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#145 improve setupv step for docker assigned bruno critical 0.15.3 pb
#19 use multiple delivery means assigned bruno major pb
#53 create a new dep file for pbinit assigned bruno major pb
#62 Add FreeBSD packaging support assigned bruno major pb
#63 Integrate new action pkg2livecd new bruno major pb
#66 Log handling assigned bruno major pb
#107 Allow the management of pbconf content with NO VCS assigned bruno major pb
#110 adds ipkg support assigned bruno major pb
#114 pb should allow for different version remotely (project responsability) and locally for pkg (packager responsability) new bruno major pb
#137 Add support for RE in tag for conf files assigned bruno major pb
#158 Add pypi upload support assigned bruno major pb
#170 adds apk support new bruno major 0.15.3 pb
#135 build should check pbcl files for coherency assigned bruno minor pb
#141 use native uid when using docker new bruno minor pb
#175 Using packages currently built as deps for another build new bruno minor pb
#180 pb should check VM/VE used new bruno minor 0.15.3 pb
#100 Management of freshmeat announces as well as own ML new bruno trivial pb
#101 PAUSE upload could be done automatically assigned bruno trivial pb
#147 remove hardcoded pbconf value for the directory if possible new bruno trivial pb
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