edit) @2324   14 months bruno Fix #167 by adding an oslocalins option
(edit) @2320   14 months bruno Fix a template generation error on the %setup line (lack of -n)
(edit) @2317   14 months bruno Exit if vepath is not defined and newve called
(edit) @2312   14 months bruno pb_cms_init becomes pb_vcs_init to be used in env_init
(edit) @2311   14 months bruno ALso setup the project VCS in env_init
(edit) @2310   14 months bruno Create pb_env_create_dirs to allow later directory creation
(edit) @2309   14 months bruno Remove useless code
(edit) @2308   14 months bruno Fix vcs_compliant for git+ssh the URL computed was removing a git+ssh …
(edit) @2307   14 months bruno git add needs to be done in the subtree
(edit) @2306   14 months bruno Do not commit -a it's BAD !
(edit) @2305   14 months bruno Fix newproj for git handle the case now in the vcs_compliant function
(edit) @2300   15 months bruno Automate convversion of pburl into pbprojurl in update_v0 and add an …
(edit) @2298   15 months bruno Fir YAML deps needed for installation with v >= 0.15
(edit) @2292   15 months bruno Moves documentation aruond directories to pod file
(edit) @2291   15 months bruno Fix an error in a case where a variable was undefined
(edit) @2290   15 months bruno Document pb Env var, URLs and DIRs !!
(edit) @2289   15 months bruno Fix pb.conf old usage - Fix build for pod doc - Fix remaining ref to …
(edit) @2287   15 months bruno Fix usage of labels in env var (normalize with 'LABEL'
(edit) @2286   15 months bruno Some small doc fixes
(edit) @2285   15 months bruno Add documentation for pbadditionalgpg
(edit) @2284   15 months bruno Now uses pbprojurl instead of pburl to be consistent with pbconfurl
(edit) @2279   15 months bruno YAML support working for most distros - Fix rebase issues - Adds a …
(edit) @2278   15 months bruno Fix Conf test for empty string and deb deps
(edit) @2276   15 months bruno Adapt Conf test so that we handle YAML formats as well
(edit) @2275   15 months bruno Fix tests so that they really work when Test::More isn't found
(edit) @2274   15 months bruno Fix YAML deps for pb in pb.yml
(edit) @2270   15 months bruno FIX usage of PBCONFVER in VE/VM
(edit) @2268   15 months bruno fix pb_vcs_usage in pv_vcs_add (only pass dir names)
(edit) @2267   15 months bruno the function to update v0 conf into v1 is now used in to allow …
(edit) @2266   15 months bruno conf_update_v0 now adds to VCS the file generated
(edit) @2265   15 months bruno Fix git+svn usage for vcs_add and checkin
(edit) @2264   15 months bruno Add support for conf file value being empty strings
(edit) @2263   15 months bruno Fix the merge of YAML conf files in pb_conf_cache (Up to 3 levels of …
(edit) @2261   15 months bruno Log when handling YAML conf files the filename Fix also temp pbrc.yml …
(edit) @2260   15 months bruno Fix pbroot handling for git+svn (test was wrong)
(edit) @2259   15 months bruno Return from early enough if command is updateconf
(edit) @2258   15 months bruno Fix temporary files so they are also YAML and transform projects.pb …
(edit) @2257   15 months bruno Remove mentions of YAML 1.0 for now as creating incorrect syntax
(edit) @2256   15 months bruno Transform v0 ve|vm|rm conf files into v1 if needed + fixes
(edit) @2254   15 months bruno Automatically modify v0 filter files into v1 format
(edit) @2253   15 months bruno More YAML transformations - We now generate a .pbrc.yml if none exist …
(edit) @2252   15 months bruno Use .pbrc.yml now as a YAML file as well instead of .pbrc
(edit) @2251   15 months bruno Transform .pb and .pbf files into .yml as well In example generated …
(edit) @2250   15 months bruno Doc fixes mostly
(edit) @2249   15 months bruno pbdistrocheck + YAML works - Fix for yml main conf file to avoid …
(edit) @2241   16 months bruno revert last commit as this is not ready yet for integration in that tree !
(edit) @2239   16 months bruno Start move to YAML conf files
(edit) @2234   17 months bruno Adds https_proxy support
(edit) @2233   17 months bruno Fix wrong filehandle used for proxy management
(edit) @2224   19 months bruno Adds support for ubuntu-17.04
(edit) @2223   20 months bruno Fix website delivery errors, and some minor spelling errors
(edit) @2222   20 months bruno render some system commands more verbose
(edit) @2221   20 months bruno Fix an error in a pb_log and adds a pbve.pre example
(edit) @2217   20 months bruno Fix an error whith external repo When using an external repo the …
(edit) @2214   20 months bruno Revert most of rev [2204] There was an error on the directory …
(edit) @2208   20 months bruno Minor skeleton improvements
(edit) @2207   20 months bruno Expand potential vars in PBPROJDIR
(edit) @2205   20 months bruno Improve newproj action review skeletons, fix some tests) Use PBPROJDIR …
(edit) @2202   20 months bruno Fix a bug with git+http when doing export, where the worng block was …
(edit) @2189   21 months bruno Fix a bug on the analysis of build dependencies for deb packages when …
(edit) @2188   21 months bruno Add support for additional signed deb repositories
(edit) @2187   21 months bruno Rename pb_distro_setuprepo_gen as pb_distro_setuprepo_gen_conf and …
(edit) @2185   21 months bruno Remove useless pkg deps for recent debian distributions
(edit) @2183   21 months bruno Also fix pb.yml for zypper updates
(edit) @2182   21 months bruno Solve an issue with dependency optimization When adding a new repo, …
(edit) @2181   21 months bruno Fix GPG key import
(edit) @2179   21 months bruno calls zypper refresh before making install
(edit) @2178   21 months bruno Import GPG key files on OpenSUSE as zypper doesn't do it alone it seems
(edit) @2177   21 months bruno Improved build procedure build is now calling back prep first in …
(edit) @2176   21 months bruno Fix package based installation of pb
(edit) @2175   22 months bruno Adds man, help and versions options to pbdistrocheck and pbgetparam
(edit) @2171   23 months bruno - Fix #152: do not exit loop of repos to handled to early in order to …
(edit) @2169   23 months bruno Fix #152 by adding support for https scheme in URLs !!
(edit) @2161   23 months bruno Improve logging
(edit) @2157   23 months bruno Change interface of pb_ve_docker_get_image which now returns undef …
(edit) @2156   23 months bruno Really place docker as the default for vetype
(edit) @2155   23 months bruno - Now fix pb_distro_conf_print and place project after distros to have …
(edit) @2154   23 months bruno Fix conf file analysis: - pb_conf_get_if now returns the value and …
(edit) @2153   23 months bruno - Use function pb_distro_conf_print in pbgetparam to avoid code …
(edit) @2152   23 months bruno - Fix a bug in the loading order of the 2 generic conf files files …
(edit) @2151   23 months bruno Fix a bug in pbgetparam where the project.pb file wasn't read
(edit) @2149   23 months bruno VE type now defaults to docker as it's the way forward and working …
(edit) @2144   2 years bruno Fedora 25 uses dnf not yum
(edit) @2141   2 years bruno Adds support for cloudlinux
(edit) @2137   2 years bruno Update oel RE as no '(' is present after the release version
(edit) @2136   2 years bruno Fix #115 The standard conf file is now under /usr/share/pb and the …
(edit) @2132   2 years bruno Debian 10 is buster
(edit) @2125   2 years bruno - Fix list of containers used to build pb - Try to fix opensuse 13.1 …
(edit) @2123   2 years bruno - Fix debian 7 deps on diff replaced by diffutils
(edit) @2122   2 years bruno - Fix issue with rpmsign aborting the build script when incorrect - …
(edit) @2121   2 years bruno Fedira 24 depends on perl-File-Temp !
(edit) @2119   2 years bruno -Fix #144 by declaring PBTMP when File::Temp doesn't exist
(edit) @2118   2 years bruno CentOS is also installed from pkgs now
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