Thursday, October 31, 2019 | 9:00am – 5:00pm
Lyon Convention Centre - Room St Clair 2

The Redfish Workshop is a one day event, with live demos that puts you in direct contact with Redfish Project technical experts. Its primary aim is to show sysadmin, architects and developers how to use the Redfish standard in their environments to benefit from a standard management layer for their deployments, configuration and management of systems. More information at Redfish on

It is a co-located event of the Open Source Summit Europe 2019 that we encourage you to attend as well.

Our knowledgeable and engaging speakers will help you better understand topics like using DMTF tools for system configuration, using the REST API to perform Redfish operations from python, learning latest news on the standard and its future evolution. Through interactive sessions, demos and labs, you’ll have a chance to network and better understand and practice the concepts presented.

This is a free of charge event, sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SUSE.

Who can benefit:

  • System & Software Developers
  • Tech Leads / Development Leads
  • Software Architects
  • Chief Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Development Engineers
  • DevOps / System Administrators
  • Application Engineers
  • Open Source Technologists

The detailed agenda is available just below, with one of our key speaker being Jeff Autor, HPE Distinguished Technologist and Redfish Forum Co-Chair who will be able to answer all your nasty (or more simple :-) questions about the standard and cover for us the latest news. Other key speakers will be Julien Niedergang, SUSE Techologist who will detail various use cases of the Redfish standard in SUSE products and Gunnar Mills who will cover Redfish and OpenBMC.

Workshop Intro (Bruno Cornec, Julien Niedergang) - (10')
Introduction to Redfish - Bruno Cornec (35')
  • Definitions
  • Why Redfish ?
  • Data Model with DMTF reference models
  • Demo
The Redfish Standard - Jeff Autor (1h30')
  • Status
  • What's new since last year in 2018.2/3
  • Power & Cooling infra data model
OpenBMC's Redfish implementation - Gunnar Mills (30')
  • Status: of the Linux Foundation Project
  • What's new in 2.7 (August 2019) and future 2.8 releases (April 2020) Firmware updates, network/user management, inventory, power, thermal, ...
Meet the experts (30')
Lunch (provided) & Networking
Redfish usage in Software Stacks: the SUSE example - Julien Niedergang (1h)
  • Prototype of Redfish usage with Saltstack & SUSE Manager
  • Terraform + OneView (Using Redfish REST API)
Hands-on lab on learning Redfish with python ( - Bruno Cornec (1h45')
  • Redfish concepts and Command Line Interface tools
  • Redfish using the request python module
  • Redfish using the JSON module
  • Redfish using the python-redfish library & tools
  • Redfish using an existing python DMTF example
Round table at the end for a Q&A session - All

The presentations shown during the Workshop are available through the links below:

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