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#90 cms2webssh broken bruno defect minor 0.11.2 pb
#92 sbx2webssh doesn't update PBVER... correctly everywhwere bruno defect minor 0.11.2 pb
#93 newver broken for mondorescue bruno defect minor 0.12.1 pb
#118 Adds Fedora 17 & 18 VE support bruno defect minor 0.12.5 rpmbootstrap
#119 checkssh doesn't work correctly for gentoo and deb distributions bruno defect minor 0.12.3 pb
#128 pb displays twice the reult of the build bruno defect minor 0.12.5 pb
#148 add a getvar command bruno enhancement minor 0.14.2 pb
#154 Error messages using a minimal pbrc conf bruno defect minor 0.15.1 pb
#167 local install doesn't work on deb bruno defect minor 0.15.1 pb
#179 create a pbkeyserver conf var to avoid fixed server to be used bruno enhancement minor 0.15.2 pb
#81 Default pbinstalltype/osrepo values bruno enhancement trivial 0.11.2 pb
#109 Provide a way to stop pb execution on error bruno enhancement trivial 0.12.1 pb
#115 Reserve /etc/pb/pb.conf for user modifiable conf data bruno enhancement trivial 0.14.2 pb
#116 /var/cache hiddenly used as pbdefdir bruno enhancement trivial 0.12.3 pb
#134 invalid bruno defect trivial 0.12.6 pb
#143 fedora 24 doesn't provide File::Temp with perl bruno defect trivial 0.14.1 pb
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