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#60 Add support for 0install format Bruno Cornec enhancement minor pb
#61 Add support of xen for VM launch Bruno Cornec enhancement major pb
#77 Adds HP-UX support Bruno Cornec enhancement major pb
#125 Fix openSuSE VE support Bruno Cornec defect blocker pb
#102 Problem installing pb packages in a Solaris Zone Bruno Cornec enhancement major pb
#15 Use additional block devices in qemu enhancement blocker pb
#43 add support for LSB chroot Bruno Cornec enhancement trivial pb
#162 build2prepve and -t distro option doesn't work Bruno Cornec defect major 0.15.3 pb
#117 debian packages doesnt upgrade cleanly from 0.10 to 0.12 Bruno Cornec defect minor 0.12.6 pb
#159 issue building pb on rhel3 Bruno Cornec defect major pb
#151 issue with velogin not declared Bruno Cornec defect minor 0.14.5 pb
#34 newver is not modifying the right pbcl correctly defect minor 0.9.5 pb
#54 pbrepo shouldn't be required for cms2pkg Bruno Cornec defect minor 0.10.1 pb
#25 support noarch build Bruno Cornec defect major 0.9.7 pb
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