Creating a new pb version

  • Ensure that all dev tests are ok first ;-)
      cd pb
  • Ensure that the SVN status is correct for both devel and pbconf:
      svn up
  • Ensure that the Changelogs are OK for all packages:
      cd devel
      gvim ../pbconf/devel/*/pbcl
      svn log -v pkg
  • Export a VER variable corresponding to the version to build
       setenv VER 0.15.3 (tcsh)
       export VER=0.15.3 (bash)
  • Use pb to create the target version from the devel branch:
      pb -p pb -r devel -V $VER newver
  • Edit again the pbcl files for the new version $VER content and adapt dates for version and upcoming ones
      gvim ../pbconf/$VER/*/pbcl
  • Edit the config file to declare the version stable (projver, delivery and testver):
      gvim ../pbconf/$VER/pb.yml
      svn ci ../pbconf/$VER
  • Build a test version in a ctn:
      pb -p pb -r $VER -m centos-7-x86_64 sbx2ve
  • Build for all ctns:
      pb -p pb -r $VER build2ve
  • Build a test version in a VM:
      pb -p pb -r $VER -m rhel-7-x86_64 sbx2vm
  • Build for all VMs:
      pb -p pb -r $VER build2vm
  • Check what is produced
      pb -p pb -r $VER checkssh
  • New distributions
      pb -p pb -r $VER build2docker -m mageia-8-x86_64
  • Update trac
      Manage milestones - Edit the target one ($VER) and close it with a comment as in - Default is now the next one.
      Manage versions - Add the new one as a default.
      Review BR/ER
  • Update Web site (new distros versions)
  • Write a blog article
  • Announce it
      pb -p pb -r $VER announce
  • Check the existing versions in build environmnt
    foreach i ( `pbgetparam -p pb velist | sed 's/,/\n/g'` )
      echo -n "$i - " ; docker run -ti --rm pb:$i-pb /usr/bin/pb --version | grep Version
  • Clean the obsolete containers
  • Update the build environment with this new version
      pb -p pb -r $VER build2setupve
      pb -p pb -r $VER build2setupvm
  • For a set of VMs for which you do it sequentially
      foreach i ( `pbgetparam -p pb vmlist | sed 's/,/\n/g'` )
        pb -p pb -r $VER -m $i build2setupvm
  • Publish the website with the announce integrated
      pb -p pb -r $VER sbx2webssh
  • Update upstream Mageia
  • Update PAUSE
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